Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Monday, March 31, 2014

Seems like a reach but...

 It's National Bunsen Burner Day.
Do you remember high school chemistry class and how fun it was using the Bunsen burner?  Today is all about that great invention. March 31st annually celebrates National Bunsen Burner Day honoring the birthday of German chemist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen. Yeah, I know.

From the Scholarship Committee :
On behalf of the scholarship fund committee, THANK YOU to everyone who came out last weekend to taste yummy soups and support a great cause. We had six cooks enter seven soups, and many of you came out to taste.

Congratulations to Raynel Ward for winning first place for her French onion soup entry. Neeltje Burns took home second for her baked potato soup. Cindy Walbe won best presentation, and Danny Otto defended his People’s Choice with his Turtle Soup. CONGRATS!

I have to also personally thank Carolyn Einkauf and Arline Laughter. They helped with the set up and greeting all of you at the door. And to everyone who helped clean up afterwards (Helle Brown, I think you had a group there folding tables and chairs), THANK YOU! Every time we have an event in our city I am overwhelmed and awed by the outpouring of support. See pictures in this month’s Islander (and thank you Helle for being our photographer!).

Finally, a special thank you to Toni Randall. She is our Justice of the Peace in Pct. 7, and she was our judge. She had a great time and enjoyed meeting many of you!

After all was said and done, I think we raised about $350. That is amazing!

Scholarship applications are now available. I am hopeful it will be posted soon on the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club website, or if you have a senior in high school, please encourage them to apply.

Thank you again!

Amanda L. Booren

Before all you fun loving volunteers jump on this and tell the rest of us what a waste of time and energy and effort and money and everything else you don't contribute to let me just say, save it. If you didn't have fun that's on you. It's for a good cause. A lot like Yachty Gras. The short version is the Scouts went to bed with $2,500 dollars they didn't have when they woke up and it didn't cost them a nickel.  For all your wasted time, how much time did you put in again? That's unfortunate. You lost respect for the Civic Club over this? Really? Or you just pissed at me? come on, it's OK, you know you want to say it. Well it's your turn Thursday, I'll be stepping down and all you friends and neighbors who " don't care for those calling the shots" can step up and put your spin on things. Come on it'll be fun.

Looks like a short meeting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Take the blinders off AB. There were serious problems with the yachty gras parade,numbers don't lie. Untill someone takes a microscope to that organization, CLS and any other city with any sense should steer clear. The point isn't if you had fun or not it seems pepole want to know why these elitists think they should have a whole park to themselves while spending a ton of the donated funds on food and drinks so they could have their own private party and not allow us lowly citizens to watch from the best seat in the house. I think it's been made crystal clear a lot of pepole don't like the way this was handled and do not want the city to get involved next year. Furthermore it doesn't matter if you volunteer or not, we all have the right to express our opinions. Since when do you have to have volunteer hours under your belt to comment. Did you ever consider some of us volunteer in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, research fund raisers, and helping those less fortunate and don't have the time to donate our time to making sure a bunch of questionable pepole in my opinion have a good time and treat themselves to food and drink. I will stick to my chosen avenues to volunteer but I will not be denied to voice my opinion because I don't volunteer in our city specifically. Secondly no matter what facts are laid out you can't seem to soak it in that Eric most likely killed his dog. We all appreciate what you do for CLS but you need to be a little more opened minded and call a spade a spade

An AB Fan

Anonymous said...

I vote for AB Fan for CC president. Or, at least he can head up the reading comprehension workshop that this island so badly needs. THE CIVIC CLUB HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CLOSING THE PARK. Read that s l o w l y over and over until a grown up gets home and can help explain it to you. I'm only guessing, but I'm pretty sure you don't volunteer for a damned thing. You don't seem like the type.
There is more to the dog story. You don't know it yet. People should probably shut up and stop making up stories until the facts are out. Distraught kids and an overdramatic "Father of the Family" have no authority here. The cops were there, they investigated and apparently moved on. No mention of animal abuse nor drug addiction. So there is no need to make that accusation either. Somebody isn't telling the truth? Or, is that Erick promised to carve a likeness of Vern in one of the new palm trees at the entrance in exchange for his freedom? A little hush art.

Anonymous said...

