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Monday, August 19, 2013

Where were you 30 years ago?

I lived up on the Gulf fwy at Edgebrook when Alicia came through. No power for three or four days but that was about it. My future ex wife and I were boat shopping for our soon to be live aboard life style. We were marina walking every weekend and had been for some time so we were familiar with the waterfront neighborhood. We came down 45 to NASA Road 1 and turned east. The biggest problem to that point were all the other rubber neckers and disaster tourists. Like us. The water had receded back to the lake and left a few sailboats parked up on the bridge to mud lake. When we finally made our way over to where our new home would be, The still under construction Legend Point, was when the eye opener came. Alicia had piled several dozen boats up in to a fiberglass mountain on the north side of Watergate Marina. Over where the entrance to Waterford is now.

Got a great story from the in-Laws who you undoubtedly know by now live in England. Seems they woke Saturday morning to find a wallaby in their drive. To those zoologically challenged out there Wallabys are not native to England. Or even the northern hemisphere.
"I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was raining very heavily and no one was about when a Wallaby appeared in the front garden. I called John who grabbed the camera and began filming. It tried to get through the hedge across the road and then came back and sat down on our driveway. A young guy and his girlfriend got out of a car and came across to say that they had hit it, we reckoned it had an injured back leg. They called the police who weren't interested and they had to get to work so we were left to deal with the poor creature.

That is when the saga began, we called the local community police and they gave us the number of the RSPCA and all we got was a recorded message telling you to take injured animals to a vet. We called another 2 local RSPSA offices and couldn't get them to take responsibility. We tried Blackpool zoo who didn't answer the phone. We spoke to the community police 3 times and they just said they were trying to locate its owner! We called about 4 vets and they didn't want to know. They expected us to pick it up and put it in the car and take it over to their office! About 5 hours after the event a young girl arrived on her own She made a few calls and then announced she had found its owner and was going to go to their address and get them to come and collect it. The poor wallaby had tried to move from the drive and spent about 3 hours at the side of the house, I thought it was dying but we didn't want to go near it. It moved a few times but it couldn't stand up properly. At about 5.30, 6 hours after it had been hit, the girl appeared with a man and 2 teenagers, they put a net around it and carted it off back home.
 Apparently these people have a big farm and keep all kinds of exotic animals. 3 wallabies escaped on Monday and this was the last one to be caught."

Lee got his White rabbit back. I want to know how it got down the winding stairwell?

The dog did it. Mom and passenger had just made the corner coming off Forest and heading north on Clear Lake Road. the dog was around moms feet which added just enough distraction to let her get too close to the steep ditch on the west side and over it went. Passengers and dog are fine. Buggie needs some TLC.We righted the buggie with a little help from neighbor Rob and sent them on their way.

Tried some home delivery from the newly opened Szechuan Garden. We all ordered something different. Got a mountain of Chinese takeout delivered in about 25 minutes. Love the egg rolls. I was looking for something spicy but didn't get it there. Maybe I'll try something else but will definitely give them another shot.
I heard Aspens has put in a ventilation system to help keeping the place smelling fresh. A few of us popped in Thursday evening. Nice crowd. Still a few bugs. The new girl behind the bar needs a little motivation but I think it will all work itself out.


Bryan said...

5 words for Aspen:


$299 at Academy

Do burgers!!!! Good greasy bar burgers would sell well at $3 a pop, and they would be so easy on the griddle. You could do hot dogs and fajitas too. Piece of cake.

Meanwhile we need to give them time to get things in order. The guy has worked extremely hard to get it where it is now, give him some credit. The best thing we can do is support the place and keep it going while they work the bugs out. Anything is better than Jackie's Tourist Trap, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I will go back to Aspens. He obviously has no bar/grill experience and has some lazy help.

Come on Sand Bar!

Odd the agenda is not posted yet for CC.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully things better with time at Aspen, first impressions can make or break a business. That said, I haven’t returned since my first trip there…… a bartender at a local joint should be more than a warm body serving drinks. I like the fact we now have a close location to have an adult beverage but if I want a dry atmosphere and be ignored I can stay at home with my wife for free.