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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put a d in Wednesday? Hmph.

Alot of chatter about the standing O Karen got last night. My two cents is both of the ladies mentioned are recovering from substantial surgery that would warrant a pass. My 2 cents.

Clear Lake Shores Civic Club Christmas Party!

This Friday, December 7th...........starts at 7!

Wear a Tacky Christmas Sweater for a chance to win door prizes.

Fancy Finger foods, Bar Set Up's & Music will be provided.


Fell free to bring your favorite Holiday Dessert to share.

Please bring an Ornament of your choice new or old to help decorate our Island tree.

Hope to see you Friday for some Holiday Cheer - Island Style!!!!!

Hot off the wire, The sweet old pooch has been returned to it's owner. Thanks Roselyn! Here's a question for everyone. Is there one reason for dog and cat owners NOT to have a collar with Id tag on their furry family member? Come on people!

"Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard's name."


Adelia said...

Dave and I got collars online that have their name and phone number embroidered on the collar. I know Jack has lost his tag twice - they just come off sometimes. This one allows you to see their name and number without having to reach under the mouth of a strange dog as well. Glad the puppy got home - good job Ros!

Anonymous said...

Web site addresss please

Anonymous said...

they didn't clap either...........did they both have hand surgery..........

Adelia said...

I got ours from
Really happy with the quality.
If you look for Embroidered Dog Collar you will get a bunch of options. These are on sale for 8.99 LL Bean has one for 17.99 and there are lots of others

Anonymous said...

Naming the pavillion and park after Chief Paul Shelley is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

The Wright's are long time members of the NS gang. Look at what they have helped to destroy in CLS. This is why Pege, joined K M and refused to stand or clap, for Karen or Paul at City Council.

Anonymous said...

At one of the park meetings, Pege said , Vern is next. She will do anything to stop him.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Jackie is laughing his ass off that he accomplished his mission, and that when he goes to court in January there won't be anybody left at city hall who would give two centavos about the condition of his property.

Anonymous said...

Clubs and meetings are where the propaganda, slander, lies, and take- down city hall and citizens plotting begins. NS puts " people who want to be somebody ", out front and let's them take the fall. Stupid is, as stupid does. You can't fix stupid. Shame on all of you NS cronies who have taken the bait. You have done their dirty work. Hope you are real happy.

Anonymous said...

Pege has always come across as a mean, pushy, bitchy woman to me so she fits in with the likes of Kathy and jean the matriarchs of NS. I expect and assume all our council reps will be at Jackie's trial if they aren't they better have a good excuse why they aren't there. Speaking of council members I hear Arlene was back to her old tricks at the last council meeting. I wish i had gone. What happened to her siding with our new council? She is so fake and spineless. It hilarious watching her trying to kiss up to everybody and then hearing them talk about her when she walks away. I've seen it happen many times at the pavilion. I wonder if she even has a clue?

Anonymous said...

I agree...they should put the dog park in her yard since there is plenty of crap at their house already