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Monday, May 21, 2012

One more Monday

Did you get a chance to see the eclipse last night? The view from Sundial was fabulous. Jeff Johnson a Lazy Bend neighbor sent me the photo on top. Thanks Jeff!

It’s not even hurricane season yet and number three is spinning up off Mexico’s west coast. I sure hope this isn’t an omen. On the bright side the folks in South Carolina are having a good surfing week.

Everybody see what John and Bettie are up to? Holy Mackerel!! I’d have to pass on that one Bettie.

Memorial Weekend coming right up. That’s right and if you’venever been you need to know to get to Lowell Brown Sundial Park early. That’sall I’m saying. See you there!

Looks like we made $270+ dollars selling off the excess andover $700 total. I heard some folks did very well. Good on ‘em. And you got themessage about the big red dumpsters right? No house hold trash, no electronicsand no hazardous waste. Now you know what to do with crazy auntie Barb’spaisley loveseat you couldn’t sell. Ya gotta love it when a plan comestogether. And yes all the buns went to good homes. Sorry Gene.

This from neighbor Sid.
TexasEquuSearch.. Needs your onlinevote
Wed. May 23… Do it. ONLY on this daycan you vote for TES.
Toyota is giving away 100 more cars over 100 days to deservingnonprofits.
If you want to do the good deedof voting, come back starting May 23 to help decide which nonprofits win a newcar.
2) CLICK on the TOP VOTE Then select TEXASEQUUSEARCH and press VOTE again
YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED INTOFACEBOOK>.. its just the way it is….
Starting May 23 supporters can do their owngood deed by voting for their favorite organizations and causes. PLEASE votefor Texas Equusearch…. All voters have to do is log in to their Facebookprofile and use the 100 Cars for Good to vote on one of that day’s fivenonprofit organizations, only on the 23rd of May..
SEND TO ALL YOUR friends, and askthem to invite all of their friends. Have them send to moref riends..Getit….
The organization that receives the most votesWINS!
The trucks TES nowhave over 144,000 and 191,000 miles, respectively. They are both in needof repair on almost a monthly basis. We desperatelyneed a dependable vehicle to transport our equipment to searches.Time is of the essence when we are called to assist on searches every week..
PLEASE VOTE only onMay 23rd. follow the on-screen instructions to vote for theFinalist Organization of your choice (Texas EquuSearch).

Voting will be for ONE day ONLY forTexasEquuSearch… PLEASE mark your calendar… THIS IS important..
MAY 23rd.. it isa Wednesday./
1) Login to your Facebook Page..ON May 23, early.
2) Search at the TOP.. 100 Cars for GOOD..
3) Select VOTE.. then Texas EquuSearch and VOTE… Great…
followthe on-screen instructions to vote for the Finalist Organization ofyour choice (Texas EquuSearch).
• Each individual Voter is limited to one (1) voteper person, per daily voting period regardless of how many email addresses orFacebook accounts are registered to such individual person.
• Employees and staff associated with the FinalistOrganization are permitted to participate as individual Voters in accordancewith the eligibility criteria and the Voting Rules.
• Any suspected or deliberate attempt tomanipulate, or otherwise fraudulently tamper with the voting process, mayresult in disqualification of the Voter and/or the Finalist Organization, atthe Program Entities’ sole discretion. Fraudulent tampering includes but is notlimited to:
o Registering for multiple Facebook accounts and/orusing multiple e-mail addresses to establish multiple Facebook accounts;
HERE is a Youtube video about our needs andthe contest


Roselyn said...

I love Tim and Georganne Miller of Texas Equusearch. They are two of the finest (and most fun) people I know. So glad you posted the truck contest for them. I have copied it to my Facebook page.

Adelia said...

Great Picture - Thanks!!