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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to

The Texas Rangers. Not the baseball team. THE Texas Rangers.

12 Days to go to order your 50th Anniversary shirt.

Congrats to our new Official Chief of Police K. Cook. And to the two Officers who were recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty responding to a recent house fire. Officers A. Torres and McCarrol saved a guys house from burning down and he was there personally to thank them again. Another thing that popped up was a scheduled Police fund raiser. It sounded great in that they had vendors and all sorts of other lined up. They were going to BBQ some beef and sell plates to raise money for the new bike patrol. The issue arose when The Chief said it was scheduled for the 17th of November, the same date as the annual Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Civic Club. After much deliberation by everyone in the room, Council was in Executive Session, it was decided to reschedule the police fund raiser. While we were all going over the details Jay, Dave, Rob and Myself offered to donate one brisket each to offset their cost and bump up the profit a tad. If you would like to donate towards the Police Fund raiser please let one of the officers know or someone in the Office or me.

Some months back I mentioned I had contacted the Lady who hangs punkins at the house on Schmidt at 2094. There was a lot excitement when I mentioned she could be talked in to keeping up the tradition, for our benefit I might add, if she could get a little help. A lot of you asked to be included and offered to help. I was embarrassed for our community when after a few emails I got this from Shirley “Sorry to say that no Clear Lake Shores people came to help on Saturday.  I was hoping that some children would be there because I made my famous finger cookies (see attachment) and a chocolate treat for them. 
This lady even made Halloween cookies…..
She’ll let me know when it’s time for them to come down. I’ll be there.

Reporter Interviewing a Texas Ranger
“Ranger, You obviously feel the need to carry a gun, but why do you carry a .45?”
Ranger “ Because they don’t make a .46”


Anonymous said...

No one shows up for game night, one person shows up for the pumpkin hanging, that is embarrassing to say the least ... a lot of talk and no walk

Anonymous said...

Hey anon I assume you were the one person that showed up at the pumpkin house if not you are part of the problem so you shouldn't be Criticizing. I'm not embarrassed for our community because I don't know everyone's situation and why they couldn't show up however it is disappointing At least we tried I don't know of any other community that would even put through that effort. Just curious anon why weren't you there

Anonymous said...

I was reiterating Allan's sentiments if you have a problem with it talk to him...but I'm guessing you won't.

Anonymous said...

I was in San Antonio but can't understand why no one showed up I would have been ther for sure if I had been in town. Maybe I can hel take them down. We need to make it a yearly tradition

Bryan said...

We were out of town too, but will be happy to help take them assuming calendars align....

Thanks for making the contact and organizing it, Allan, even though the details did not work out as hoped. The end result looks great.