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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Found Dog

just got some sad news from Neltje. friend and neighbor Ann Burns has passed away. more as I get it.

Tonight's the night, Wave bye bye to daylight Savings time.

from neighbor Michelle,
I can't seem to post this info on the CLS Life is Good page, but wanted to get the word out that Emily and Scott Bean (next door to us on E Shore) found a dog this morning. She's some type of terrier, recently shorn/shaved, one ear up and one down; no collar or microchip (they took her to vet to check), and is in heat. She is very sweet. If anyone's looking for her, call Scott at 713-724-2395. They did post it on the Civic Club fb page with a pic.

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Anonymous said...

Been out of the loop. Where can we vote YES for Prop 6 (water).

Anonymous said...

Was Ann Burns the one in the blue mustang who drove like a bat out of hell?

Anonymous said...

Was CC changed to Weds. of this week? The agenda says the mtg. is on the 6th. Typo?

Anonymous said...

Ann Burns was not the blue Mustang driver. She was a sweet soul who lived at Juniper and Oak, and was a pet sitter for many of us.

Anonymous said...

Just made the time to read L & P 's lawsuit. Seriously, their neighbor had no engineered plans? Seriously?

Seriously, the neighbor's builder had no insurance? Seriously? While we are crossing off builders to consider let's put him on the list.

Those two items are unbelievable.

I don't buy the bldg. inspector was inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I read the lawsuit and find it slanderous, incredulous, and very disappointing that something like that could be part of a permanent file at the courthouse,

She forgot she sent emails to citizens praising Paul the entire time he worked for the city.

To say jack is sexually inappropriate is laughable to anyone who knows him on a personal level.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Just very low class people being low class. Shame they have to do it on our island.