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Friday, September 12, 2014

National Chocolate Milkshake day!

I'm in! Looking for advice today from any "tree people" out there. Here is a picture of my orange tree taken two months ago.

It's a cute tree but hasn't produced any oranges yet. I have two in the making but I can't get past the thorns to check the progress. I guess it found it's "Happy Spot" because today it looks this.
So now the question is what do I do with the "antenna"? It's taller than the tree. One more in a long list of reasons I'm not a gardener. 

I  don't mean to sound like a dumbass(intentionally) but who is \was the late Jim Frazier? I don't recall ever hearing the name. I even asked a couple of long time residents and they didn't know either. Anybody?

From Senor Beans....
Hey Gang!
It's been a very busy month with private events, which I truly love doing.  But, I don't get to see enough of you sometimes.  This week I do have one in an open venue where EVERYONE is invited!

Saturday night, Sept 13th, I will be back at Aspen's Bar and Grill in Clear Lake Shores.  817 Aspen Road, 77565, 281 549 6384.  One block North of FM 2094 (Marina Bay Drive).

The fun begins when you arrive, and the music is scheduled for 8~11PM.  I usually get excited and start a little earlier than that!

This is a very friendly neighborhood bar with a nice water view deck out back, easy to get to, great staff, drinks, sandwiches, pizza and sports TV, and a cozy atmosphere.

Come on out and kick back a little with us!

Senor Beans (aka Ben Reyna)
832 857 2326

PS:  'Tis the season for parties.  If you are having an event this Fall and need entertainment, please consider me.  I stay booked up about 4 - 6 weeks out.

Happy Friday Clear Lake Shores!


Roselyn said...

I met Jim Frazier about 30 years ago and he was a pilot at Houston Gulf Airport, the small, private airstrip in league city that is now a subdivision. Jim also owned a woodworking shop in Seabrook and built custom consoles for boats. He was close friends with Jim Clawson who owned Kemah Hardware and good friends with Reed and Mary Christian (Marys Frame Shop). He played golf with my husband the past few years. Jim was a great guy who was quiet and private. He was probably early to mid 60s in age. He lived on Grove all these years. Rest in peace Jim.

Anonymous said...

Alligator Fest is this weekend lots of good bands food rides for the kiddos and airboat rides through the swamps and plenty of dead alligators if you're into that. it's a lot of fun in a strange way we're camped about a half-mile from the gate come on out. It is a people watching extravaganza


Anonymous said...

Cut it off

Anonymous said...

Don't cut it off. It's seeks what we all seek. Sun on it's shiny leaves, clean air, a better view of the world around us, to seperate itself from the crowd, to feel the rain before the others, to grow ever taller and higher and to dream the impossible dream.
Don't cut it off

Anonymous said...

Pete Nelson is that you? The tree house master has spoken......

Anonymous said...

I have a simple solution. First of all, DO NOT cut off the appendage or the tree will never bear fruit. Orange trees are gender specific and it is quite obvious you have one of the male species. The scientific name is citirus sinensis of the kingdom plantae, division magnoliophyta, class magnoliopsida, order sapindales, family rutaceae, genus citrus limpus erectus.

Now go down to your local nursery and select the same except specify citrus hottus maximus.

Anonymous said...

Cut it off