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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To...

Robbob Scherer.

That was a nice little change in the weather. I could have stood to have it hang around another day or two though. So let me get this right. Larry gets to go for a custom helicopter ride for $3.13? Hell to the no! I’m in for $50. Anyone else got any ideas for the 50th? Let’s hear it. So far it’s a parade, a BBQ, music and T-Shirts. Take note the T shirts are a one time gig. They will have the 50th logo designed by local Artist Al Burns and will be pre ordered. Emails will go our shortly.

Well our first ever BBQ Cook off will go in to the books as a win-win. I think I speak for all the other cooks when I say we had a blast. And after all was tallied we made real close to $500. Not bad at all for a long day in the park. Thanks to all who came out and made it worthwhile. We learned a lot from Ms. Long from the Galveston Health Department. Thank you Ms. Long. I took notes and if we ever do this again, strike that, next time, we’ll do better. All in all it was mostly controlling our temps a little better. How does the second Saturday in October sound for making this an annual event? Come to the next Civic Club meeting and let’s talk about it. May we have a drum roll please!
                          1st                       2nd
Sausage     Mark &Rob          Island Cookers (Me)
Chicken      Team Dowell        Melissa Jenkins
Ribs           Team Dowell        IC
Brisket       Todd Ford           Team Dowell
Beans        Melissa                IC
Desert        IC                      ShannaMac
Chefs Choice was a tie between Coonie and Mark and Rob but M&R won the toss. See Sundays post for the tear jerk.

Everyone who knows about the Park Committee selling engraved bricks raise your hand. I need someone from Parks to fill us in here. It’s a fund raiser is about all I know.

And speaking of wanting to know more, Mark Thompson, one half of the Cooking Team mentioned above makes custom cutting boards. He keeps telling me he’s going to tell me more than he has a C & C machine but I haven’t seen anything yet. I think Island Cookers needs a custom board.

Game Night is on! It’s slated for Saturday at the Club House. Ms Pege tell me more right here.

If you get a chance to come by and help hang punkins please do. I think the street names is Schmidt and it’s the only house there, across 2094 from Watergate. Please. I’ve already let Shirley know I can’t make it because I’ll be out of town but I know a lot of you wanted to help so be there around 3 please.

Word on the street is John and Barb have a sale pending on their place. I wonder if they are staying on the Island.

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.” Groucho Marx


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news to hear J & BBbabarah may be moving. "___" is the next possibility. Wonder if she is waiting for her mom's house to sell prior to listing hers? There is no way in hell she can get 75% of what she is asking. Nope we ain't goin pitch in to buy it either even if it means "___" is gone, too. Let's face it, it is like she is gone now since she rarely makes an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Allan you better sue her ass off before she moves to another country... just sayin.

Adelia said...

If Ms. Pege is doing game night it ought to be a blast. That woman can make almost anything fun and along with alan and glen make some of the hardest working best organizers I know. Can't wait to hear more. Also I think Spice Lady needs a custom board too!!

Adelia said...

BIG BIG Birthday shout out to Rob Scherer. What a great contractor who brought my horrible nightmare from IKE back to my dream house!! The best contractor EVER. I still hire him to improve here and there - can't wait to see my new book cases when I get home. Here to many more!!

Anonymous said...

No one showed up for game night talking about something and actually getting involved are two different things. Hope you enjoyed the LSU game.