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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Game Night! 
The place to be is the Club House this Friday evening. Bring your favorite board game and I’ll fire up the popcorn machine!
Got Kids? Maybe you would like to be on the Civic Clubs Scholarship Committee? Drop me a line or better yet come to our next meeting on Feb 7th!.
Mancakes, There are only 4 spots left! If you want to join in the fun you need to speak up now! Ladies, by all means feel free to "volunteer" you man!
Put this on your calendar. If you were here for Ike you know how important this is. If you were not here for Ike, trust me, put this on your calendar.
The Mayor and I were at a FEMA meeting on Tuesday and we were asked to publicize an event coming up on February 20.  The event is a FEMA “Open House” to be held in the Ballroom of the League City Johnny Orolfo Civic Center from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.   This is located at 400 West Walker.   At the open house, FEMA officials will be present to help area residents with any questions regarding flood insurance and there should be some information on probable changes in the flood insurance rating system.
Also, they will be able to show individual property owners the elevations of their property and where it is in relationship to the BFE (base flood elevation). 
It would be appreciated if you could help us publicize this event.

10 Days to go!
The time table is roughly this. kickoff at 12, judging at 3 and they give me my trophy at 4 and the little people get to eat. Now, lets go over the ground rules for all you newbies and Vita-Mix junkies. First and foremost Rule Number One is there are no rules. But what about the chili rules you say? I'll repeat for you slow readers. There are no rules. Period. To drive that point home I ever so vaguely remember a white bean and chicken thing winning once.
Next, we really, really want to avoid a repeat of the brown-out of '94. If you are bringing your creation in a crock pot and you want to plug that same crock pot in to an outlet we need to know. We need to know in advance how many crock pots need to be plugged in. I swear Reliant has a wanted poster with Craig's face on it. 
If you are bringing your concoction in a pot that uses an open flame, i.e. propane, wood or cow pies we need to know. Open flames have their own special quirks that need to be dealt with. We haven't lost anyone to open flames since '88 and want to keep it that way. She healed nicely if you must know but has moved to a cooler climate. If you plan on using Solar heat, good for you, I'll notify Al Gore. If your Chili, Chilli, Chilly, Chily, Chile, Chille is self heating, please note that your cook off will be held in Little Rock on the 27th.
Onward. Yes, there is a trophy and if by some freak occurrence a monkey flies out of my butt and gives you my trophy you have to put a new battery in it for next year.
Lastly, Judges are not paid. Overtly. And you can't prove it.  Our lead judge in past years has been the illustrious Mr. Thomas Mott. I understand his stomach replacement was a success. Mr. Mott, you up for it again you sick freak?
Any special requests will be promptly ignored with a great big smile. Any questions ?
Please drop a comment in the form of an RSVP on this blog or an email to me or Craigbob at and for the love of all that Holy don't wait till the day before. Craig starts gettin' all twitchy when he doesn't get any RSVP's and then he starts buggin' the crap outta me. This years fine for not RSVPing is a bowl of Robs lumpy coriander flavored, cat stew right in the kisser.

PS.Yes, it's mostly kid friendly and yes you can bring a friend. Actually, the more the merrier.

"I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution" 
Wernher von Braun
Let the Chili-Smack begin


Craig said...

Email correction. My email is My phone number is 281-300-3541.

Adelia said...

Craig - IM IN!!!

Rob Scherer said...

Coriander rules !!! All I can say is 1 for the thumb when I am done.

Adelia said...

Yea but all of us are afraid of where that thumb has been.