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Monday, January 7, 2013

Aaaaand we're off....

From the Office: Ameriwaste will be picking up Christmas trees This Tuesday and Friday. I stopped by Friday just to check in. I got a chance to meet our new City Administrator, George Jones. He seems like a real nice guy. Paul seems to think he’ll be a good fit for us and I trust Paul’s judgment. Welcome to our little slice of paradise George. I also found out that Officer Jansen has moved on. I wish her well. And I hear Officer Alex Torres is recuperating from knee surgery. Get well soon Alex!

The date you have all been waiting for has been set in stone. That’s right, the annual Brigadoon Chili Cook off and Festivus Maximus is ON! Craig-bob got official authorization from Raynel to tell me it will be on the 26th of January, 2013. More to come so stay tuned.

This just in from the Parks Committee!
Hi Allan,
Can you please post a note reminding everyone that the Brick applications are still accepted until January 15th. We are very excited because we have lots of applications already and we don't want anyone to feel left out!
The forms can be dropped off at my house or folks can call/text me so that I can pick them up. I have attached a copy of the form as well. Below is my info.
Thanks so much.

Dolly Groh-Saenz
906 Grove

Club News: On Deck is Mancakes! Do you believe this will be the 10th anniversary of Mancakes?! I didn’t know a calendar could move that fast.

FYI when my Grandfather was Wyatt's age (1913) milk was 32 cents a gallon, bacon was was 33 cents a pound, potatoes were 9 cents for 5 pounds and Sirloin steak was 24 cents per pound.


Adelia said...

Saw this on and thought it was interesting for coastal people like us - who knew?
King Tides: The Year's Largest
The Earth's tides are caused by the gravitational pull of primarily the moon, but also the sun on the Earth's oceans, as well as the Earth's own rotation.

During the times of the new and full moon, twice every 29.5 days, the sun, Earth, and moon are oriented in nearly a straight line, an alignment known as "syzygy" (the best Scrabble word I've every seen).

At these times, the sun's gravitational pull works together with that of the moon, creating higher high tides and lower low tides. These are called "spring tides", not named according to season, but due to fact the tide amplitudes "spring up and down."

But these aren't the "king tides".

The Earth's orbit around the sun and the moon's orbit around Earth aren't perfect circles, but rather ellipses. This means there's a point in the orbit at which the moon is closest to Earth ("perigee") and one at which the Earth is closest to the sun ("perihelion").
Each month, the moon's distance from Earth varies from around 226,000 miles away at perigee (its closest point) to 252,000 miles away at apogee (its farthest point).

Perihelion just occurred on January 2, 2013. At that time, the Earth was 91.4 million miles from the sun, or about 3-4% closer than its average distance of 93 million miles.

Summarizing, the king tides result from the additive effect of...

Syzygy (alignment of sun, moon, and Earth)
Perigee (closest approach of moon to Earth)
"Almost perihelion" (Earth almost as close at it gets to the sun in its orbit)Occurring only a few times a year, king tides are the highest of the high tides each year.

I would use these words if I could learn to pronounce them

suzanne hubbard said...

Thank you, Allan for continuing to post! We need you. Maybe do it biweekly or so.

Thank you, Al Burns for the motion to name the pavilion after The Paul Shelley. You bet Dan and I will be at the meeting to see Council vote 100% in favor of it.

Roselyn said...

Thanks for the update. Two important dates coming up.....tomorrow is Paul's final council meeting so it would be nice to have a crowd show support. The other is the 28th which is Jackie's trial date.