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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

National Anisette Day

An anise flavored liqueur consumed mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and France but also well known in the United States, Anisette has it’s own special day each year on July 2nd as people across the nation celebrate National Anisette Day.


From City Councilman Bryan Hoerner:

Looking for a few good volunteers with an eye for landscaping and a green thumb.  Last night the City Council approved the formation of the Landscape and Beautification Advisory Committee (LBAC).  The DRAFT Charter is attached.  The charter has not been approved by council yet but it will be on the agenda at the next meeting and I do not anticipate any major changes. 

Basic, this committee will have an opportunity to play a major role in landscape improvements and development all around the city, along with other beautification projects they can come up with.  The possibilities are endless when creative minds come together.

Remember the Hidden Art idea that was floated around a few years ago?  Maybe this is just the committee to get that project started.  Who knows?

if you are interested please send your name to Bryan Hoerner ( and it will be submitted to Council for approval at the next meeting.


Sad news, We lost longtime neighbor and former Civic Club President Juanita Flurry yesterday. More as I get it. Godspeed Juanita, we miss you already.


Anonymous said...

Just received notification from the City of CLS of the availability of "larvacide tossit tablets" to be placed into standing water in our community. Residents are asked to pick up tablets at City Hall if they have any standing water.

Now, are there any tablets we can utilize to prevent Moscovey ducks from reproducing??? And if so, is there also a tablet to keep liberal/socialist progressives from reproducing? Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

There actually are tablets that keep liberal/socialist progressives from reproducing. Your "conservative/fascist regressives" decided that these pills were against your silly religions. dumbass......

Anonymous said...

Medical help is one thing, but this "fascist" does not believe he should pay for anyone's pleasure protection. If one is gonna play, then one should pay his own way. It has nothing to do with religion, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Quit picking on liberals. It's not a fair fight. They are clueless and in the a sense of facts they will make up anything to try and make a point. Don't waste tour time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I met absence auto correct is like a liberal it decides what I am supposed to say and think sometimes