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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun Stuff

It has been my greatest of life’s pleasure’s to have been married to two different redheads in my short lifetime. I suppose by some measures that makes me a slow learner. Oh well. That said, I learned a long time ago,don’t piss ‘em off. I guess that makes me smarter than some. If you missed the City Council meeting tonight that’s too bad. I must say that was the most exciting meeting I’ve been to in quite a while. The whole Tindel street thing was a bit boring and Councilman Fuller started off in a grand fashion but he petered out pretty quick. I mean if there’s no substance there’s just no substance. I even pledged bodily fluid if the Armageddon he preached came to pass. Not my own bodily fluid mind you understand but it sounded good. The best part was when our City Secretary decided she and her staff had had enough of the local bullshit. I’ll post the YouTube links when I get them but the short version is some of your elected officials pissed off the hired help and one of them is a red head. If they would have asked me I would have advised against it but…
Arlene didn’t stand a chance and for the first time in two years I wished Councilman Perkins was there. That would have made a show. My money was on the City Secretary. Karen You ROCK!! I, along with you am tired of these people calling us names and making all these baseless accusations. I say to them, you wanna dance? I’ll lead! There’s more than one lawsuit under way, you ready for your turn in the barrel? We’ve got your back hon, and anything I can do is yours for the asking! To the rest of our office staff, It was stated so well tonight, we have your back and when I say we, remember the crowd and subtract the 3 or 4 assholes, the rest of us are with you. If anyone would like to read the City Secretary’s complaint just say so and with her permission I will post it here.

Voting stuff-> pay attention!
Voting for this proposition will continue to provide about $180,000 per year in sales tax revenue to the City to help maintain our streets.
It is not a property tax and does not increase or decrease the property tax that our home owners pay – which is currently zero.
Voting against this proposition will discontinue this important revenue stream to the city.
It must be re-enacted every three years to retain the revenue that we are now collecting.

More important voting Stuff! PAY ATTENTION DAMMIT!
 Please consider voting for the Kemah Volunteer Fire Department Fee increase. The wording on the ballot will indicate the ability to raise the rate to a total of $10 per month though we have no plans to set the fee over $7 for the foreseeable future. That will raise your water bill allotment for the Fire Department from $60 per year to $84 per year. The last fee increase was in 2003. Almost 10 years ago!
If you have any questions please check out the information posted on the website at or c all Station 1 at (281) 538-5727.
The Overview and Rationale sheet posted to the website contains a cost and response comparison to a fully paid service in the area. It shows our areas coverage coming at quite a bargain. In addition, any increase in our ability to provide services could provide additional savings on homeowners insurance.
We have already taken some significant measures to decrease our expenditures including Fire Chief Hahn volunteering to cut his salary in half. The Fire Chief is the only paid member in the department. His offer which was accepted this year has not been reflected in the online documentation. Our department is also experiencing excellent growth in membership. In the last year we have recruited several paramedics, a 12 year veteran firefighter from up north, an industrial fire chief as well as a local fire marshal.
Please consider voting for the Kemah Volunteer Fire Department Fee increase. We have a strong and cost effective response. Additionally all expenditures are fully vetted through the Emergency Services Board which is comprised of area residents.


Adelia said...

Like all other bullies Karen these tend to back down when you stand up to them. Good for you. They will probably try to shoot you from behind now as Alan and others can testify but we are all there for support. You go girl!!

Bev E said...

Having married a red head and given birth to 2 more, I can vouch you never cross them EVER!!!! I am sorry I missed the meeting, prior engagement, but I would like to see the complaint if you can post it.

Suzanne said...

The Club House rocked last night with excitement that hasn't been felt since the accolades for Paul Shelley. Thank you, Karen, for bringing your voice to the table. I was so darn proud of you for taking a stand.
Karen, you are exceptional at your job. Yet, you have been repeatedly harassed by certain Council people that don't come close to being adequate in their roles. In my opinion, they have had a negative impact on CLS.

The "girls" in the office deserved the support from the residents, too. Standing ovations are so much fun.

