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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Neighbor In Need

This from Neighbor Craig
Hey everyone Juanita Flurry is in a bind and needs some help.  For those of you who don't know Juanita she is probably one of our islands longest inhabitants.  For decades she has volunteered her time to the betterment of this island including many children's party.  Juanita Recently received a letter from her insurance carrier asking that she fix several minor problems around her home.  I would like to try and arrange a rescue party for her for a week from Saturday at 10 in the morning.  If we could get 10 or 15 semiskilled or at least semiconscious, ambitious Islanders to show up at her house that morning we could have everything spiffy in no time.  If you are interested in helping please call me at 281-300-3541 I will give you a list of the things needing done and we can make plans to take care of these things for her.  Juanita Is a very deserving islander And I know it would put a huge smile on her face if we could help her And show our appreciation for her years of service to the community.  A B once said if you yell for help on this island you better get out-of-the-way because it's coming. Were kind of out of practice lately do we still have it in us? give me a call

Craig Ward
Craig-Bob, I’m in. Let me know what I can do, but pick a different day for me. Saturday after next is the Second annual BBQ-Cook Off and I have a other plans. I’m hoping a lot of our neighbors will show up at the cook off real hungry from helping out at Juanita’s? Dinner will be ready at 5!

I feel the need to share this. A few weeks ago we decided to remove a short half wall/wet bar in our house. The problem was it was in place prior to Ike and when all that mess happened we had the existing carpet replaced with hard wood floors to match the original floor in the rest of the house. The floor guys installed the new flooring right up to and around the wall. When the wall was removed, voila! No floor. We had about 15 square feet of hole. We tried to reach the folks that installed the new flooring but they have moved on so we asked friends in the business for leads. We called three different places for quotes. Number one had a guy come out and he wanted to pull out the entire room/floor and install all new flooring with a threshold between the rooms. Yeah, No. Number two was going to refer the job to their store in Deer Park since it was so much closer than the Conroe store I contacted. Still no word from them. Number three stopped by last Tuesday, scheduled the work for Tuesday the 24th and finished up this morning. It looks awesome. Knowing full well where the late hole had lived for so long I tried, in vain, to find the patch. No joy. He was that good. And MJ loves the price. When Momma’s happy…. If you are ever in the need for hardwood floor work this guy gets two thumbs up from the Batchelor household. I’ll ask him if I can post a link here but his contact info is Adore Hardwood Floors – Terry Davis – 832-877-3512. Come by and see if you can see the patch.

Check this out

From neighbor Allen, spread the word.
Please go to the following link and sign this petition.  Our Flood Insurance rates are getting ready to go through the proverbial roof unless we can get it amended.  Most people will not be able to afford flood insurance in the future if the law actually goes into effect as it is currently signed. THIS WILL ALSO HURT OUR PROPERTY VALUES.  There is a bill pending in the Senate to have the law amended, so please sign the  petition if possible. 


1992 F-150 XLT
175,000 miles
New tires, tool storage box, bed liner, running boards.
Runs good, cold ac
Asking $2300.00 obo.

National Night Out is a week from Tuesday. Here's the schedule.
We’ll start the celebration at 6 behind Opus’ We’ll be serving hot dogs, courtesy of our neighborhood Super Target and their team, hot off of Glenn’s rolling grill. YUM! And Rob Brown will be serving cold drinks from his trailer pulling buggie.
6:00 Aspen & Tindel
6:15 we’ll move to Clear Lake Road & Cedar
6:30 Clear Lake Road & Forest
6:45 Clear Lake Road & Ivy
7:00 Juniper & Queen
7:15 – 8:00 Deep Hole Park
See you there, and remember, your goal is to meet at least one new neighbor!


Anonymous said...

Sure hope we will have a soup cook-off this year. Missed it last winter. Speaking of winter, what about the bond fire evening?

Anonymous said...

Craig, Could you be more specific as to what Juanita needs? What needs done? What tools should we bring? How the heck did her ins. co get involved? I have never had one do a walk thru unless a claim was initiated. With the Bar b q that day, will you also have it the following Sat.?