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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Its Texas Independance DAy!


Due to a scheduling conflict at the Elks Lodge Pauls Birthday Party/ Retirement/ Going Away celebration will start 1 hour later. That's Right 7 PM instead of 6PM and it's still this Saturday. 
See y'all there!


suzanne hubbard said...

What a great party for our hero, Chief Shelley. If you are one of the few that did not make it, you missed a great time.

One high point for me was seeing Karen and Paul together. What a great team those two were. I doubt if we will ever see the likes of a combination like that again. Sad.

Has anyone heard when the sign for "The Paul Shelley Pavilion" will be installed? Certainly there will be a dedication. I can't wait.

MP said...
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Karen Mericle said...

Thank you, Suzanne, Mike and I enjoyed seeing all of you on Saturday.

Mike and I are so grateful for the appreciation and support you all (well, most of you) have given over the years. There was a lot of filth and flat out lies posted about us and others on this blog and outside of it as well. I want you all to know, that I truly loved my job and serving my residents. Being in City office, paid or not, is not an easy job. And although it may have looked to some that all we did was look out the window at the sailboats, we worked very hard--we were a family that did our best to keep the City moving forward in a positive direction.

Life doesn't always give you gifts is pretty little packages, sometimes they come as hateful little people who try to intimidate and slander.

Before you vote in this or any election, you should get to know the candidates and whether they truly care about the issues (not just the ones they constructed) and how community-involved they have been in the past. People who just come out from under a rock or just set the rock aside to sign up for office typically have an agenda. And clearly that created the turmoil in the first place.

Last Saturday was a wonderful reminder of the true spirit of Clear Lake Shores--fun, friendship and togetherness. And THAT is what made the City thrive.