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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

National Catfish Day!

Thank you President Reagan for this jewel. And for everyone else it’s National Leon Day. Wha? It’s Noel spelled backwards and marks the six month point till Christmas. Evidently it’s a big day for craters. OK.

Senor Beans will be lighting it up this Friday night at Noah's Ark, for Parrot Head Friday Night!  This one is always a good time!
    Friday June 27th 7 ~ 10Noah's Ark Bar And Grill (see Facebook page)
    4438 Boulevard Street
    Bacliff TX, 77518
    281 339 2895

Then on Saturday night, I will be back at my favorite neighborhood pub, Aspens Bar and Grill just off FM2094 (Marina Bay Drive)  Great folks, good pizza and sandwiches and a great bar!  Come hear some of your old favorites and a few surprises too.  From FM2094 go north on Clear Lake Road, one block to Aspen Road>
    Aspen's Bar and Grill (see Facebook page)
    817 Aspen Road
    Clear lake Shores, TX 77565

On Tuesday, July 1st, I will be back at T-Bone Toms From 6:00PM ~ 10:00.  Be sure to get there in time for Happy Hour (5~6:30) for hot deals on beer, ritas, shrimp cocktails, fish tacos and more!

Hope to see you all for some good times and thanks for all your support!!
832 857 2326 (c)

PS:  I have been signed for 4 Tuesday night shows (there's that Tuesday thing again *;) winking) at Amadeus Italian Restaurant and Bar in Kemah (see Facebook page):
        July 8th & 22nd, 7~11PM
        August 5th & 19th, 7~11PM
More details next month. 

 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water……I shit you not.
Hot off the wire.

 I consider this a late Birthday present. To the Seabrook officers, We feel your pain. Thanks Paul, for the heads up.
HOUSTON (CN) - Two Texas cops tackled an elderly grandmother as she watered plants in her front yard and arrested her on a bogus public intoxication charge, the woman claims in Federal Court.
     Barbara Nichols sued the city of Seabrook and its police Officer Austin Schwartz.
     Nichols says she was watering plants in her yard on May 16 when she noticed police in her driveway.
     "Seeing that the officers were walking down the street, plaintiff perceived that there was no danger to her in her own yard and continued watering her plants and flowers," the complaint states. "Defendant Schwartz instructed plaintiff to return to her home in a rude and abusive tone and stated that there was a 'vicious dog' on the loose that had 'attacked a child.'
     "Observing that there was no dog in the immediate vicinity of plaintiff s home, plaintiff again perceived that there was no danger to her in her own yard and refused to return to her home."
     Nichols says that's when Schwartz snapped.
     "Immediately and without warning, defendant Schwartz and another large male officer tackled plaintiff, an elderly grandmother with preexisting serious health issues, to the ground, handcuffed her hands behind her back, and forced her into the back of a police car."
     Schwartz later told Nichols she was being arrested for public intoxication, which Nichols calls a "legal impossibility" because she was detained in her yard.
     Nichols says she spent the night in jail and Schwartz denied her request for a blanket and pain medicine until she agreed to be booked by him.
     When Nichols was released, she says, she headed straight to a hospital to get treatment for the injuries Schwartz caused.
     She demands $3 million in damages for civil rights violations, negligent hiring, official oppression, illegal arrest and detention, assault and battery, trespass and infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Paul LaValle of Texas City.
Everyone that buys this bullshit raise your hand. Oh, but congrats on becoming a grandmother.

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley


Anonymous said...

Plz tell me Grandma was video tapped. Of course Paul LaValle is representing her.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Baarraabra is still forgetting to take her meds.

Anonymous said...

Every now and then do a "Where are They Now" spotlight.

Wm Y is running for judge.

Former Detective is suing the City. Does she not realize she will never get another cop job...

Anonymous said...

I saw Tami ". " Perkins the other day. She has aged 20 years

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon this bit:

It has made international news...rumor has it the rat (I mean duck) lady was seen there in recent months....

Anonymous said...

