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Friday, April 12, 2013

Today in History

1836 - Mexican forces under General Santa Anna captured Thompson's Ferry. Where the heck is Thompson's Ferry? a tad north of Richmond Texas. One week later he would meet General Sam Houston at San Jacinto. The rest as they say….

Nice crowd at Candidates night last night. Councilman Burns is out of the Country on business and the new lady was a no show due to surgery. THe Mayor was there as were three of the noobs. Lots of pertinent questions were asked. One was "are you for or against the Town Center" All were for with Mr Berry and Mr Croft stating with a "a pay as you go" clause. One must assume that when they buy a car or a house they pay cash. When asked why they were running Ms. Bailey stated it was time for her to "get involved", Mr. Berry wants to fix the budget and Mr. Croft was inspired by an old guy in New Mexico. They were also asked what their first priority would be. The Mayor cited the steadily improving environment and wants to keep it on track. Jan's top priority is to dive in head first and get to know City Operations, Travis wants to establish a City Outreach to avoid unpleasantness like we had in the past and Anthony wants to work on the budget. Best. Question. Ever. Kevin foley asked a hands down yes or no, do you like the Muscovy Duck population. Travis is amused by them, Anthony, cleared his answer with Joe first, likes them and takes care of them, Jan didn't have an opinion and the Mayor likes them. With gravy. Right on Mr. Mayor!

Spaghetti Night tomorrow night!!! $8 and $5(i think) watch for email. If you're not getting an email from the Club that means you are not a member. Quit whining and join! 
If you want to lend Big Mike a hand in the kitchen be there at 3PM.

Gorgeous Spring weekend on tap. Get out there and enjoy yourself.

The Latin phrase libra pondo was used in ancient Rome to indicate weight, which is why today the abbreviation for "pound" is "lb."


Adelia said...

Shame on you Alan. Anyone who was there last night would have clearly heard that Anthony has an agenda to get our free trash pickup restored. When asked what he would cut from the current budget to do that he was not sure. Mr Croft was inspired to correct all that is wrong with our city. When asked what was wrong with our city he wasn't sure. All in all the answers to the questions asked were a lot clearer than I expected. Glad I went

Craig said...

Here is what I Took a way from the meet the candidates night.

Vern was Vern no surprises no tricks that's exactly what I like about him.

Al was much more handsome than I remember him it looks like he had been working out very impressive resume and business as usual

Jan came across very professional with no agendas. My take was she wants to jump in feet first, learn as much as she can and do what is best for the community. With her educational and professional background I think she will be a very nice fit at the council table

Anthony appears to be obsessed with the The budget as is Larry Tonjes, however does not appear to know anything about it. He stated he did not have time to look at the budget because he had two job interviews that day. Yet that is all he talked about. The budget is only 24 pages long it seems to me that during the entire day he could've found the hour or so it would have taken to look over it and advise us of the specific issues he has with the budget. There are a few questions I wish somebody would have asked, first of all as mayor he would be in a leadership position over our police department. I would be curious to know how many times he has been arrested in the past two or three years and what were the charges if he has been arrested. Secondly to hear him tell it he was quite the hero at San Jac accomplishing great feats with their budget. If this is the case why is he no longer with San Jac and did he really accomplish what he claims. Lastly, when I asked him how he would handle a hurricane situation I understood him to say FEMA would assign someone to take care of us. Then he ask me if that was wrong. I would like to know if he is elected mayor, do I have to stay near my phone next storm so Anthony can call me to see if he is doing it right? I hope not because if I do we are all in trouble cause I don't have a clue. I was hoping to get answers last night not answer Anthony's questions. Anyway Anthony's biggest issue seems to be a budget he knows nothing about.

I have known Travis since he was a school kid. One thing I came away with I already knew, he is a nice guy. Although I'm a little peeved I haven't been invited to any of his weekly pot luck dinners. He seemed very nervous and had the deer in the headlights look on his face every time a question was asked of him. He did perk up at one point when ask by the water board what he would do if the drought got worse. He said now there is something I do know about. Let me know if I am wrong but i think he said we should build rooftop gardens, isn't that just more to water, and we should recycle our toilet water and some other green solutions that would do basically nothing to help. Alan was right he appears to be anxious to fix all that is wrong on our little slice of paradise but didn't seem to know exactly what was wrong. He spent a great deal of time telling us how he travels the world by land and sea. When will he have a chance to councilize. Yes that's a word. I just made it one.

It also bothers me that when the city was going through the worst time I have ever seen and was being run by the worst council in our history, neither Anthony or Travis were anywhere to be found but now they are being backed and mentored by the same group we all know as NS that headed up that mess. In my opinion it seems we are getting rid of the last NS member and it would be a really bad idea to open the door to more potential trouble and nonsense.

DO NOT GET LAZY LIKE WE DID A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO. I don't know what NS is up to and how they plan to,get their new minions elected but as quiet as it is you can bet your ass they have a plan. GET OUT AND VOTE.

I also hope our PD will make public who they endorse as their candidate for Mayor.
We are happy with them and we want them happy.