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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Peyton Danielle Fenwick was born at 2:59 pm today. 8.6 lbs 21 inches. Mom, dad, and baby are doing great! Congrats!!

277 is the number of meals served at the Thanksgiving Dinner last Saturday. The Civic Club made a little over $1300 dollars. Hats off to Pamela Zuteck for running the inside operation and to Bryan Hoerner for running the outside stuff. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with everything from decorations to clean up. 

Movie Night is Saturday and the movie will be Momma Mia! I'll tell you where it's gonna be when I find out.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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BlondeStar said...

There are too many people to thank, but I'm hoping they know who they are. A good time was had by all who worked in the kitchens, the dining room, the ticket table, dessert table and clean up. I have to say the day was as beautiful as the dining room looked. Hope everyone has recovered.

After we get the holidays behind us, I'd like to get a group together to look over the "book". There has been a move to have a cranberry sauce cook-off, with the winner to be on next year's menu.
Many thanks to all,

Adelia said...

I just got a glimpse of Peyton Fenwick on a cell phone photo. Some babies are just prettier than most and she is one of them. Welcome Peyton and congratulations Jay and Amanda. You are lucky to have such a beautiful and healthy child and she is lucky to have wonderful parents like you.

Adelia said...

Also I am with Blonde Star - great job on Thanksgiving dinner this year. Good food, great decorations, and a wonderful time. I drove by a couple of hours afterwards and it was as if nothing had happened. Amazing clean up. Thanks to all who gave their time and effort to make it happen