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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to

Mickey Mouse! Want to guess? 86. Yep. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928.

Did you know we have some Champions amongst us? We do! 4 to be precise. That’s right, four of our friends and neighbors are part of the Clear Falls Volleyball team and they are headed to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!! More from neighbor and Lady Knights manager Calyn Hoerner.
Clear Falls Volleyball and the March 2 State
          Carlen Dietz, Naomi Jean, Brooke Whigam and I all have two important things in common; Clear Lake Shores and Clear Falls Volleyball.  Everyday we go and participate in the sport we love, and come home to the island we love. For all except Naomi, who is a freshman this year, last season was a dream. After placing first in our district we stormed the playoff scene, earning ourselves a spot in the state tournament. Going to State in 2013 was a dream come true and an experience we will never be able to forget. But after all the dust settled and the year came to a close, we graduated some key players. This led many to believe that Clear Falls' trip to state was a one time thing. We were supposed to disappear and let other, older, teams take the spotlight. As our 2014 season, my senior season, began we all clung to the memories of the year before and dreamed about doing it again. But when district play started up, we were quickly forced to face the fact that we just weren't the team we had been. We gained several new players, including Brooke and Naomi, and had to adjust to our teams new makeup. After creating a winning record but losing some heartbreakers we managed to secure third in district and a spot in the playoffs. Because of the single elimination setup, once you lost you are done. This meant there was a great deal of nerves involved in every game. During playoffs we surprised some, shocked others and left everyone speechless. We beat teams we weren't supposed to, including regional favorite Pearland and fellow CCISD school Clear Lake, and advanced to the regional tournament. The regional tournament is a tournament to which we are no strangers. This year marked our third trip there, after only four years of competing at the varsity level. We just had to win two more games to go back to state. We won the first easily while Clear Creek, our undefeated district rivals, lost to Cy Ranch. While we were excited to be advancing past them, there was definitely an underlying fear of having to play the team that beat them. On Saturday November 15th, in a nail biting regional championship, we won a long and hard game against Cy Ranch and secured ourselves a ticket back to state. We are now looking forward to our second consecutive State appearance this weekend, where we hope to represent our school and island well.

If you are lucky enough to know any of these young ladies don’t forget to give them a big thumbs up!



Anonymous said...

I don't personally know any of these girls, but I'm proud of them none the less. Go make your school and your island PROUD!

Terri R.

james mago said...

Go to State to Win!

But if you do not, be proud of what you have achieved-all the other teams are out, sitting at home while you play for the title. You will remember the event and the girls you play with for the rest of your lives. Enjoy the moment! Bring home the Title!

Anonymous said...

Why was Joe's permit for a pergola denied? Greevspace or what?

Anonymous said...

It did not meet the setback requirements. He can apply for a variance from the ZBOA.

Anonymous said...

He needs to read the regs begore he gives them $650 to hear his complaint. He has to show hardship to get a variance.