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Friday, November 1, 2013

What a beautiful day!

 Happy Friday Y'all! The Gout monster along with a fractured #4 metatarsal, ligament damage and tendonitis have kept me home again. Under other circumstances I would be jumping for joy but there will be no jumping. DANG IT!

 A huge Thank You to Alyson & Trish for coming together at the last possible minute and putting together a Halloween Party for the kids.Job Well Done Ladies! 

Remember! Don't put your costume up just yet, There is one last opportunity to show off your good taste.
Aspens is having the final say in Halloween costume contests this year. The place to be is Aspens this Saturday night (the 2nd) First Place Best Costume is $100 bar tab. Second Place is a $50 bar tab and Third gets a $25 tab.

And to get your weekend off to a start, here's this...
Amended Complaint Just Filed
"Mr. Vern Johnson and Richard Sowrey,
Here is an opportunity of a life time.  You both need to tell the other council members the truth in regards to the fact that it was you two that ordered Jack Fryday to do your retaliation and to violate the Federal Civil Rights of so many.  Tell them how you ordered Jack Fryday to do the things that he did, such as, but not limited to, the Sandbar and Lynda and Patrick Michaelski.  If the other council members knew the truth but what ya’ll had ordered Jack Fryday to do then they would not have voted to terminate Jack Fryday.  What is alarming to me is the fact that your City Attorney knows of the massive fraud and schemes after Hurricane Ike in regards to the rebuild of the commercial rebuild area south of the bridge, Portofino and Watergate. Yet, they outright lied just like the City of Clear Lake Shores did to FEMA and the Texas Attorney General’s Office.  Jack Fryday as a 1099 contractor and numerous other current and prior city employees have done things because they were ordered to do it.

You need to immediately start righting the wrongs or I will do it for you.  Every resident and voter is going to know the truth about what has really gone on in Clear Lake Shores.  I am just about finished up in the Kemah exposure and now I will start the exposure of all of the fraud and the Civil Rights violations that took place in Clear Lake Shores, post Ike.  Jack Fryday does not deserve to be terminated.  He like many others were your two puppet on a string.  How dumb could ya’ll have been by denying that the substantially damage letters and the RSDE’s never existed.  When in fact the City of Clear Lake Shores helped some of the commercial building owners receive money or in some cases full policy limits using the City of Clear Lake Shores substantially damage letters.  The City of Clear Lake Shores selective enforcement of their own City Ordinances and State and Federal Laws that the City of Clear Lake Shores had adopted.
I need to have a response by Monday, November 4, 2013.
Thank you,
Blu Shields"

I got nothin'


james mago said...

Must have picked up some bad candy last nite!

Anonymous said...

Aren't there some problems in Texas City you could go solve? Surely there is some corruption there you could tackle.

We don't need your help here. thank you anyway. we have had enough already. and we certainly don't need you dragging any bottom feeding attorneys into what you perceive as an injustice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blu - Here is a spectacular idea: How about you get started righting the many wrongs you have visited upon your own clients? That should keep you busy for the next couple of decades. Too bad your high and mighty standard of behavior and ethics, applies only to others.

Anonymous said...

Does he realize he will be losing potential home builders?

Anonymous said...

He hasn't figured out yet that this is a different ball game than Kemah. Our citizens will circle the wagons around city hall and he will be massacred.

He has the ear of the wrong citizens and he is going to pay the price. He will be left high and dry, just like many times before. Blu makes the wrong choices and then he blames others for his failure.