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Friday, March 7, 2014

Come on Spring.

It was a good meeting. The club is going to replace some of our tables, the ones with the broken corners mostly because they are sharp. And we’ll finally get rid of those horrible brown steel folding chairs. When it’s time an email will go out to the membership to see if anyone is interested. This will be the call of the incoming Club President. 
Terri Roberson has agreed to chair Movie Night. We renewed our license in November but haven’t had a Movie Night since. It will be up to the Club’s New President to put forward whether or not we renew. It’s a bit pricey if we’re not going to use it. BAPA or Bay Area Pet Adoptions asked the Club to be a sponsor at an upcoming fundraiser. It will be in October and they have all sorts of fun stuff in mind. We voted and it was unanimous. The Chair for this event Is Susan Adams so if you want to help or participate please drop her a line. Or a line to whomever will be the new Club President and He/She can contact the Chair. 
Candidates Night is off. No point since we are not having an election. WCID 12 is having an election though. There are Three or Four folks running for Two or Three seats. Watch the Islander for their bios. The Club also voted to make a donation to the Parks Department for a Monarch Butterfly rest stop at Grove Park. We happen to be on their migratory path from Mexico Northward. Did you know the Monarch is the Texas State Insect? I always thought it was the mosquito. 
Notice a recurring theme here? Lord I hope so. The Club Veep, Treasurer and Secretary have decided to stay on for one more term. Short version is Your Civic Club needs you. We need a President. In my 12 years here almost six have been serving as an officer. I’ve sat on Roads and Drainage, P & Z and ZBOA. It’s time for some new blood. Evolution of a sort. It’s time for you to step up. Save your excuses for someone who may be interested. Don’t tell me how busy you are or how hard you work. With one or two exceptions everyone that sits on the backside of a table has a 9 to 5 and they still find time to serve their community for an hour or so a month. They are the ones who make this place the place you want to live. The Civic Club, The EDC, City Council, all the committees that keep things moving. Every damn one of them is a volunteer. They all have jobs, kids, family and life in general to keep up with. They all make a little time for Their City. For you. That’s right, they do it for you. They damn sure don’t do it for the pay or the glory. It’s your turn. It’s your turn to go to bed at night with that warm fuzzy feeling that you made a difference. I promise you, you will not regret it. I will open next months Civic Club meeting and we will install the new officers. If you do not make the effort to step up or even show up, then go to bed knowing the Civic Club does not have a President and that’s on you. See you around the Island.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw


Anonymous said...

Looks like the club veep is soon to be the club prez. You might want to reconsider that veep position

Anonymous said...

Can the discarded tables and chairs be sold at the City Wide Garage Sale? Even if it is just a buck a piece, someone may love them for a workshop. Is it too early to ask the date of it? May something, right?

Every time you mention Spring it gets colder. Plz don't mention Spring anymore AB

Anonymous said...

Hoping the new prez will be a young blood with some fresh ideas.