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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To..

Happy Birthday! The song was penned by the Sisters Hill, Patty and Mildred in 1893. And to the anal retent out there who felt so compelled to tattle on Movie Night the song was copyrighted in 1935. Feel free to call 911 at the next birthday party you attend. Putz. Speaking of Movie Night, I’ll have some information on licensing that the Club needs to vote on at the next meeting. It’s your money so be there.

Ever heard of Noonday Onions? We were up in Jacksonville, Texas over the weekend and kept seeing the reference to noonday onions and watermelons. MJ got out her trusty phone and proceeded to Google the noonday’s. Turns out they are named for Noonday, Texas and are touted as one of the sweetest onions you can buy. They are compared to Georgia’s Vidalias and for the same reason. They are named for an area and as luck would have it the soils are remarkably similar. Being onion lovers we pulled in to one of the roadside veggie stands and got our bucket full. Melinda fried a couple up just to see how they acted. In a word, YUM. We will definitely be on the lookout for more of those. I wonder what the melons taste like?

Here’s a heads up for all you folks that have furry roommates.
From Paul Shelley

The Nevereverending Story update:
We are swapping certified mail. It appears Mr Lavalle does not respond well to voice mail.

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Adelia said...

Mosquitos are getting awful again. At least the heat let up a bit. I am working on my Golf Cart entry for the parade and remembering all of the clever entries from the Mardi Gras and last years July 4th parade. Can't wait to see this year.