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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A never ending winter

And I get a late season cold. Perfect. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The City is looking at installing strategic doors on the Pal Shelley Pavilion. Specifically to help mute sound from Jammin' and other events held in the park. They have one bid in and are looking at some others. Given our history of downpours at the Fourth of July party I can see these doors coming in handy on many occasions. Anyone know why the bikers were at council meeting last night? Just to remind us of motorcycle safety month is my guess.Busy weekend so pay attention.

Saturday Children's Easter Egg Hunt
Cameron Ward is hosting the children’s party. The best way to reach him is by email at  I have copied Cameron on this email.  In answer to your question, cakes can be dropped off and placed in our downstairs fridge at 707 Narcissus next week before the party (fridge is located under our house) or they can be brought to the pavilion the morning of the party any time after 9:00 a.m.  Thanks everyone.

Sunday Starts with Sunrise Service at Deep Hole Park. There will be coffee and do-nuts. 6:00 AM Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at Deep Hole Park - John and Cathy Thomas are chairing this event

Sunday Part II
Calling all Cooks and Judges!
Event:  Almost Annual Deviled EggStravaganza
What:  12 halves (minimum) of your best tasting and/or best looking deviled eggs – go traditional or go elaborate
When:  Judging will be at the pavilion at 1:00 sharp.  No late entries. (modify this time if you’re serving early or later – this should be BEFORE the food is sold)
Prizes:  We’ll have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in two different categories – taste and presentation
Questions:  Email Beverly Caldwell at or call 713-385-7747 (cell)

Sunday Part III
1:00 to 3:00  Fried fish and hush puppy lunch at the Pavilion.  Cost is $10.00 plate.  Volunteers are needed to bring side dishes - email if you can help out with a donation  of  baked beans, a salad, cookies - whatever sounds good with a fried fish lunch.


Anonymous said...

Sure wish the folks bringing sides dishes, that could feed 20 people, would only have to pay
$5.00 - 7.00. Snooty, but some folks NEVER bring a thing and expect 2nds for free. While others consistently spend their time and money to bring a great dish.

Will we ever see the margarita machine again?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anon. We all know who those are that never miss an event. They usually show up early with a little tiny cooler of their own beverage, or if the machine is set up they bring their own giant plastic cup with the lid and the 1/2" thick straw. They poke around the food table standing in the way while everyone else is working to set up, then they go through the line a couple of times and they usually make a plate covered with a napkin ready to go to eat later after sunset. We know who those people are and they are part of the chemistry that makes this place so awesome and frustrating and eccentric and a great place to live all at the same time. Those of us that are willing to go through the trouble to bring something because we were raised not to show up to a potluck with empty hands and be respectful and thankful and acknowledge that it's a community event not an event put on by "THEM" to feed us, well we are part of what makes this place great too. So keep fighting the good fight and smile when they take an extra scoop of watermelon salad or fill their cup to the brim with keg beer or stand at the margarita machine topping off that big plastic cup while we clean up after the event. Be thankful that we know better AND we make this place better. Nobody HAS to bring anything, but we won't have many more events if we don't so lets keep it going.
Hopefully we will get a better turnout this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There are never enough sides. It is discouraging to bring a big dish only to have it devoured before my family can even get through the line.

Bryan said...

We should abandon the whole "bring a side dish idea" and cater them in, especially sonce we are charging $10/plate. I thought that is what was decided at the last meeting but for some reason no one seems to remember that.


Anonymous said...

Bryan is correct. and,..10 dollars is a lot to pay for some folks - for fried fish. Just saying...

Beverly Caldwell said...

The Deviled Egg-off is free and so is the judging - so think of it as FREE APPETIZERS for your $10 Fish Dinner. Come see me before 1 and I'll set you up to be a judge! WooHoo!