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Monday, January 14, 2013


Here’s a heads up. We have a couple of neighbors that you need to keep in your thoughts and prayers. Neighbor Marshall is in ICU in line for an organ donation and Rob’s wife Candy is at CLR. Please keep them in your prayers.

From the folks in the office:
Hi Allan:
The Mayor and I were at a FEMA meeting on Tuesday and we were asked to publicize an event coming up on February 20.  The event is a FEMA “Open House” to be held in the Ballroom of the League City Johnny Orolfo Civic Center from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.   This is located at 400 West Walker.   At the open house, FEMA officials will be present to help area residents with any questions regarding flood insurance and there should be some information on probable changes in the flood insurance rating system.

Also, they will be able to show individual property owners the elevations of their property and where it is in relationship to the BFE (base flood elevation). 
It would be appreciated if you could help us publicize this event.

Got Kids? Maybe you would like to be on the Civic Clubs Scholarship Committee? Drop me a line or better yet come to our next meeting on Feb 7th!.
Game Night! The place to be is the Club House this Friday evening. Bring your favorite board game and I’ll fire up the popcorn machine!
Mancakes, There are only 4 spots left! If you want to join in the fun you need to speak up now!

The big Chili cook off is coming up fast. There are only 12 days to go. Go to bed knowing this, I don’t care if your crappyass chili gets cold because you didn’t let someone know you needed 3 phase 50amp service to keep it from re solidifying. Let Craig or Raynel or me know if you’re going to make it so we can make sure you have power for your reactor.
For anyone who has attended this most prestigious event you know that we are going to do this rain or shine. A real chili aficionado doesn't let a little rain bother him or her. If you are more concerned about your makeup running or your hair plugs drooping than your chili then this little tid-bit is for you.

Weather forecast for January 26th 2013.
The Old Farmers Almanac says slightly warmer than normal with a slight chance of rain.
And internet outfit called DryDay says it will be slightly cooler than normal and it is a transitional day between to rainy days.
A friend who predicts the weather for a living (not a meteorologist) says it will be very cold but sunny.
The American Meteorological Society says "Long-term forecasts (Day 7 to 14) demonstrate little skill. John Q Public could do as well simply checking what the long-term average weather is for that date."
So. With that said our weather ought to mostly sunny with lots of clouds and a little warmer or cooler than normal.
If you haven't been told yet, you need to bring chairs unless you plan on standing all day.
Another popular topic is parking. It sucks. Deal with it. If you park on the road you'll get a ticket. It's not personal it's just how our little slice of paradise makes money for the policeman's ball. Don't let the fact that they hold it in Maui intimidate you either.
The coriander King is whipping something up but the fact that he's doing it outside ought to be a hint. Too bad we scared off the Pavlosky/Reny team. Their chili was crap but they did provide a certain level of entertainment. Plus their ol' ladies are hot.
Ms. Lindelow you got the bresticles to even show this year ?

How much hog would a groundhog ground if a groundhog could ground hog……
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Craig said...

Rob starts cooking chilli, Candy lands in the hospital. Just sayin. Good luck Candy Raynel and I wish you a speedy recovery.