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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cold Front

What cold front? Here I sit with my front door open and all I'm getting is mosquitoes. Dang! Pay attention to this memo from the Chief. Do you have the dispatch number in your phone? Why not?

From Chief Cook

October 16, 2013
There is now a $500 cash Reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or person(s) responsible for the recent car burglaries committed in the 200 block of Oak and 1000 block of Forest.

Anyone with information pertaining to these crimes is asked to contact the police department and leave your contact information on the patrol desk’s message number (281) 334-1034 - ext 205.

If anyone should ever see any suspicious activity, please immediately call our 24hr dispatch number at (281) 538-0659 and then press option 2 to speak with a dispatcher.  An officer will immediately be radio dispatched to your location.

Please keep your vehicles locked, always be safe, and thank you for your support.

Chief Kenny Cook, CLSPD

From neighbor Dave who got his car broke in to.

"I found a nice and fairly new baseball glove in my front ditch Sat morning.  How many kids loose their favorite new glove?  My kid was so attached he slept with his.  Someone, somewhere on the island is missing their new glove.
NOTE: It is for someone who throws left handed - so it fits the right hand.
Glove looks almost new - aside from some rain damage from ditch.  It's about the size for a teenage girl or younger male.  No way I could get my paws into it and seriously doubt any High School male could either.  Looks like a decent glove.
Left-handed population is about 10%.... so there are maybe 2 or 3 people on the island this could belong to or fit?
It spent the weekend on my work bench drying out.  I'll drop it off at CLS police station after work on Thursday.  Prospective owners can find it there.  


Anonymous said...

Lynda M, I would ask you to do us all a favor. You've been known to wear your religion on your sleeve from time to time so please take a moment to refer in your Bible to Exodus Chapter 20, Verse 16. (Depending on your version it may be verse 16 but either way it's number 9 on the common list.)

You can also find it in Deuteronomy chapter 5. Study those words before you inflict more harm upon this community.

Anonymous said...

Cut to the point -
thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs t chill out. The TML will defend the city against lyndas claim and we have up to 2 mil of insurance to cover any judgements. Lynda probably won't get 2 cents let alone 2 mil. Her suit may get thrown out right out of the gates. I see nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

To the a hole armed 24/7 ready to kill anyone who touches his grass or anything are really f' d up in the head. Why don't you post your name and address if your so fing tough? Anyone who agrees that is the way to handle the theft of trivial BS then your as ignorant as the shit head who posted that nonsense. Hey a hole MOVE and take any like minded dumbasses with you.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, It must be one of those anti law idiots that harrass our wonderful young ladies up at city hall

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of his many guns will misfire and blow off his undersized balls before he actually shoots a kid chasing his ball or an innocent citizen chasing his runaway pet.. I agree this nut needs to go

Adelia said...

Ok lets just all calm down a bit. Armed 24/7 sounds like he likes to bark a lot. My puppies do that and it makes them look really brave.

Yes people are upset about this lawsuit. This is our city and the way the city money has to be spent has a direct impact on how we live. Defending against a law suit no matter how rediculous costs money. Lawyers are far from free.

Anonymous said...

So if its dark out and one of this crazy mans friends ( if he has any) comes over to visit he will shoot first and ask questions later if he doesn't recognize the visitor. Good plan idiot. He probably didn't post his name because no one would ever come to his house again. I glad I'm not a paranoid crazy person. Life must suck living like that.

Anonymous said...

Yes the lawyers are free. Provided by the TML. The only way it will cost us anything is if the judgement is over 2 mil

Anonymous said...

When a pit bull barks even if it doesn't bite scares me this guy needs a shock collar that is activated by ignorant thoughts or statements he would probably be electrocuted

Jay Fenwick said...

Hey armed 24/7 W.T.F. Really

Anonymous said...

Adelia You can't assume that people like 24/7 are all bark and no bite. I am certainly not willing to make that assumption. This person could be a very loose cannon. He obviously isn't very bright. He has made threats to kill people if they Commit the simple act of walking on his yard at night. The post above is right it could be a kid chasing his ball a citizen chasing their runaway pet but it could be one of our officers making a simple check on his house. Sure that is a longshot but it could happen and we need to know who this person is. Clearly these weapons are an extension of his lack of manhood as he is too cowardly to print his name But can make death threats to anyone who dare touch his yard. Although not very manly guys like this usually run their mouth and this person has probably brag to someone about His intentions to take deadly action without knowing the facts. If anyone knows who this guy is they need to make it public so we all Can go to extreme measures to avoid this Dangerous asshole Especially our officers. Maybe 24/7 can just man up and tell us who he is. Do you think you can do that Tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony. Anonymously requesting that another poster not be a coward and post his name. Filing a frivolous bullying lawsuit claiming you've been bullied. This place is going nuts again.