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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To....

Me! Next year is gonna be a big one. God willing.

Except for the overly long executive session it was a very good City Council meeting. Polite, professional and to the point. Couldn’t ask for more. If you had to bail, no decision was made on naming Chief Cook to permanent Chief status. My guess is they have some kinks to work out. The second part was Council removed themselves from micro managing the Chiefs position over his staff. Basically back like it used to be and like all the other cities in the survey. They did allow that in special circumstances Council could act as mediator. Win, Win.

From Neighbor Melinda who found this out the hardest way with her cat.

Hello Island friends and pet lovers.
Did you know that day blooming lilies are terribly toxic to animals, especially cats? We didn’t and as a result we lost our sweet Miranda on June 16, 2012.
Two days before her passing, she vomited a little which was out of character for her, so I started keeping a close eye. She became a little subdued, which if any of you knew Miranda, was totally out of her character (right, Nancy!?). She had three additional small episodes through the night and the next morning, so my husband, Craig, fetched her to the vet straight away. Upon examination, doc checked Miranda for obstruction and didn’t feel like this was the issue and to our knowledge she hadn’t ingested anything foreign. She must have had an upset tummy, which occurs at times, so he prescribed tummy trouble meds and we came home. Doc called the next morning to check on her and there wasn’t improvement, so he asked us to fetch her back as soon as possible.
Upon a second examination, he thought perhaps there was an obstruction since her condition hadn’t improved and she was admitted. His staff did radiological tests and sure enough, there was an obstruction and she went straight into surgery. The procedure went well and the doc extracted what looked like raffia ribbon. Where the heck did she get raffia? Then I remembered. I had wrapped a gift and finished it off with a raffia bow. Crap. I must’ve dropped some on the floor and Miranda swiped it before I saw it.
Now for the crazy part.
Upon administering the drug to help wake her from sedation, she had a seizure and began hyper-reactive breathing, followed by three more seizures over the next couple of hours. Doc and his staff stayed with Miranda through the evening and we visited our girl twice and at approximately 10p she passed away. First thought was she had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia causing the over stimulation; rare for a cat so young and healthy. We all were totally surprised and heartbroken.
Doc was so befuddled and bothered, he did a post-mortem look and was totally surprised to find her kidneys had failed from what appeared to be acute toxic poisoning. What? He rang the next day to let me know of the underlying issue that no one knew about and was super concerned for my two other cats. He suggested I do a sweep of the house to see if I could identify potential threats. I didn’t find any chemical agents and with our cats being totally indoors, the mystery became more intriguing. Then there it was; a day blooming lily sitting in the guest bedroom window. I called doc back and asked him about the plant and he confirmed its extreme toxicity to cats. She had been poisoned by chewing/eating the leaves/stems. He educated me on the toxicity of lilies, especially day blooming lilies. The foreign matter he extracted from her intestines wasn’t raffia ribbon after all, but the thin leaves/stems of the plant.
Solving the mystery allows a little comfort, but doesn’t bring back our dear Miranda. She was the only one of our cats allowed in that bedroom, thank goodness, or we could’ve experienced three tragic passings. Craig and I learned a huge heartbreaking lesson. We know of some plants that are toxic, but never anticipated a day lily. We’ve educated ourselves with learning more about toxic house plants to protect our other two babies, Jackson and Daphne. We are fantastic pet owners: diligent, attentive, cautious, loving, but missed the boat on this one.
We all love our pet babies and I want to pass along our story and the following information, so you too can keep your pets healthy and safe.
We love you Miranda and miss you like crazy. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then…
Craig and Melinda Metz
There are actually over700 plants that can be poisonous or toxic to your pet? That size of a number seems almost incomprehensible.
Following is a list of the10 Most Common Poisonous Plants to Cats. Please visit EarthClinic Global Remedy Network for an expanded list and/or ASPCA at for a list of plants poisonous to cats, dogs and horses.
Marijuana - Animals who attempt to snack on this plant can suffer serious consequences such as diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate, drooling, in-coordination, and even possibly seizures and coma.
Sago Palm - While the seeds and nuts of this plant are most poisonous, the entire plant is toxic. Animals ingesting parts of this plant may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting,depression, seizures and liver failure.
Lilies - Plants of the lily variety are very poisonous to cats. Even very small amounts of this plant could cause serious kidney damage.
Tulips - The toxic portion of this plant is the actual bulb, which can cause drooling,central nervous system depression, gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac issues and convulsions.
Azalea- The toxins in azalea plants can be very severe and potentially cause drooling, diarrhea, vomiting, central nervous system weakening and depression, and in some cases possibly coma or death.

