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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

National Nut Day!

This day is NOT about the neighbor that lives down the street or the crazy co-worker, it is a food holiday that celebrates a healthy and nutritious snack.  National Nut Day is celebrated each year on October 22.

And then there's the City Council meeting tonight.
Well, first off.
has a lot of good stuff on it. Drop in and wander around.

Rant to follow.

Put it off as I might there is no getting around neighbor Jim's address of Council. He has contacted the Army Corp of Engineers, on his own, The Texas General Land Office, on his own, the EPA on his own and as of tonight put the Council on notice that if they didn't do what he wanted he was calling the IRS on the EDC. He insists the City stop all progress on everything because he has turned the Corp on to the illegal slab that Frank has installed. It apparently encroaches on Jarboe Bayou and he will have none of it and if the City does not take immediate steps to remove the slab he will contact the IRS. He has lived here for 37 years and he's tired of this nonsense. That's not a direct quote it's just as close as I care to remember. From this day forward he is Tammy II. When questioned by the mayor pro-tem as to the purpose of this tack there was no disernable answer. Neighbor Jim asked repeatedly how much money the EDC has spent over the past 7 years towards the Town Center project but was never satisfied with the answer of we don't know because we don't have those numbers in front of us.  He was invited to attend the next EDC meeting and was assured those numbers would be available. Asked why he was interested in those numbers he never offered an answer. The best he had was to invite the IRS to the party. I offered to the EDC member at the meeting that Mr. McGurr made known to everyone within earshot at Skippers three Saturdays ago that he  knows for a fact that everyone on the EDC is on the take from our local business' and that was common knowledge. Well maybe not THAT common because I haven't heard about it. My two cents? Tammy II needs to go sit down and shut the fuck up. Just sayin'.

Now let's talk about folks who really add value to the neighborhood. Another great job LBAC !


And After :


Anonymous said...

$$ 15 ,000.00 yes that's right !! Raised for animal shelter ! No pockets lined here !! Wow !

Anonymous said...

I just talked to a buddy of mine at the IRS and they are very interested. They said they have it from a very reliable source that there is a secret vault that was built into the illegal slab, and that is where all the money is that the EDC members have been stashing for years. There is also apparently a glass jar with a brain in it and the jar is labeled "J.M.". Interesting.

Stay tuned as this unfolds....

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that brain in a jar once before...but it belonged to someone named "Abby Normal".

The individual who posted previously in the blog about CLS having its share of "fruits, nuts, & flakes"...sounds as though he/she is on to something!

Anonymous said...

CC is so entertaining once more. Did anyone else wonder how he could have been on Council and not know:

*Scheduled visitors must talk about what they submitted in writing to address. Stay on point. Right off the bat, Al had to redirect Tammi 2.

*Scheduled visitors submit in writing what they want answered from Council. In other words, Council wasn't arguing with him, they were trying to address what he was bringing to the table. My opinion is they did a heck of a job since I could not understand 10% of his babble.

*If he wanted EDC figures, why didn't he submit that as part of the Scheduled Visitors form? Instead he put Bryan on the spot. I was impressed with what figures Bryan came up with off the top of his head. And Bryan invited him to the next EDC.

So glad CLS now has a Strategic Plan. Do you think T2 (Tammi 2) got the big picture of the Plan? Nah. He will be swimming up stream for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

So lets look at numbers. Barktoberfest or Yachty Gras?

Bryan said...

What would be the point of that?

Anonymous said...

Looks like our community is going to the dogs! Now, if we could have an event with dogs, cold beer, and NASCAR, we'd have the perfect event!