If the city does go anywhere with the duck issue.....another thing to consider at the same time is possibly about prohibiting fishing from deep hole and sundial parks .....any park that does not have a beach area where if a fisherman accidentally tangles a pelican in its fishing line he/she can pull it ashore to untangle it and save it from dying. Marta and Joe on north shore captured a pelican with wing completely broken in two last year and the ring was not repairable. Before they arrived on the scene I was assisting a young fisherman who had a pelican tangled in his line and with a net scoop he was trying to pull the bird out of the water to get it untangled. Finally he just cut the line. He told me he fishes a lot and that this happens a lot where when he is reeling in a fish, the pelican will dive down and try to get the fish.......Last month the Wildlife Center of Houston released 4 rehabbed pelicans on the beach in Seabrook and it was a moving experience for the observers. Their website says fishing lines are the main culprit for pelican injury. Since we are a bird sanctuary, it seems appropriate that we could protect these birds with local laws.

And speaking of Seabrook, I am glad she is someone else's problem now.


Anonymous said...

Saving the pelicans sounds ok, but I think save the dock sounds better. Other than Sunday football, a good basketball game or the first of the month, also referred to as “payday” we have a large number of people that don’t respect what the city and taxpayers have provided around the island. In particular deep hole park. The roses that use to be there were great, however they have been trampled over the years to where they are nonexistent. You cant lean on the hand rail of the dock, its nasty dirty from dead bait and cut to shit. I also love how they notch out the wood to have a little rod holder. The addition of the fishing line disposal was a great idea. I think a bait disposal could be a great addition as well – same concept without a bottom and over the water. Maybe this will trick em’ to throw their leftover bait in the water and keep the dipshits from tossing it in the trash. Possibly a toilet seat over the water as well? The bamboo is being way over fertilized.

We can also consider a save the fish campaign. On occasion I will stop and see if the fishing is any good. One particular day it was great, he showed me the 7 flounder and 2 trout he caught…. ALL under size, and bag limit on flounder is 5. If he were to have actually bought a fishing licenses maybe he would have understood they were all illegal fish. Its possibly the states fault, you cant buy fishing licenses with a EBT/Loan Star card.

Anonymous said...

Do I hear a racist cry(as evidenced by code words "basketball"/"EBT/Loan Star Card")to turn CLS into a fish sanctuary? There are some very nice people/families that fish on our island, and some dumbasses. Sort of like our own mix of people

Rob Brown said...

Did the anonymous keyboard cowboy do anything about the illegal fish or ask if the fisherman had a license? Doesn't sound like it.

Instead of bitching anonymously on a blog and doing nothing, please report illegal fishing activities to Operation Game Thief. Save the number in your phone and use it as often as necessary.

Game Thief can now accept text messages if you don't want to talk to a live person. This is how the text message system works:

From your cell phone enter 847411 in the TO: box
Then enter tpwd (not case specific) in the message box, followed by a space
Type a message and send. The dispatcher will then be able to communicate with the complainant if further information is needed.

If no one is making complaints or reporting illegal fishing to the proper authorities, Texas Parks and Wildlife can't do anything about it.

Rob on East Shore

Anonymous said...

The duck lady has just moved to the area that does not have a sign. She has not missed a day since the signs went up.

Anonymous said...

Noticed this morning two of the signs appear to have been trampled upon. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

The ducks are a nuisance and is getting worse with time. Something eventually will have to be done. This island has not been and is not currently a bird sanctuary. Just because someone said it was or having a sign saying it is does not make it one. Look it up. Houston Audubon Society.

Anonymous said...

My relatives were in town and drove by the pond at midnight this past weekend they saw more than a dozen nutria by the pond for gods sake counsel someone do something about this it's rediculous and out-of-control

Anonymous said...

Have anyone else noticed that some people equate ETB/Loan Star Card with racist?
Last time I checked any racial person can be poor!
But democrats always top off a point by adding that word these days for self justification I guess

Anonymous said...

No racist cry, any race can carry an ebt card. Guess I should have added nascar, baja, soccer, cricket, boxing, golf and MMA. If you associate EBT cards to being of only one race, you must be the racist. I could assume you associate people that speak the truth to be racist as well.

Truth to it be, the nice people and families that visit to enjoy the location and fish are not the ones taking a shit in the bamboo.

Rob, im guilty as charged and didnt do anything. Thank you for posting the information about Game Thief.