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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elvis has left the building

Where were you 35 years ago when you heard The King ate his last peanut butter and banana sandwich? I was somewhere near the 40th floor of what would one day be the Republic Bank Building downtown Houston. I think it’s a Bank of America bldg these days but I could be wrong. He was only 42.

A big Shout Out to our very own Karen Mericle who is celebrating her 8 year anniversary with the City today. Did I say celebrating? Oh hell, you know what I mean! Most of us are glad you’re here Karen!

Does anyone know if Richard got his dog back?

There are 10 days left, for the Whiskerville cats to be adopted out or they face death by injection. The area shelters have housed them for 8 months and they are running out of time. There are about 30 cats left, all indoor animals, and are in wonderful condition. We had the pleasure of bringing " Samantha" home with us on Saturday and she is an affectionate and loving , beautiful black cat with green eyes. We want to encourage everyone who can, to make room for these beautiful cats and adopt one. The charge is only $10.00 and they have all shots, are neutered or spayed. Some are micro chipped. Please help to save them from certain death and visit the Texas City shelter on Loop 197, for a look at these beautiful feline friends. They need our help. Thanks, Lynda and Patrick Michaelski

Back to School Tax Free Weekend starts tomorrow. Get out there and stimulate our economy.

The Mayor said there is absolutely no truth to the latest rumor that he is shutting down our police department. Apparently the County is patrolling at requests from some of our friends and neighbors. Someone believes our police department isn’t good enough? Are we really lining up to be the next Bacliff as a haven for ne’er do wells? Seriously? Between you and me I’m surprised the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have our entire phone exchange on their blocked callers list.

Get your geek on here!

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suzanne hubbard said...

Thank you, Karen, for the past 8 yrs. and especially the last year of hell. I hope you will stay on for many more years to come.

I wish Paul Shelley would consider staying on here. He has done more for CLS over the last 25 yrs than a n y o n e. No one could fill his shoes. Please Council, consider presenting a salary / benefit pkg. that would be agreeable to him. We owe him. And we need to make up for the unfounded disgrace he had to face.