John and pege had everything to do with the closing of the park AB covering for his NS goons pretty simple carrying on the NS tradition !!

Adelia said...

I was at the park that night. I was not on the comittee, CC, employed by the city, or part of the Yachty Gras parade. They were detouring traffic and rightfully so because there were a lot of pedestrians milling about. I saw quite a few clear lake shores residents who walked in no problem. THE PARK WAS NOT CLOSED! I also have no idea how John and Pege would have even begun to get the cops to come out and close down the park. Just doesn't make sense. This was not a PH party so I also don't understand that reference. Seems like just rambling.

Anonymous said...

Reread comments from march 3 63 apparently you rated as one of the friends of the judges . It DID NOT FEEL TOO GOOD getting asked to leave when we thought we would we be welcome .

Anonymous said...

This is to anon Who was questioning my reading comprehension. I will address your ridiculous post item by item so you won't get confused again. There is no where in my post that accused the civic club of anything. I was addressing AB as an individual. There seems to be a serious problem with the group that throws the parade and it needs to be looked into to see why the numbers don't seem to make much sense. AB said if you didn't have fun that's your problem I clearly stated this was not about having fun it was about how the whole thing was handled by whoever is to blame since no one will come forward and take the blame we may never know who is responsible because they are hiding. Again many of us think Clear Lake shores should steer clear of this parade in the future unless we have some answers as to why they took over our park and spent so much of the donated money on who knows what. I don't know where you got the idea I was blaming the civic club, you must not have comprehended what I wrote. I also pointed out to AB that you do not have to volunteer in these events to have an opinion which is true. You are very wrong about my volunteerism I cannot judge you as you have judged me but I would bet I do more in a month than you did in the last five years. You then tell us that there is more to the dog story then we know but you will not tell us what it is apparently this is a secret between you the officers and Eric if you are ever allowed to divulge what you know please feel free to fill us in. By the way the cops were not there at the time it happened they were called to the scene and are relying on stories told by the individuals that witnessed the incident along with Eric. Until they gather all of their information and complete their investigation they do not know any more than we do other than what they are being told and there is no evidence that they have just moved on that is something else you're making up in your head . You're basically saying the kids are not credible because they were distraught and the father is overreact I don't know how you know this information and or why you would try and discredit the family that witnessed this incident please excuse the pun but it seems like you might have a dog in this fight. You say that there was no mention of animal abuse or drug addiction. I would hope and assume the investigation is ,,continuing and if there was animal abuse it will be addressed accordingly as far as no mention of drug addiction How would officers on the scene determine if an individual was addicted to drugs it seems like you might be after reading your ridiculous post. Obviously what you said about Vern is ridiculous but welcome back NS it's good to see one of you posting again

Anonymous said...

I read the comment about Poweys what ever that is to be considered property in Texas giving the owner the right to destroy his own property as he sees fit. If this person is talking about Eric's dog being his property and Eric having the right to destroy it as he sees fit, Then we are in the presence of a very uneducated and sick person. You cannot destroy or kill a pet as you see fit what in the hell is wrong with you. I may not be totally accurate but I think killing an animal is a felony. I would love for this person to repost and explain what the hell he or she is talking about

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the officers confiscate the dog to have a veterinarian determine how it died that is how you handle an investigation like this you don't just walk away and let it drop

Anonymous said...

What stinks and simply does not add up is this. John wright assumed responsibility to bring the yachtygras group to CLS. He and his wife have years of experience fundraising. Why did he not prequalify with due diligence this group ? Makes one think they run their fundraising endeavors like this. Come on !!! There could as much as 35 k or better generated SHOW US THE MONEY Or is their honor among thieves here ? 2500. Out. Of 35,000. Prove it up !

Anonymous said...

Looks like maybe the poster was wrong that said you can do what you like with your property, implying a dog is property and you can kill it if you want.

Today this guy got 1 1/2 years in jail for cruelty to an animal.

At a minimum I would like to see the other dog removed from Erik's care until the situation has been evaluated by the ASPCA. I sincerely hope the father's wife has called the ASPCA and reported the incident first hand.

Anonymous said...

The Yachy Gras crap was a mess in many ways. Don't repeat the event next year.

I hope the father of the girls called the sheriff. Perhaps one of our cops bought Eric's bluff.