Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Monday, August 4, 2014

More reasons to celebrate!

It's not only National Coast Guard Day it's Chocolate Chip Day!

Did you see the Space Station go by last night? No? Don't cry here's another chance tonight!

Time: Mon Aug 04 8:56 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 50 degrees, Appears: WSW, Disappears: NNE

From Neighbor Sid (now you can get rid of that old monitor)
ON AUG 9th  this Sat.  Compucycle will hold a remote pickup for electronics recycle
at ELLINGTON FIELD on Brandtly Street. 10 am until 2pm
I am taking a truck load

And last but not least don't forget the Civic Club meeting is Thursday. 

We hope you will attend the City Council meeting on TUESDAY night August 5th  to show your support for the club.
Join us for the the August 7 Pot Luck if you can.   It starts at 7:00.   Here's what to bring:
A - K    Desserts
L - R    Entree
S - Z    Veggie and Salad
The meeting will start at 7:30, and usually lasts an hour.  There will be presentations made to the  scholarship recipient, and to the Police Department with the proceeds of the 4th of July Pie Baking Contest.  We also plan to put the time capsule marker in  place.
Jan Finnerty Secretary


Anonymous said...

Wish you would have included the City Council agena, AB. Not only is it a reminder of the date, it helps to keep the community informed.

One thing on the agenda has to do with Ameriawaste. I wish Ameriwaste would bill us similar to others garbage companies. You buy your bags from them and that is how you pay. It is ridiculous that some homes have 5 bags of trash and others have 1, yet all pay the same amount. My friends in another state go to their waster company when they need bags. It just seems a bit more fair - pay on consumption of service.

Good Lord, another item on the agenda has a certain NOT popular person as an scheduled visitor. She just has 5 mins. to speak, right? I hope she doesn't read off her resume again.

Anonymous said...

Did you read Steve Kennemores affidavit ?? She gave that to council . Pretty clear who the liars are !!