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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HHHHHappy BBBBBirthday to

MMMMMel Tttillis! One of my all time favorites.

From neighbor Randy, he was out on his standup paddle board the other day, out in the bay, and spotted a sea turtle! How awesome is that? I’ve seen dolphins in the bay and heard of them in the lake, We’ve all see alligators and even a shark in Legend Point. Hell, we even had a manatee a few years ago but this is the first turtle sighting I’ve ever heard about. How about you?

BallunarFest is set for the last weekend in September. MJ and I used to volunteer for all sorts of things but the most fun was flight crew. Hard, hot work but well worth it. If you’ve never been you need to write it down on your calendar. It is spectacular.

A shout out to Toad Suck, Arkansas. It was voted the Most Unfortunate Town Name in the U.S. No arguments here. It’s a little wide spot in the road near my Family Reunion in Central Arkansas.

Central Market is kicking off their Hatch Pepper Celebration starting today. It runs through the 21st.

This goes on the “One more reason I don’t live in Oregon” list. This is not the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately. But it sure makes me wonder what all the good people in Oregon are doing. It seems they have a twice convicted murderer who has expressed his desire to be removed from the gene pool. Clearly this bad guy realizes decent society is not his thing, will be better off without him and has mustered his last shred of humanity and decided to man up and do the right thing. But from what I understand their Governor knows best and is trying to offer him a reprieve. Wait, It gets weirder. All the while the same Governor refuses to discuss clemency for a farmer who is collecting rain water on his own property. In Oregon it seems all water belongs to the state. This crap makes my head hurt.

A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a pool.

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Adelia said...

Reporting from the Appalachia's tonight 72 degrees and a beautiful sunset. They have finished my back porch and the siding has gone on the bottom of the house with new insulation - hope to be warm this winter. The county fair is going on next door at the fair grounds and is lots of fun to watch. Tractor pull tonight oh yea. Friday night is demolition derby. Thats the one I might have to attend. Miss the island but not the heat sure wish I got to see the turtle though!!