Oleander - All portions of this plant are poisonous and can cause gastrointestinal irritation, hypothermia, heart problems and possibly death.
Castor Bean - Poisoning as a result of this plant can cause abdominal pain, drooling, diarrhea, vomiting increased thirst, loss of appetite and weakness. More serious cases could also lead to dehydration, tremors, seizures, twitching muscles, coma and possibly death.
Cyclamen - The most poisonous portion of this plant is located in the root. Ingestion of the plant can cause severe vomiting and gastrointestinal irritation. In some cases death has been reported as a result.
Kalanchoe - Ingestion of this plant can cause gastrointestinal irritation and cardiac rhythm and rate problems.
Yew - Poisoning as a result of the yew plant can affect the nervous system and cause in-coordination, trembling and breathing difficulties. It may also result in gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac failure and could possibly lead to death.

Don’t forget …
A celebration of life will be held for "Rabbit" at Jackie's Brickhouse Saturday, June 23rd from 12-5pm. Everyone is welcome to come. We will have an appetizer buffet set up to enjoy and serving $2.00 Fish Tacos in his honor from 12-5pm (Those were his favorite!)
We miss you already, Rabbit! Rest in Peace my friend.


DaveC. said...

Happy Birthday Allen!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott said...

Great meeting last night. It is so refreshing to have some sane and mature adults in place as leaders of this great city again.

To those 60 of you who actually voted for Junkyard Jackie - you may in fact be mildly retarded. You may want to check that out.

Adelia said...

Happy Birthday AB! I have been thinking about my BBQ entries all morning. I definatly have my chefs choice in mind, the chicken, brisket rub being tested again today, and rib rub. This is going to be so much fun!! Thanks for all you do. Oh and for all of you who thinks AB is a sexist and abuser of women he has welcomed me as an equal competitor in the BBQ cookoff territory - how much more can you ask of any man?

Paul Garner said...

Happy birthday!

Bryan said...

Is it too late to add a SPAM category to the BBQ Cook-Off?

Roselyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Jay Fenwick said...

Happy Birthday

DaveC. said...

We just bought a new smoker, because the fire box rusted out of the old one and we upgraded to a much better smoker alot heavier steel. So, would somefolks like to help me off load this monster before I kill myself!!!!!!!
Dave C.

DaveC. said...

Thanks to Jay for helping me unload the new pit. Seasoning the pit as we speak and life is good!

Dave C.

SPorter said...

SPorter said:

Happy B-Day, Friend Allen. You are the Best (Old Best is the Best Best !!!) The Big One? ... Do you mean ... 25? In Dog-Years? LMAO !!!

Dave C.: Did you do an extensive research on types of Smokers? Mine is working, but went through the Great Flood (better known as Ike) so I am looking for advice on a new Smoker in the next Bit. How do you Season the Pit?

All the Best to CLS ... I am very optimistic that we have the worst behind us. Congrats in the EXTREME to the new City Council. You Rock !!! Keep the Island on Track.


Bev E said...

Happy Birthday Allen, many thanks for all you do!

Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

What no meatball category???

Adelia said...

Keep a fire going and spray and and rub veggie oil inside and out (Did I make you guys cringe when I used the word veggie when talking about a smoker). It is much like seasoning a cast iron skillet. I am told it will keep it from rusting. Our extensive research was driving to Academy and saying that one looks good and we can afford it. Dave helped me pick it out and knows a lot more about material they are made from etc. It does a great job - stop by today if you want and see it in action

SPorter said...

Adelia ... Thanx for the tip. No wonder mine is rusting like an old nail. I will know next time. BTW, my research to buy this smoker was exactly as thorough as yours !!!

Thanx ... SP