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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

24 days to go

 The Sirens stopped at Miss Val's house on Clear Lake Road. That'a all I know for now. And Joe and Roxanne have begun rebuilding the Sandbar.

Then it will be time for you to go out and do your civic duty and vote. Think you can skip this one because it looks like it's in the bag? Think again. We tried that once. Remember what that got us? Too much nastiness, lost productivity and money down the toilet. In case you need  reminder just go back to last years blog post or even two years ago. What a shit storm.  Put in on your phone and on your calendar. Early voting starts Monaday April 29th and goes til Tuesday May 7th. GO VOTE. 
On to fun stuff.

Happy Birthday to Candidate Jan Bailey. 

Come on rain! We're still 4 inches behind for the year and nearly 8 inches behind last year. My lawn is just now starting to look like a lawn again.

I had to miss the Council Meeting last night. I let my Gout sneak up on me. Damn that hurts. Short version is no discount on pool membership yet.

The great news is the next Civic Club meeting will be at the pool on May 2nd. No potluck this time but feel free to bring your favorite Ice Cream topping because your club is bringing gallons of Blue Bell Ice cream!! Bring your checkbook too so you can renew your pool membership at the same time. I think the plan is to have the new pool tags available along with your new codes to save you a trip to the office. The whole office thing is such a pain. Did I get that right Pool Committee? Feel free to send me your plan so I can get it out there. See you there.

An interesting observation. A bomb goes off and they blame the bomber, a maniac shoots up a school and they blame the gun......

Something to note. Or not. After two and a half years and over a quarter million hits I will most likely retire this blog. IF it happens at all it will happen, for better or worse, after the election. Notice the big IF. Please save your comment's. What I will offer, if there is any interest, is a link to your Facebook page from here. I realize a lot of you don't do Faceplace. I don't either but it is what it is. There are other websites to keep up with like the Clubs and the City's. It's been a hoot but short of something incredibly bizarre, stupid or fun, or any combination thereof, happening  it's time to move on.

Character is much easier kept than recovered.
Thomas Paine 


Jim Adams said...

Allan. Would you like for anyone to be able to go over to Academy and purchase a bomb? Or go to a 'bomb show' and buy a bomb without having a background check?

If they sold bombs at Academy do you think there would be more bombings, thus more people including 8 year old kids, slaughtered? I know you like black/white, yes/no questions so there you have one.

I know what you think about the lack of relative intelligence and/or sanity of a large portion our population, so I'm not sure how you can reconcile the two opinions.

Luv ya!


ab said...

Jimbob, you start off with an incorrect assumption followed by slightly flawed statement. Your first statement implies I would be OK with some knothead buying a bomb without a background check. The sad point is I don't have to go all the way to Academy. Target sells pressure cookers. You know and I know that even my dumb ass could make something go boom without getting more than 50 feet from my front door. God only knows what McGuyver could do with the contents under your sink. That goes for any moron with a grill or a lawnmower. Point is don't blame the hammer if you're holding the nail. And I'm all for background checks. And I'm even more for enforcing the laws we have on the books right now instead of all those useless meat sacks inside the beltway blowing my money trying to impress someone with new laws they can't possibly enforce. I promise you this when I am appointed King of the World this BS will stop. Promise.

ab said...

And I love you too....

Rob Brown said...

I will preface this with an "I love you both."
I don't comment here too much, I usually prefer to sit back and watch the circus. That being said, i have to agree with AB.

Anyone with access to the internet and enough intelligence to burn a slice of toast can construct a tool, drug, or elixir intended to cause harm to others. Hell, if you have a decently equipped kitchen (and I know both of you do) you already have better tools than the kid that attacked his fellow students at Lonestar College. Pretty sure you bought that cutlery without a background check.

The argument should not be focused on the tools used in these horrible events, but on the sanity and intent of the perpetrator. If someone is intent on harming others to make a statement, regardless of their cause (i.e. religion, race, politics, environmental protection, or the fact that they are just batshit crazy, etc) they will find a way.

My $0.02

-Rob B.

Jim Adams said...

My dear friends Allan & Rob,

Yes, anyone can go crazy, get angry, or whatever and act violently at any time. But putting friction between the thought and the action would reduce the number of actions. In other words, don’t make it easy. There have been 3,513 US gun deaths since the Newtown tragedy on December 14. Yes, people killed other people, guns didn’t kill people. I’m generalizing and there are certainly myriad circumstances in these deaths, but if a gun wasn’t easily available would these killings have happened? If the killers had to go build a weapon would they have still done so? I would speculate that the number would be drastically reduced, though some would have used a knife or brick or their thumb or whatever was readily available.

