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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now What?!

Well that was an informative meeting. Two more officers were recognized for performance above and beyond and a bicycle / pedestrian bridge may be in the works. Here's the kicker. DO YOU WANT a pedestrian bridge across the bayou? I do. I think a lot of others would like one too. We have to prove it. It is now time to put up or shut up and sit the hell down. I am going to write a letter of recommendation to the President of our EDC tonight and email it to him with my name and address telling him why I think the bridge is a good idea. I will ask my son to do the same. I strongly suggest you do the same. Like I said. its time to put up or shut up.

When I came home Friday I noticed a few punkins on the ground at the Phillips house. Wyatt and I went over Saturday morning to rehang said punkins. Imagine my unpleasant surprise to find all the punkins gone. I felt really bad that I was out of town and all who expressed an interest in hanging punkins also failed to show when the day arrived to hang 'em. I sent Ms. Phillips an email and asked if there was a resaon she didn't let me know when it was time to take them down. I am severly bummed and I really, really hope she will give us a second chance.

50th News
The place to be Saturday is Jarboe Bayou Park and it looks like the weather is on our side.
We will start serving lunch at 11:00 and will serve all day long until we run out. The odds are against that happening but hey. If you can prove you are a citizen it’s free, if not it’s not. But it’s only $10.
The parade lineup will begin about then too.
The Golf Cart Parade begins at Noon and ends as close to 1 as we can get back at the Park for more food and music and fun. Remember this one is for the Texas record so invite your friends or anyone else who wants to be a part of this special event.-
NEWS FLASH- We are relegated to the Island. Not enough time to get the TXDOT required permits to run on 2094. We will have a trailer for the kids. If you are interested contact Ashly Miller or Mrs. Moses at Stewart.
Jumpy House for the kids and all sorts of other stuff.
All sorts of special fun goodies from the City will be for sale and they are cheap.
The first band, The Clear Falls Jazz Band, starts at 11 and the last band, The StringBenders, a Zydeco band, ends at 5.

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
John F. Kennedy


Adelia said...

I feel bad about the pumpkin thing too. My sister even mentioned how much she loved it when she came to see me. I plan to take her a thank you and appology note. I vote for sending her thank you flowers but up to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Anniversary Shirts are here at City
Hall. Feel free to pick them up.
Paul S

Ronnie Richards said...

If you support the city in seeking a grant for the pedestrian & bike bridge across Jarboe please let me hear from you. Email me or drop off letters at City Hall.
Ronnie Richards

Craig said...
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