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Monday, June 10, 2013

We have to do that again!

 and I don't want to wait 8 years!
Steak and Sinatra was a hit and a half. We cooked 84 petit sirloins in just over and hour. Amazing. Lots of ideas for next time. Someone mentioned a tux. I'm in for tux. And a cheesy little fedora? Uh-Huh. I made a few trips up the back stairs to see what it looked like in the Clubhouse and it was packed every time. That was perfect. To see so many neighbors sitting and visiting is just awesome. Preliminary numbers from Super Dave says the club made a few hundred bucks to boot. Thanks to all for coming out and making this a great event.

    Next up is Movie Night! The pic is Office Space, a great comedy. Please remember to bring some spare change as we will be passing the hat. Thanks.

At the Last Club meeting we decided to have the next meeting on June 27th. That is one week early and moves the date to accommodate July 4th. We will be looking for some volunteers to put together some kid games, shepherd the Golf Cart Parade and arrange for Judges, a couple of weenie cooks and the Scholarship Committee Chair, Amanda Booren will be looking for some help on the Silent Auction.

Something else that came up was having a couple of fund raisers so we can buy a roll up garage style door for the middle bay of the Paul Shelley Pavilion. It would help immensely with keeping the noise down during Jammin and go a long way to  keeping the weather at bay for other events. Thoughts?

This from neighbor Dottie:
Please add this to your IslandDrumz:    A lot of you know Donna Boyd she is a friend of Charlie's, Chuck and Lee knows her well..  They are regulars at sunset even though they live at Waterford town homes. She has colon cancer and VERY little insurance.  What she has is not good. She has only been able to work a couple of hours a day as the chemo has made her VERY sick and weak. There is a big benefit at the Elk's Lodge on Sat. starting at 12:00.  Claudio will play at 12:30 and other bands will follow.  They are selling tickets for a big, nice 43 in. color TV.  There is an auction also for a fishing trip and many other great prizes. Margarita , one of my close friends is heading it and she has worked so hard to raise money for Donna's expenses.  Tickets for the TV are 5.00 each.  The benefit promises to be a fun thing to attend.  Donna is a sweet, deserving person and need help during this time of need. Thanks to Lee who has already purchases tickets.  We can ride our golf carts over to the lodge.  Cut through at the Home Depot to get to the Elk's Lodge. Margarita will be at my house on Wed. evening and we may make sunset.  I can get any of you tickets if you want to drop the money over to me.  Thank YOU! for reading this.

Dottie Cottingham
601 West Shore Dr.
cell 713-502-5453

                                                     For Sale - $500.00

Solid wood bunk bed, full sized bottom bunk, single top bunk. Two huge storage drawers below.
Wyatt is a mere month away from becoming a teen so it's about time for a new look.

"America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week."

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Roselyn said...

I am mailing you $100 for the roll up door for the pavilion to get that fundraiser started. Since the city sponsors this event and the noise is a nuisance to many of its citizens, maybe the City will fund or do matching funds.

I dropped off 3 silent auction items to Amanda for scholarship fundraiser.

Dottie,I will drop off ticket money at your house for sweet