Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshiny Friday on deck.

Club News
Great meeting tonight. Sorry you couldn’t make it. We finalized plans for Candidates Night on the 11th. Editor and Moderator Pam needs to hear from most of you Candidates. Please let us know if we need to set up a chair for you. Mike also flushed out Spaghetti Night on the 13th. He’s putting the finishing touches on the menu so watch your email for updates.
We took a few pics of some of our event Chairs with their cool new burgees. The pics will be in next months Islander also.
We briefly touched on one of the biggest events the Island sees and that is the annual Island Wide Garage Sale. For a measly $5 you get a hundred dollars worth of advertising, your place on a map and a thousand customers. Is that a deal or what?!
Tomorrow is Farmer’s Market! Fresh veggies, homemade goodies and don’t forget the knife sharpening guy. I heard Froberg Farms had the biggest strawberries…

When:  Fri Apr 05 9:16 PM
Where in the Sky:  Appears out of the Southwest, Disappears directly West
How Long:  Visible for 3 minutes


Have a Great Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Two things;

1. You put the rope up? Really?

2. You and David contribute to the neighborhood. Thank you. Your time and devotion are appreciated. Not one person has stated otherwise. However, in the grand scheme of things you're both relative newcomers here to our paradise and you haven't even been here long enough to start to touch the amount of time, devotion, heartache, sweat and tears that Allan Batchelor has contributed to this community, the citizens of this community, the Civic Club, numerous committees, a council, etc. etc. etc. He's served as two time (or more) president of the Civic Club and notably he was president when the Civic Club had the highest membership numbers in the history of the city. He has served on city committees. He has consistently volunteered for every single event this city has had from Garage Sale down to Mardi Gras parade. He cooks, he cleans, he loads coolers of ice for events, he announces, he chairs, he co-chairs, he knocks on doors to get people involved, he hosts, he stays up late to get things ready and gets up early to coordinate others for events like garage sales and community cook-offs and pancakes and Thanksgiving and the list goes on. AND, that's just things he's done over the last couple of years. My point is - he SERVES this community. More than you have to date. It's not a contest, but that is a statement of fact.

Now,read back through the comments section on this blog, (this blog that served a purpose for you on numerous occassions), and check to see where this went wrong. Rosy usually sucks. Agreed. But, the lady asked a question. Ask yourself a question; Could you have just answered her?
Do you really think that Allan is to blame here?
It's not rational to blame somebody just becuase they've given you the platform to be a narcissistic, whiney cry-baby.
Again, thank you for the Farmer's Market - Allan was one of the leaders in this community when it came into existance. Allan was one of the very first vendors. Allan was the one who fought when it was threatened by other businesses in the area. And, thank you for the "community garden". You are appreciated.

PS - This blog serves as a place to spread information to the community. It's not mandatory that you or anyone else read it. Not everybody digs on FaceSpace or MyBook or Twitty Bird or so for those that are not as social-media savvy as you, this is a good place to get info.
Does your blog allow comments Jennifer?

Roselyn said...

Ok, here is the full text between me and Jennifer before she and her husband called me and we blocked each other on Facebook. I have copied and pasted it from Facebook and added the word 'said' after each of our names for clarity:

"Roselyn Pierce said:

Are you serious? What is wrong with asking a simple question abut a city property being roped off? It was nothing directed at you or David.
11:22pm Jennifer Moon-Ruocco said:

We were the ones that roped it off.

Why are you creating unnecessary drama?

It was not a simple question. It was complaining on the blog and creating problems.

Stop being so Drama with your complaints. Do something instead to ADD to your community.

12:00am Roselyn Pierce said:

Fuck you

Anonymous said...

Drop it Rosy baby. You're just pushing it to keep it going. Thanks for letting us know that Jennifer said that she roped it off. That's a completely different situaion. JenJen must have felt threatened to blow this up. Rather ironic that she would call you out for being "Drama" (SIC) though. Don't you think?

Regarding Allan - Don't forget the Benefits for members of our community that he has led. Phyllis Christeson, the Bresslins and Randy Looten's to name a few.
The man has served selflessly while not giving a shit whether you like him or not.

cheers to that.

Anonymous said...

As I a treehouse, build a beverage...climb the steps, and enjoy the view and the big picture from that lofty perch on the corner....and share a little joy along the way.....its that easy...

Adelia said...

Is that you Greg? That was the last corner tree house I remember.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, where in the hell did you get the authority to block a city owned parking lot who the hell do you think you are? Arrogant doesn't even begin to describe you. You should be arrested for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Not only did she do it she didn't even have the balls to admit it on the blog. She could have borrowed a pair from David if he had some. The blog is awesome Alan is awesome and anyone who tries to tell us we don't have the right to express our opinions is probably somebody that has something to hide. Right Jen Jen?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed over the last year or so the only ones that hate the blog are the ones being exposed. Rock on freedom of speech.

Jennifer Moon-Ruocco said...