Allow me to break even further to the left because I’m still very disturbed about Sandy Hook: Have background checks; stop selling high capacity clips; and stop selling assault rifles, whose sole purpose IMHO is the fetishism of violence. I would go so far as to say stop selling anything that you don’t NEED for hunting – no semi-automatic anything, no handguns – though I can hear the collective ‘conservative’ gasp on that. Single shot shotguns and bolt action rifles can kill your dinner just fine if you bring any skills, and that same shotgun can protect your home. And no, the sneaky ol’ liberals can’t go into people’s homes and take guns away. Buy-back programs and time and hopefully an eventual culture shift along the lines of tobacco and gay marriage might eventually bring a change.

People are always going to kill other people, but we don’t need to make it easy. McVeigh was angry and went to great lengths to kill. The Columbine guys were angry and did the same. Though please note that those two guys made ~100 bombs, which killed exactly no one, so it’s not as easy as you guys would make it out to be. Aurora & Newtown guys are/were crazy and I doubt had the capacity or competence for a project like a successful bomb detonation.

Obviously we are on opposing sides of this political argument (shocker!) and we aren’t going to convince each other to change our opinion. Back to work.

btw Allan, you didn’t answer my simple yes/no question.


ab said...

I’ll take your question marks one at a time so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind.
1. Whether I like it or not or you like it or not, anyone can go in to a) Academy, Home Depot, CVS, and buy things that go boom right off the shelf.
2. Bomb show is a bit much but I thought I said I am in favor of background checks. Just like a friggin photo Id to vote. It’s a no brainer to most people.
3. Last, we just talked about this one. Thank God most people are too lazy and or stupid or some combination of to make the connection. I have no numbers that tell me if there are more stores that would correlate with more explosions but these options have been available for a very long time. So while (sorry Academy) Academy does sell bombs I haven’t seen what I would consider an increase. Maybe we should add feed stores in the mix? Yet. How about you?
But before you get off the hook I have a question about your 3,513 US Gun deaths. How many of those deaths were crime victims? Bad guys killing good guys or other bad guys? More to the point how many of those guns used were bought after a background and used by the rightful owner in the commission of a crime? I’ll bet a bottle of Bombay Saphire it’s a really small number. Badguys don’t play by the rules. That’s why they’re badguys. So to my twisted way of thinking that 3,513 doesn’t even come close to the 3,331 people killed in cars because of cell phone use. Distracted driving is the code word. That number is from the CDC and is two years old. No bad guys involved. What are we gonna do about that?

DaveC. said...

The guns used at New Town were stolen from his mother whom he murdered. An assult rifle was not used at newtown pistols were used. Jim we have universal background checks, but criminals don't follow the rules. Also, 27,000 prescription drug deaths in the U.S. every year are you going to ban the drugs? Guns dont kill people, irresponsible, crazy, angry people do!!!

Adelia said...

Dont forget Movie Night Saturday 8PM at the Pavillion. It looks like the wind will give us a break for the outdoor screen and it is MONTE PYTHON night!! So bring out your dead. See you there - thanks Dave!

SPorter said...

Wow ... an intelligent, civilized debate on the BLOG ... awesome. SP

SPorter said...

The debate is very interesting. However, we have some facts instead of slogans. In Australia, they had a very similar incident to Sandy Hook about ten years ago. The Prime Minister, with great Political Courage (something that has become non-existent in DC) pushed through background checks, assault weapons ban, clip limitations, etc.

The data since has been astounding ... gun deaths down by orders-of-magnitude, etc. I am trying to find the story on line ... I think it was a 60 Minutes story. If I do, I will post it. SP

SPorter said...

Here it is:


Bev E said...

Accidental deaths with a gun kill innocents, accidental deaths with a bomb tend to kill the bomber.

Tom J said...

Lost my gray sweat shirt with NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory logo on it. Lost Friday night on Juniper or Narcissus. Please contact me if you found it.
Tom Johnson 281-794-5591

suzanne hubbard said...

Does the Fuller trial begin Monday? Any bets if he can come up with another delay?

Craig said...

NS has been active the past few days. I saw Anthony at jeans today and it seems NS has been campaigning. I say this only to remind folks they need to get out and vote. NS may be flying under the radar this time around after the thrashing they took last election but you can be assured they are flying none the less. We are on such a positive track right now I would hate to see us loose traction by getting the wrong folks in office. Remember there will be three seats open next year and I'm sure NS is trying to position themselves to regain control. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Take a neighbor with you.


Craig said...

Hey Bev E,

I see someone rattled your cage. How are y'all doing? Are you coming back anytime soon?