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Monday, October 7, 2013

And Here We Are, October

There’s never a cold front around when you want one. I guess this falls under better late than never but I for one was counting on this front Saturday. Dang it was hot. Thanks for coming out and supporting your Civic Club. We did great and I know I am speaking for everyone who turned out to help we had a blast! All that yummy goodness and the Dave Nevlin Band to top it off. Yes, we know it was a scheduling foul but we got the good end of it. Folks I hope you had as much fun as I did. At next months Club meeting we will gather for a lessons learned while this is still fresh in our collective minds and start Planning for next year. If you’re interested come on out. One suggestion is to expand it a little maybe invite some off island cooks? What say you? I saw a note about someone wanting to sample the Chef’s Choice turn ins. That one is kinda tricky. I think that’s one of those “Right place at the Right Time” deals. I know a lot of folks that were around our tent got to taste our blackened Snapper  with Pontchartrain sauce  because there was only so much that you could turn in. I think that’s gonna be pretty much how it works. If you have a better suggestion we’d love to hear it. OK enough yakking,  here ya go.

                        1st Place                       2nd Place
Brisket              Smoke This                  Getting’ Piggy wid it
Chicken            Smoke This                  Team Zombie Q
Ribs                  Island Cookers              Team Zombie Q
Beans               Island Cookers              Team Zombie Q
Pork                 Smoke This                  ButtRubbers
Desert              ButtRubbers                 Island Cookers
                        AND…. A  drumroll please…….
Chef’s Choice    Keep it Moist (first time entrant!)

We got a Space Station Sighting report from neighbor Steve but I missed it. Sorry. I’ll get it next time.

So the Government “shutdown” has turned off the national Amber Alert system but the First Ladys web sight for excersing kids is allowed to stay up. The dumbasses in D.C. can’s figure out how to Close Mount Rushmore because it’s a MOUNTAIN so they are blocking off the trails and the auto pull over spots so we can’t take pictures. Imagine that. I swear by all I know to be Holy I will never vote for anyone who has been in place more than two terms. Term Limits is the only way out.

It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.

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Anonymous said...

We have a means of enforcing term limits. It's your VOTE. If you don't like what they're doing then you throw the rotten bastards in the street. If an elected official is a productive leader and answers to the constituancy - then re-elect.
Term limits doesn't ensure a better collection of public servants.
Politicians who know they will not be re-elected have a tendency to do the will of the next employer rather than the will of the people whom they have to answer to during the next election.
Promote the vote.
Term limits start at the poll!