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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sandbar?!

I think we are in need of a history lesson. For this we need input from all you movers and shakers out there so the rest of us will be better informed. The way I understand it is that P&Z rezoned the Sandbar property. That makes the first question, Why? As an existing business it was of course grandfathered so it was a non issue. Until Ike. To be rebuilt it had to be restaurant that served booze instead of a bar that served food. To make that leap I hear the TABC monitors the books to make sure food is the top money maker. So what happens if you open a restaurant that serves booze and no body eats? What was the impetus at P&Z to rezone in the first place? Who was on P&Z? Who was on Council at the time? Come on speak up and end the speculation. Can it be zoned back to what it was? It was a bar in '84 when I first started hanging around and I don't remember it ever being vacant. Seems it was a good fit all the way around. This also sounds like something right up the EDC's alley. What can they do to help? I think 4 years is long enough to look at all these vacant lots and I think the City can use the income. Enquiring minds......I'm going to watch the game.

Keep your cameras handy tomorrow. Endeavour will be making a few passes around the area strapped to the back of a 747. I promise you, it will take your breath away.

"I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks."


Mike Bass said...

In 1999, P & Z rezoned the commerical area north of the Bridge as a Neighborhood Commerical District. I am not sure who was on Council or P & Z when this was done but Karen could tell you and find the minutes documenting when it was done.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Commerical District, as stated in the Zoning Ordinance was "to permit service establishments and retail stores for the benefit of adjacent and nearby residential development. All trade is to be conducted indoors and in such a manner as to be capable of placement adjacent to residential districts without changing the character of the latter. The neighborhood commercial district is designed to enhance the special characteristics of the city, the small town character, its waterfront and to create a unique place."

Mike Bass said...

One other thing, when the Neighborhood Commerical District was formed the ordinances specified the type of businesses to be allowed. Included were restraurants but not bars. The Texas statues determine how each is defined but I do not remember the strict definition. I am sure Jack Friday or the City Attorney can tell you.

The Sandbar owners can either apply for a variance or request approval under what is called a Planned Unit Development approval(this establishes unique zoning and building regulations for a specific property). But they will still need to raise the property from what it was in order to meet the FEMA flood plane restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Enough posting. It's time to get all of our behinds down to the next CC meeting ang let council tell us what is going through their minds and what they are planning and who they are considering. They may be right on track. Maybe not. We won't know unless we get apathetic and stop going to meetings. We need to pack the room and let them know what we want so they can consider our desires.


Roselyn said...

Well, we have the right people on P&Z now with Craig and Rob Scherer stepping up.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget David Petkus is another bright guy on the P & Z now.

I thought the TABC had much to do with the Sandbar having to serve food.

I don't know who thinks the new Sandbar will never be the same. I think it will be back better than ever at the same location.

I will not stop going to City Council meetings because I now realized how easily everything I love about CLS could be taken away. It is sad that the room is not packed each meeting.

Go Texans!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from seeing the film 2016. I had hesitated going to this movie because I thought it was going to be a bunch of Hollywood hype to smear Obama. It is not. There is no hype shock glitz or outlandish claims in the entire film. Quite frankly it is fairly boring however very educational and factual. To me it came off as a well researched documentary of the Obama family going back to his great-grandfather detailing their families history, beliefs and dreams. I encourage anyone no matter how far right or how far left they are to go see this film. It is very eye-opening. If anyone reading this goes to see the film and was either a past supporter of Obama or is still a supporter of Obama and actually goes to the film with an open mind, takes in what the film has to offer without the pre-determined notion that it is nothing but a mudslinging campaign against Obama and still comes out of the theater an Obama supporter, I would love to speak with you and have an educated conversation so I can understand what I am missing. I may not be the brightest bulb in the package. You may have to use small words and talk slowly to convince me Obama is our man for 2012 because what I took away from this film only further solidifies the opinion I have had about Obama for the past four years. From what I can see from my little 80 x 100 slice of paradise over here on narcissus, this country is in deep shit and if this man is left in charge for the next four years only God can save us. If any of you Obama supporters have the nerve to go to this film and digest the information with an open mind and still come out an obama supporter I would love for you to get a hold of me and let me know what I am missing. No anons please. I don't know what or who can turn this country around but from my view it is clearly not Obama. Everyone on both sides of the coin needs to see this film. It is worth your time and money. Heck, at the mall on the mainland the theater only charges three bucks in prime time. Jean, I remember four years ago you had Obama signs bumper stickers and probably even pins and buttons. if you go to this film and still come out a supporter, then come and talk to me about it. I'll pay for your ticket.


Anonymous said...


Why on Earth are you offering Jean $3 for a ticket? Mitt already has Texas in the bag. Try finding someone "on the fence" in FL or one of the swing states.

Anonymous said...


I guess I'm not really trying to sway anyone's vote or get anybody to jump the fence I was just amazed when I came out of that movie last night. The reason I called Jean out is she is extremely hard-core democrat very pro-Obama or at least was and allegedly according to some very intelligent. I think it would be very interesting to talk to someone like Jean who has been to the movie, watched it, absorbed the information the movie has to offer and still comes out a supporter of this man. I don't see how it is possible if you truly believe in the American way of life. It would just be interesting to hear someone with this mindset explain intelligently and factually why they are coming from where they are coming. It would be well worth three bucks.

Adelia, I don't know who these people are or what they did to you or said about you but I am bordered by three hateful mean spirited couples on three sides over here On narcissus and have been forced to put up with their ridiculous behavior for years so I have some idea how you must be feeling right now. You know you're surrounded by many many friends here on this island so don't let this get you down you are good people and I'm sure I am not alone when I say that. I'm not sitting in judgment of these folks because I have no clue what happened or what was said but I know you, and I can't understand why anyone would attack you like that. I have a neighbor to my north who last year stood in the middle of the street with his hands in the air and screamed Craig Ward is the most hated man in shores then ran inside. Some of my more sane neighbors which witnessed the incident just laughed and couldn't believe what they had just witnessed. He may or may not have been right but it just goes to show how ridiculous and foolish people can behave sometimes. Hang in there you are a good person who does good things.


Adelia said...

Thanks for the input from Mike Bass. It amazes me that after all this time he still takes his personal time to help us out when we are confused. We appreciate the information so we can work on making informed decisions

Anonymous said...

Mike & Georgie were assets to this community that did so many things for our City that we never gave them enough credit or thanks for. Our loss is the Woodlands' gain.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Craig, too bad ur observing neighbors did not catch the insane episode on video to post it on YouTube. Unreal. No, real considering the source.

I noticed the rock episode was finally resolved by your additional fence. Did you have to have the police involved to reclaim your land? So glad you do not have to trim around THEIR rocks anymore. Come on and give us the details on how you managed it.