Al, you were also a hero last night. But trying to reason with Jackie is pointless. Thanks for your attempt. I wonder if Jackie realizes there are building codes for the county since he does not acknowledge Tindel being incorporated into CLS.
There are several other streets with unusual land plots on the West side of the island. Of course they will be rebuilt (to the previous footprint) if that is what the owner chooses to do. It takes insurance money and a lot of capital but it is possible.

On to our new and improved next Council. It feels so good.

Craig said...

KAREN, KAREN, KAREN. WOW! I do not know how you have held it in so long and how you have been professional and courteous to these alleged council folks and the tiny handful of citizens that have harrassed all of you for months on end. I know Arleen seemed to think there was still another meeting with "this" council as she called it but those of us who have a clue as to what is going on we know it was their last. Kathy, Bernie, Jean and Larry are no longer running the show and we can begin to move forward and ignore these trouble makers. I have watched them controll this community from under the table with their buddies for two decades because there was no way to expose their undercover movement. Thanks to the blog they have been exposed and everyone can see them for what they are and make a educated decision as to who should be running this community without the halftruths and lies. Karen pointed out last night that none of them have come to her in person and tried to discuss any percieved problems. I believe her 110 %. Jean, Larry along with Steve and Pam have harrassed our family since Ike by spreading lies, passing around rediculous petitions, calling the cops so many times for no reason that they have lost all credibility around the police station from what i hear and Have had their puppets on council threaten me from their council chair yet althought I have asked them to sit down and talk to me and tell me what the problem is they refuse. I still don't know to this day what I have done if anything. My point is Karen is right this group does everything from under the table and doesn't have the balls to man up and face the person they are harrassing. A previous post said that they will probably try to shoot her in the back now. I think they meant again as that is what they have been doing all along. Karen, I hope you and the "Girls" know we have your back. Just keep up the good work and we will watch out for you. I think that was made clear last night. By the way I hope "the Girls" is not offensive to any of you. It is a term of endearment . I noticed hardly anyone from NS showed up last night except Jean and Larry. Not even John "always absent" Nichols who claims he wants to represent us. This group is falling apart. Arlene was even trying to distance herself from Tami last night. Arelen you are fooling no one. You and Tami have it out for Karen and you tried real hard last night to make us think you do not. In my opinion you are a liar. Not a very good one but none the less a liar. You need to resign at the next meeting. Last night when ten or more of us were telling you we did not need your services anymore, you stared at us with a blank look on your face, moved your fingers up and down and kept saying Bye Bye, Bye Bye, Bye Bye. You looked and sounded like a nut case.

Craig said...
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Craig said...

Folks, I can assure you NS is not through stirring up trouble. Please don't let your guard down. They may not have their puppets in place to vote but they don't seem to have anything else to do with their lives but cause trouble. Amanda, I applaud yopu for visiting with Jean and Larry at their request but beware. Everyone of these folks smiles and glad hands you when it suits their agenda but I can can almost guarantee you their invitation is all part of their game. You can doubt me if you want but I have known them for 25 years and its just my opinion but I would bet a months pay I am right. I would love to know what went on during your visit. I think it was great of you to accomodate their invitation but be careful not to fall in a trap.

Well the good news is we are definately free of the power drunk Ms. Perkins and if we vote correctly we can begin the healing process and make some positive progress. Has anyone noticed Jackie only came up with two independant ideas in two years and they were in the last two meetings. What a waste of space and he wants us to re elect him!

Lastly, we can't afford to lose Paul as our City Manager or Karen as our City Secretary. They are priceless. Please let them know that everytime you see them.

Sure wish Tami was there last night


Craig said...

I have the video of the Karen vs. Arleen smackdown last night but I cant get you tube to accept my offering and it is too big to e-mail. Yes I'm an idiot and Ryan is still in Austin so if one of you doesn't show up to my house and help me upload, download or whatever you load with this video, here it will sit.


Craig said...

Oh I forgot to mention


Suzanne said...

Can you break the video into parts to post it to UTube? It has to be in place for historical reasons.

Thanks for being on top of taping it.

Craig said...

my problem is creating an account it keeps telling me my user name and password is incorrect. I disagree. I think it is correct but so far you tube is winning the argument. I tried yelling at my ipad but it didnt seem to help.