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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 More

Days til the first day of fall!

The big day is finally here. Remember, it’s lunch at Gilhooleys as long as we’re there. 2PM.

The Children’s Halloween Party is ON! We have two neighbors volunteering to put the thing together and if you want to join in the fun see Jane on Pine. We’ll have a date set early next week.

Mark October 6th for the Children’s Fishing Derby AND the BBQ Cook-Off.

I stopped by Target a while ago to get with them about this years’ National Night Out. It’s October 2nd and as soon as I know more I’ll post it here. NNO is one of the shortest and most fun filled events we do all year.

”Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong” - Unknown


Scott said...

Good luck with your court case. I bet Bahbra's fake accent will be as thick as ever today.

My 2 cents on the City Administrator thing - City Council should consider combining the City Administartor position and the Chief of Police position back into 1, and then UPPING that salary $20,000. That would possibly entice Shelly to apply. Carlo - has anyone thought of that?

Anonymous said...

Brillant idea, Scott, but something tells me a handful of mean-spirited people spoiled the chances of a do-over. By that, I mean making things everything right that occured after the June CC in 2011.

Shouldn't Denise's 90 days be up by now? What is the status of her evaluation? Has she written any legal tickets or done job related tasks like that? We know she knows how to write illegal tickets and haul people to jail with NO grounds.

Anonymous said...

I had wondered the same thing as you, Scott.

Paul working with his replacement for a week or two is not what it is going to take to fill Paul's shoes. Minimal training is not going to cut it. How do you instill love of a community or dedication to the residents? Our new mantra should be, "you don't know what you have until it is gone." Paul has been the thread that held CLS together.

Anonymous said...

If I was Paul I wouldn't stay here for $100,000 raise. Have we thought of combining the mayors job with city administrator and finally paying the mayor $1. Don't know about you guys but I sure wouldn't want the )(%*&%% of running for mayor here for $1 a year! Tried to add my name but it wouldn't let me post without my phone.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE show the fake in her mind Scarlett O how a Texas boy fights back - good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Think back on what all of us were doing four years ago? We were evacuating due to Ike. Paul did not evacuate. Will the new CA be that dedicated or is it a requirement of the Crisis Response Director (which I think falls under the job duties of the CA). None of us know what all Paul did for us that was not required. Someone else may be sitting behind his desk come January, but I am confident there is only one Paul Shelley.

On another matter, good luck, Allan. Wishing for the best possible outcome for you today. Nothing could make up for what you had to go through.

Anonymous said...

There is onlyone Paul Shelley, but we threw him away and kicked him in the teeth on the way out the door. I cant believe he's stayed this long. A lesser person, the person NS made him out to be, would have been long gone.

This has cut our city deep and its goona take a long time to heal this wound.

Anonymous said...

People become mayor and council for the ego, not for the money.

Anonymous said...

I understand Paul is talking about writing a Book about his twenty years in Clear Lake Shores , could you imagine that. I hope he changes the names.Could be a best seller.

Adelia said...

Anyone who knows our city council people would understand that they did not take the position to build their ego. It is a hard job requiring lots of devotion. Have you listened to some of the things people have said to tear these positions down - have you seen the attacks on our mayor, council, people that work in the office. NOT ego building.

DaveC. said...

Just left the barbera and allan batchelor court in san leon. Judge suggested that Allan might want to consider SLANDER and thats a bigger offence!

dave c

Anonymous said...

Dave what was the outcome