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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

THe good news is

All this election hoo-ha will be over in 6 days. Then the real fun will start.

Keep the folks on the East coast in your prayers. It was only 4 years and that was us.

A busy November starts tomorrow. I hope you are making plans on joining in on the golf cart parade if for no other reason than to take part in what we hope will be the longest golf cart parade in Texas. Please help spread the word. The parade is not limited to citizens, anyone who wants in is welcome. That goes for the celebration in the park too. The only difference is we are asking for a small donation of $10 if you are not a citizen.

Here’s a list of what they have available up at the office. Don’t wait till the last minute….

$10 - Tumbler combo 24 oz. (includes calendar, pen, emery board, & memo clip)

$4 - Sport Bottle - 27 oz.  (blue only with gold anniv. logo)
$4 – Coffee Mug
$4 – Grocery Tote (blue bag is regular City logo)
$1 – Koozie (lime is regular City logo)
$2 – License Plate Holder (white with blue text)
$1 – Stadium Cup (teal with regular City logo in white)

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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DaveC. said...

Had a great Civic Club meeting! More need to show up!

Dave C.

Adelia said...

Talked to my neighbor this morning who was upset because someone told her the blog had printed the names of culprits in the bottle incident and had made it look like they were bad kids. I cleared it up for her and also made it clear that NO ONE thinks these are bad kids only kids and prone to doing what kids do. Not one of us has the perfect child. It is more to let the children know we are all watching so don't think cause you are on my street no one can see you. Its amazing how a story can change in the retelling. I gave her the blog site so she can see for herself and also stay up on island events.