Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Club Meeting Tonight!

Civic Club Meeting tonight! Please drop by we have a ton of stuff to talk about and lots of Events to be planned.
Block Party Saturday. 5-7 Birch and Lazy or thereabouts
Jammin' with Hannahs Reef Saturday 7-10 and come hungry!

This from your Police Department.

Hello again Friends and Neighbors!!
As our hot and humid Summer months are dwindling down and leading us towards some hopefully cooler Fall weather, it’s time to ask again for your help in keeping your Clear Lake Shores the safest community in Galveston County. Your involvement over the past several months has been marvelous and we appreciate all you’ve done!
Chief Cook and all of his staff are asking for your continuously wonderful support of the Police Department by helping us to serve you better. If you witness ‘suspicious’ persons, vehicles, or behaviors or a crime in progress in your neighborhood at anytime, please DO NOT hesitate to CALL IT IN or ‘flag down’ an officer driving through the City. The sooner we receive your call, the greater the likelihood we can apprehend the criminal, prevent a theft, or deter a felony crime from occurring.
If you wish to report criminal activity at any time, please call the Police Department Dispatch number at 281-538-0659, Option 2.  , and the Galveston County SO dispatcher will promptly radio contact one of our officers to get him/her in route to assist you. If you would like to leave a message for a particular officer but are NOT reporting a crime, then call our office line at 281-334-1034.
Finally, we remind you to always remain vigilant when outside after dark and obtain accurate descriptions of persons, activities, or vehicles about which you are reporting. Always wear your seatbelt, drive defensively, and continue to watch out for your family and neighbors.
Again, thank you for your help in maintaining Clear Lake Shore’s highly regarded image of a safe and secure community!
P. Gist
Clear Lake Shores Police Dept.

P.S. Remember, the Fall school semester has begun as well so PLEASE drive slowly and WATCH closely for children and school buses. School Zones are in effect as well throughout the City.
Did you put those phone numbers in your phone?

From neighbor Debbie on Narcissus;
Regarding: Buyer Beware!
Dear Officers,

I’m providing this recent experience in the event you might help others from getting scammed on our island.  I have learned my lesson and hope it will help others to not have to go through this.

On August 21st I was approached by a Mr. Samson (Sam) Peres in my driveway as I was leaving my home.  Mr. Peres said that he noticed my driveway was in need of repair and that he worked for a company called “Hot Shots” that could make my driveway look like new for $400.  He explained that the procedure would be to apply a topcoat of a material used by the airports for runway repairs.  It would not fill in indentions or cracks, but the topcoat would make it look much nicer and would last for approximately 3 years.  He said they were a member of the BBB (which I found out later that they are definitely not).

I hired Mr. Peres to do the job.  He explained he needed half of the money as a down payment and the other half due when he finished the job, so I wrote him a check for $200.00 (I took a copy of his driver’s license.)  He immediately left to cash the check at my bank.  Mr. Peres was supposed to return after cashing the check, purchasing the materials and do the job, but he did not reappear that day.  After calling him several times the next day and telling him to return my money, he showed up late in the evening with two friends to help him.  They took approximately one hour to apply the topcoat but only applied it to half of my driveway because it was too dark to continue.  He promised to return the next day and finish, but said he needed more money for more materials.  I paid him another $150 in cash.  The next morning I was able to see what they had done to my driveway and it was an absolute nightmare with big missing patches where the material hadn’t been applied, uneven edges on both sides of the driveway and only half complete.

As you can probably imagine, Mr. Peres did not return the next day.  I called him several times and he finally returned on August 26th for a few moments to measure the driveway to “determine how much more material he was going to need”.  Again, he left and did not reappear, but called me on the 28th to tell me that my driveway really needs asphalt re-surfacing and that would cost me $3,000.  I asked him to come back and finish what I had already paid him for and that I was not interested in his company resurfacing my driveway.  He has yet to return.
I called his boss (Richard) with “Hot Shots” on September 3rd who has informed me that Mr. Peres does not “officially” work for him, but only does occasional side work for him.  I explained that Mr. Peres is telling people that he works for him and has left my driveway in a horrible mess and has taken my money.  Richard said he would call Mr. Peres and have him contact me.  I haven’t heard from either one and at this point don’t imagine I ever will.  Last night I sent Mr. Peres a text message informing him that I will be providing his driver’s license information to our police department for their records and I hope he will reconsider trying to rip off anyone else in our community.
 Attached is a copy of Mr. Peres’ driver’s license along with his telephone number and the number of Richard of “Hot Shots”.  I’m providing this in the hopes that it might be helpful to you in the event they try to do this to anyone else in Clear Lake Shores. 

One more cat. Seems there are some slow learners out there. Big Surprise. After all the chit chat about Coyotes on the Island and thier fondness for cats one more carcass has been found. A Tabby or possibly a Calico was found in a lot on Narcissus. I know cats are their own entities and occupy a wierd place in this world. I get it. It's like making one abide by our Cities Leash law. Yes you should but.... If you still voluntarily let little fluffy out each night that's on you. I suggest you start buying smaller bags of cat food and when Little Fluffy doesn't come home donate the leftovers to the local shelter.  


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that in the age of technology that if you live in CLS and need to call the Police Department on weekends or after 5, that you will get a recording saying call 911 if an emergency or leave a message. If someone has knocked your door and looks suspicious you dont really want to classify that as an emergency and possibly be ticketed for calling 911 with a frivilous call.

If you dont read this blog and know the dispatchers number, then you are SOL if you need to talk to a policeman. I think the idea of flagging down a policeman in the street (as suggested) is antiquated and silly. If you have a suspicious person knocking your door at 6 PM are you saying I should get in my car and find a policeman? Surely something can be devised that is more efficient. Call forwarding for instance?

I dont like the idea of us just having access to our police department during normal business hours. Not very efficient if you think you might be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

The Police Department has two signs posted outside it's building with the dispatch phone number. If you look at the city's website, it's posted there too. If you attempt to call the police department's phone number (NOT the city's number) after hours, you will automatically be rolled over to the Galveston County Dispatch

Just FYI, you can't be ticketed for a "frivolous" 911 call.

Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me to drive to the building and look at it for a phone number. Guess I just got too dependant on the phone book.

If you call the police department during business hours and no one is there, it tells you to call 911 or leave a message.

Anonymous said...

Debbie four words .....take it to Aiken

Anonymous said...

If it tells you to call 911 then call 911 what's the big deal

Adelia said...

I posted on Clear Lake Shores life is good last night about missing people at the Civic Club meeting and got quite a bit of input that no one got notified we were having a meeting. I will post it there ahead of time next month. Hopefully we will get to enjoy more of their company next month. Alan will you post a list of upcoming events so I can dump that information to those who don't enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

Adelia, how do you get to your blog or whatever it is

Anonymous said...

Okay, where on Narcissus was this cat found and does anyone know if this is one coyote or several?