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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday

Wyatt! It sure doesn't seem like twelve years...Up until yesterday he had never caught a fish. Honest. With a couple of other neighbors we arranged an offshore trip on the Capt John out of Galveston. The Capt assured us it was going to get bumpy once we got out in the open and, well, that's why he makes the big bucks. All in all it was a beautiful day in the Gulf of Mexico. We were somewhere east of the Freeport offshore anchorage by my best guess. I was informed we would be fishing a few "structures" whatever that means and a wreck or two. I know what that means. Wyatt caught the first fish that was a keeper in our group and it was all done with squid. Pat caught the biggest by far in our group but the biggest Snapper of the day would be able to eat his. Biggest Snapper I ever saw.
I heard she was the owners daughter, Jillian, who is definitely the cutest deckhand I've ever seen and she was worth the trip. The first King Mackerel that was brought in happened to be on our side and in her charge. After plunking in on the deck she not too daintily crushed its jaws with her right heel. OK. I asked why and she explained that she has too carry it to the cooler aft and they have a lot of nasty teeth. And it was fun. When asked how she handled sharks (there were 6) she explained how she rendered them silent with her pink bat. Or her "shark sedative". She told us of a suggestion by another female customer who while witnessing the sedation of one unlucky fish suggested that while applying the bat, to occasionally shout out some random male name, just to watch facial expressions of the rest of the fishing party. Jill, you made my day. Capt John and crew, thanks for the trip and the great memories.

Friend and neighbor Pege is back home from a hospital stay and even made it to the meeting. Welcome home hon and get better soon. That brought up a conversation that everyone needs to be in on. Your Civic Club has an agreement with a local florist, Jennifers Flowers, and we would love to hear of someone that would enjoy a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers delivered to them. Just let one of the board members or even Jennifer know the details. I mean, who doesn't love flowers?

If you weren't able to make the Civic Club meeting you missed the discussion on Movie Night. Short version is we can spend $150 per movie or $585 with a lot of restrictions or make it a private affair and show the movie on the side of someones house. The verdict is not in. A special thank you to, well you know who.

And the BBQ Cook-off is officially official. It was voted a budget of $500 to get it up and running. For a registration packet and the rules send me an email and I will send you what you need. July 31st is the cut-off date so don't wait until the last minute!

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Roselyn said...

What a great looking son you have!

The Tuesday agenda is now online and there are several interesting things coming up. I understand that the results of the expensive, more thorough audit are here and we will be pleased with the results.

I understand that the budget got pass├ęd. It's on the agenda and that several things had to be cut because of the expensive audit and investigate that the three stooges led last year.

Also in the agenda is Catherine McIntyre letter requesting she be appointed to planning and zoning., Catherine is the one that recommended to Jim Mago to cut five feet off the side of his house when she was mayor. How's that for helping solve a problem her building inspector had approved?

I am hoping that our council will vote against and ask someone more forward thinking to be on that committee that will be working with Ronnie Richards and economic development foundation going forward with Town Center..........Anyway, I can see Arline nominating her and will be very disappointed if Richard Sowrey seconds the appointment.

Catherine, it's time for old realtors like me and old politicos like you, to step aside and let some of the younger ones take the lead. There really ARE some other smart people on the island besides you and me.

Adelia said...
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Craig said...

If you think haveing NS KATHY on P and Z is a bad idea let it be known on this blog and let your representatives on council know how you feel. In my opinion Kathy has had numerous chances to prove herself and has. She has proved to me she is a failure. Please Council, don't let this happen! She will only stir up more trouble.