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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yes, it is December

24 shopping days left...
That was fun, a progressive cocktail party. Thanks to all who hosted! We'll do it again and I've already had three folks volunteer as hosts for the next event. We need a theme that excludes tequila. Crap my head hurts.
I'm thinking my In-Laws left too early. They left a balmy south Florda for a big winter storm that's dumping snow all over England. Bummer.
Next Tuesdays Council meeting will be the first in a while. I'm going just to hear what the hell is going on in our search for a new City Administrator. Anybody heard anything? I'm up for a good rumor. Paul is retiring in a matter of weeks and I don't think they have interviewed anyone  yet. It's not like I've never left anything to the last minute but hey, this is a pretty big deal. I still don't know how I feel about hiring someone who doesn't live here. And before you flame me, I know Paul doesn't live here but he's been here longer than a lot, if not the majority, of us. I keep thinking about what neighbor Chuck told me over a year ago. "A person should have to live here for more than 10 years before they can be eligible for office. It takes at least 10 years before people get this place". Every time I re-run that statement in my mind it makes more sense. Thanks for the enlightenment Chuck. I don't know who all has put in an application for the job though. Maybe we'll luck out and hire someone who "gets this place".
I'm going for aspirin.
Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.
Cary Grant


Anonymous said...

NS has all lived here over ten years and they clearly don't get it so his rule needs to be tweaked a bit. I do agree with the ten year rule. If anybody thinks Paul has lost and NS has won you would be wrong. Thanks to NS Paul has been working one job instead of two for the past sixteen months and only lost 10% of his pay. I'm glad he won that one for sure. Good job NS you freakin nut jobs. Now Paul will move on to an even more lucrative job and collect his retirement on top of that. Again good for you Paul. In my eyes Paul is coming out a big winner although he had to put up with a lot of crap. I hope it will all be worth it. He is the only winner here. Clear lake shores in general loses big time and NS, well NS are a bunch of friendless losers and always will be. If they didn't have each other they wouldnt have any friends at all. I don't think you could find a dozen pepole who gives a crap about any of them so they didn't win. I think we should all go and ask Paul to stay on. We will not find anyone even close to his qualifications. He may not heed our request but we need to try.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I fear Karen is probably going to follow him out the door when he goes.

Those we elected just didn't understand what the masses wanted.

Now that the cancer has been removed is when Paul, Karen and staff should be able to enjoy the fruits of their years of labor.

What a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could repeat the night we, in mass, praised Paul. Only this time he won't need an attorney at his side due to " " Perkins and Junkyard not being at the table. (Okay Aleene will still be there, but without her allies she goes with the other CC members at the table.)That was the night that ended with the loudest standing ovation for Paul. Council will have to buck up the salary (being offered to someone new) since he is worth so much more than any candidate.

Maybe then Paul would reconsider. He needs to feel the respect we have for him. We admire him. His dedication cannot be found in anyone else.

He knows the people repairing the roads. He knows the judges. He has contacts we need. He is our man.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I never anticipated when I voted for Carlo, Amanda, Richard or Al was that they would gamble on the future of CLS. They are willing to gamble on a new administrator versus keeping Paul.

All of you have let me down in your decision to gamble on someone new. Now that you have reviewed resumes, and hopefully started to interview, can you see any candidate taking over the reins?

Tom J said...

Just remember what Paul said when asked about staying. He said "NO". We can't make him stay, if he doesn't want to stay. Unfortunate, but that's it. Now we just need to get on with finding a qualified replacement.

Ronnie Richards said...

Everyone needs to come to City Council meeting Tuesday night at 7pm to participate in the public hearing on the pedestrian/bike bridge in support of our grant application. I think you will be surprised how great the project looks.

Anonymous said...

I hear Karen gave her two week notice today. We are fucked.

Anonymous said...

More to come, you watch!

Anonymous said...

I heard she did to...some big mouth council man was the straw that broke the camels back. No City Sec and a City Admin on the way out, we sure did a great job retaining people, and who the hell that is worth a crap will want to come work here now? We are screwed. Looks to be another fine example of our city government and the uncanny way they have of shitting up the punch bowl.