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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Forth be with you. I wish I would have made that up.

6 Days to go.

Great crowd last night for Second Chance Pets at the Club House. You Folks did an awesome job!

What a great day to stop in and see what's new at your Farmer's Market too.

Get ready for Jammin cause it's MOTOWN time!! Tonight is the Level One Band.

I hope you all had the chance to read all about one of our neighbors in the GCDN the other day. If not, well it's your luck day. Congrats Gene!
American Airlines CEO, Board Chairman and President Tom Horton joined his father, a Clear Lake Shores resident,Saturday evening in Dallas at an historical salute to America's astronauts.

Seldom in U.S. history have so many legendary aviators, airframe executives and legislators been assembled in one room. 
The gala black tie event, held beneath a canopy of actual vintage  aircraft at Love Field's Frontiers of Flight Museum, featured a host of luminaries including U.S. Senator's Ralph Hall and Sam Johnson, plus 11 flight astronauts from Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle and the International Space Station..

Walt Cunningham, one of the famous trio who flew Apollo 7 on an earth orbital training mission, served as master of ceremonies, while Eugene Cernan, last American on the moon, entertained the audience with recollections of NASA's most memorable moments then joined in formally recognising the two seasoned legislators as well as ten of his high-soaring teammates. Special recognition was made of Senator Hall' employing a large screen video message recorded by crew members while aboard the ISS..

Gene Horton, a long time Clear Lake Shores resident and former Chief of NASA's Manned Flight Awareness Office, was asked to join his celebrated  son at the head table along with the senators and General Tom Stafford, commander of both Gemini and Apollo space missions. Stafford's credits include the Snoopy-Charlie Brown Apollo 10 dress rehearsal for Apollo 11, (the first lunar landing accomplished by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.)

Other aging NASA luminaries included Astronaut Alan Bean (now a noted lunarscape artist,) and Fred Hayes, (Apollo 13 ) who now serves as a museum director.

 General Stafford, now into  his ninth decade, looked fit for his years and shared with Horton remembrances of Snoopy's vital role in building NASA flight safety awareness during all Apollo missions.

Shortly following the Apollo One fire which claimed the lives of Astronauts Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Ed White, Horton and his long time team mate Al Chop ,engaged famed cartoonist Charles "Sparky" Schulz, introducing an agency-wide highlycoveted performance award  popularly known as the Silver Snoopy. NASA and contractor employees at all levels have for decades qualified for this special honor which can only be delivered to a recipient in person by a flight astronaut.

Months before the launching of Apollo 8 - the ship commanded by Frank Borman which successfullycircumnavigated the moon , Borman accepted from Horton before liftoffa bagful of Snoopy the astronaut silver lapel pins later distributed to those who distinguished themselves at high points in  the Apollo effort.  Horton recalls his role marketing NASA for three decades in his latest book, LOSING THEM      (photo - CLS RESIDENT GENE HORTON WITH SON TOM,, CEO AMERICAN AIRLINES)

Enjoy your weekend CLear Lake Shores

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SPorter said...

Hey AB ... great BLOG about the Salute to the Crew in Dallas, and the Silver Snoopy Award. "Highly Coveted" is understating the Award's attraction. As you undoubtably know, it is the Highest Award anyone who works around NASA can achieve.

Thanx again for the Blog, AB .... I will be really sorry to see it go. SPorter