Wow, I have just been really blown away by some of you this past week. Why does it matter how long I have lived on the island? Do you really know anything about me as a person? David and I moved on this island and found out that I was diagnosed with 3 cancers that I had to have major surgeries for and it kept me in bed for 10 months. I couldn't work. My body could not take it. I am recovered and almost 3 years later I still cannot work, but I want to contribute to something positive and help out in anyway that I can, so I turned to my community. I started getting out more and meeting my neighbors. Pete got me involved in the FM and I started the flower business, in which I have paid taxes on for the last 2 years. Please ask me for my records and I will show you. I was asked to take over the FM or they were going to shut it down. I did not want to see it go away and I felt that many of our residents would like for it to remain. I have busted my ass to promote, recruit and grow the market for this community to be proud of. Then I was asked to take on the Community Garden, which I was told by Allan that it wouldn't work. Again I have busted my ass along with some really great people on this island to make it happen. I have used my "personal" funds to purchase the herbs and vegetables that are in the garden. We are trying to preserve the lot at the FM from potholes, beer cans, beer bottles, and yes....human crap on the lot so we can have a clean and wholesome market for the community. And for the record, you can come at me and the FM as much as you want, but at the end of the day there are 25 plus Vendors that rely on this FM for their livelihood and I SUPPORT THEM. They are wonderful people that have lost their jobs, have ill family members, trying to start up a new business and pay their bills. You can hate me all that you want, but I KNOW that I am a good person, with a genuine heart and you will NOT break my will or my passion in life.

David Ruocco said...

this is why i love Jennifer and she is the most amazing person I have ever met... I hope you are all proud of yourselves...true colors have been shown

Melinda said...

I'm so over this but hell seeing as J and D seem to want to keep digging up the dead horse and beating it some more so I guess I shall too. I just hopped over to facebook and was faced with a complete lie from J saying that Allan told her the garden would never work.. in her words NEVER work. I have been married to Allan for just shy of 20 years and I really didn't have to wake him up to get the answer as to if that was true or not, I already knew it was a pile of crap but i did and he confirmed that yes indeed that was a lie. If you know Allan even just a little bit you know that he supports pretty much anything that is good for the island and a community garden would be included in that so why make up shit that just isn't true.
I replied to her that she knew it was not true and it seemed unfair to me that she would do that on a forum that he isn't even a member of but she "unfriended" me so as to make sure I have no way to defend Allan from her lies. At least on the blog you have the option to defend yourself. What started as a simple question from a resident turns into this strange ranting behavior from another. You just can't make this shit up folks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jennifer you do a good job with the market. Lots of islanders do good things for the community. Allan is at the top of the list and you will never come close to matching him. Most PEPOLE who do volunteer work don't even talk about it let alone preach about the great work they do on a blog they claim to hate and bad mouth the blog owner who allows you to continue your rants no matter what you say about him and lets you advertise your market on his blog. you and David have ruined your reputation in this community. Like others have said you started it by being evasive and insulting us then we find out you roped it off yourself without permission from anyone. Still tonight you are still ranting on the blog you detest with no apologies to any of us. You have burned a lot of bridges in the past few days and it is your fault. Open your eyes and get off your high horse. We are not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Allan? Blogs are like Beepers. Catch up on technology, sign up for a FB page so you can be accountable.

Anonymous said...

I don't even live in your slice of paradise but after reading this blog for the past few days I would love to meet this Alan cat. Jen and David, you seem like little high school drama queens. Really Jen playing the c card to get sympathy after you have been an ass to your neighbors. Never been to your market and now I never will.

Anonymous said...

I think it funny j and d keep whining about a turd when there yard has so much crap in it from their dogs you can't hardly breath when you are near it without puking on a hot day. If I was their neighbors I would pitch a fit

Adelia said...

I am so done with this too. I know Jennifer and care about her. She is a good person and a sensitive person and gets her feelings hurt very easily. I am sorry we are causing her grief. That said, Jennifer you don't think twice before verbally attacking Alan, Dave Chambers,and others. Alan and Dave weren't even in this fight. You can't keep verbally assaulting everyone around you because your feelings are hurt. This may surprise you but they have feelings too and you hurt them. I hope EVERYONE will let this go. We all make mistakes. By the way there are many other people that put time and effort into the Farmers Market and the Community Garden. I would like to say thanks to them as well.

Rob Scherer said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason for this blog was to "keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, or drive our golf carts to". The anon button does not serve that purpose. True or untrue, anything can be said under the cover of anon, and does not serve the island in a positive way. Ask yourself this question, if anon had been turned off,would all of this have taken place? The answer is no. Sure the anon button allows for entertaining reading, but it does not better the community. I love this island. I love the people that live here. That is the reason why I moved here. To have people on both sides making accusations serves nothing close to the original purpose for this blog. AB, please turn off anon.

Anonymous said...

Adelia, feel sorry for her all you want. She and David brought this on themselves. If they can't take it they shouldn't bring it. Simple as that. And yes thanks to all who do anything to help this community all efforts are appreciated no matter how small or big they are. No one needs to tell us how great they are on a forum they hate. If you are doing good things we all know it.

Alan who in the hell is after you now. Fill us in, we have your back. Is it another lib trying to stop our right to speak freely