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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday

To Laredo! In 1755 the Sanchez family and a few others founded what would become the third largest city on the U.S. Mexican border. Did you know it used to be an inland port? Me either.
And to our very own Amanda ... Happy Birthday to you!!

Early Voting for the Primary Election starts today at the Club House and there is no Council Meeting tonight!

I got an email from another blogger out there in the ether. She was cruising around researching data on auto accidents and found this spot. Odds are she came across one of my rants on cell phone use while driving. In case you haven’t noticed it makes me crazy(er). You think I’m over reacting? Leave the Island at 7 AM and go west. In 5 plus minutes you will be up to your dipsticks in Creek High School traffic. Do your best not to get hurt but just look around. And I am not limiting the dumbassedness to the teenage drivers. Oh no. The number of people out there who think they are great drivers astounds me. Great and or careful drivers do not deviate from their primary objective of getting from point A to Point B without killing something. That usually involves keeping your eyes pointed to the paved surface and surrounding traffic and NOT on the little glowing thing in your lap. Remember, No Cops, No Hospitals. At any rate it’s a fun site with some interesting numbers. Check it out.

Parrot Head Update!
To any and all that want to ride the bus Saturday, June 2nd to the Jimmy Buffett concert in style, this message is for YOU!  The bus is scheduled to leave from Hooters parking lot at 20740 Hwy 45 South, League City , TX 77573 (I-45 at NASA Parkway ) at 12noon and will return to that location directly after the concert is over.  Please don’t be left behind!  they will start loading at 11:30am.  Once there, we will be parked in the reserved GBPHC tailgating area at the Woodlands and the bus will be available for use of its facilities and to get out of the sun when needed during the day. You are allowed to bring a cooler(s) loaded with your favorite libations and any food you will need to absorb such (per the bus contract, no milk based products or greasy foods such as ice cream, pizza or fried chicken), you might even want to share the booty with phriends that you know or even the new ones that you will meet. Coolers can be left on the bus during the concert and will be at your disposal to finish what you started on your chauffeured ride home!
  Look at it this way, would you rather be comfortably dressed as Carman Miranda on a bus with like minded phriends? or risk having your car pulled over and being searched by someone you just met who doesn’t have a sense of humor? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’d vote for the bus.
  Hooters has kindly given me 50 - $2 coupons so if you would like to eat or drink before you go, let me know.
  We still have spaces available on the bus, so check with your PHriends and tell them to contact me if they would like a safe ride to and from the concert.
  Don’t leave valuables in your car while it is parked there.
  Please send your Buffet Bus payment of $26.50 per person (made payable to GBPHC and put Buffett Bus on memo line-this price does not include tickets into the concert) to:
PO Box 1277
Kemah, TX 77565
 Thanks, & Phins Up,
 Karen Mignola

Anybody else out there read the SeaBreeze? It’s out of Sunny San Leon. Mr. Captain Steve had a really weird article in his Letters to the Editor. Check it out here.
I had flashbacks. And no there is no word yet on my court date. I promise I’ll send you an invite. We can go to Gillhooleys afterward.

And last but not least, RIP Mitchell Guist.
Of course men can multitask, they read on the toilet.

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Adelia said...

I began to clear through stuff for the garage sale in earnest today. I can't believe how much stuff I have that I don't need or use. Once again I promise myself that next time I will start earlier.