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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday the 10th

Fallout from the Crawfish boil

I have several egg related dishes. One is white and holds a lot of eggs and the other is yellow and shaped like a chicken. That's all I know. You are welcome to come to my house to claim them but they will all be taken to the next Civic Club meeting where they will reside until the second coming or you come and claim them. To the person who picked up the propane tank with the Aztec sticker on it, I have your tank, bring me the Aztec tank and we’ll swap. Still waiting for the final numbers so stay tuned but it’s looking like we did really good. We are working hard to get it right. Bryan your stuff is ready to be picked up at my place. Everything else goes to the Club House tomorrow afternoon.

A little story, indulge me, It was how many years ago Neeltja? Or should I say Al? It was at a Club meeting 7 or so years ago and Al was a new neighbor and I was President. We were discussing the Sunrise Service and Al volunteered his wife Neeltje in absentia. She has truly been a blessing ever since. Neeltje, your first outing was also my first. And it is a beautiful memory I will take to my grave. Thank you so very, very much.

See y’all at the “Special Meeting” tonite at 7:00!! OR Go to the EDC meeting which begins at 6:00!! They enjoy the company!

I’m looking for a laptop with a DVD player for a Drive-In night out. Who has one? Oh, and a projector. I’ll round up the cables.

Some collateral damage from this blog. Neighbor Mary Nash is not happy with me. That is truly unfortunate. It was brought to my attention that she attributes some things posted by anon to me. It is not her job to distinguish between the two so I will leave it to whomever she will talk to to make sure she has both sides of this sordid tale. If, after hearing both sides she still chooses not to speak to me so be it. One neighbor at a time.

What if you built a website but nobody came? Or more accurately nobody came back. I guess you could send out postcards to people you didn’t know. Maybe you could name it CLS at low tide or something close. I wish I had the 40 cents spent on all our neighbors who stopped by the past two days asking me what that crap was all about. Not to worry though I pointed them in the right direction so they could stop by and ask questions.

Here’s what I know about Sundays beer adventure.

The TABC offers an online course and 2 year permit. I’m on it like a chicken on a Cheetoh. I’ll post all about it.

I had a tooth extraction scheduled for today. Two actually. I was corrected by the dentist. Mine will be oral surgery. I will try to keep my Friday AM appointment with the Chief so we can get started on that. It should be fun trying to type while medicated. Oh wait…….

Man Rule # 52 Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


Bryan said...

Agenda says 7:00. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Be sure to read Bryan's comment from April 10, 2012 1:26 PM.

Dude, get a great clean up committee. If it were me, I would keep the egg dishes for a garage sale. If someone claimed the item as their own, the price would triple. I know you are too nice for that, but seriously, get a better clean up committee. We are all so appreciative of you taking on the role, you need to take advantage of the moment and get us working.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post Jean's and Bernie's cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, email addresses and / or home addresses? There are many more of us that would like to express ourselves about getting trash mailed to us. Some may not want to do it face-to-face.

Anonymous said...

Was there a particular anon post Mary Nash is upset about? If you would be more specific I will own up to it if it was mine. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to her about it.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea. Let's ripe the postcard to shreds and return to sender.

Was Garst fined for throwing the last flyer? She should have been. Maybe the postcards cost less in the long run.

Roselyn said...

I called the City Administrator and he said EDC is 6 PM and Council is 7 PM. Hopefully Vern wont let em start without us!

Suzanne said...


I got the email with the flyer you and Beverly put together. You did a great job. I hope you will consider distributing it much more than just tonight. Perhaps anyone in ClS that you have their email. Perhaps anyone that might have a sign for a NS candidate would be worth mailing one to. Maybe posting it on the FB page? If someone can't go tonight can they send you their email to receive a copy?

In my opinion, the pictures certainly show he is snubbing ordinances to the greatest degree Actually, I think he is daring the City to take him to court. Could he be convinced the City won't do it?

Anonymous said...

The darn meetings need to start ON TIME. Not early. Not late.

Anonymous said...

Richard, was your hand realy raised this evening?

Anonymous said...

The only cause for concern is the auditor needs to pay for his new SUV.

Anonymous said...

This council is hell bend of breaking the city financially. Here goes another 24K on an investigation to no where. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flyer, Roselyn and Beverly. Please present to our new CC as scheduled visitors. Let's see what they can do to improve CLS. This Council just wastes money. I know the audit will be a waste. The DA has already looked into it. There will NOT be criminal charges. NS wants all the wrong people in jail.

Bev E said...

Can somebody please tell me what we just bought for 8K? I am not sure!
I think we saw the auditor driving off in a brand new white SUV, hell he will need to make sure he finds just enough to whet the appetite of the Triumvirate until it is paid for is my guess.....

Anonymous said...

I am with you Bev. I am so confused and disappointed. No, I am angry.

Only in CLS would the people almost thrown out for disrupting the meeting would be those on Council. I am so sick on them

Anonymous said...

Looks like another sleepless night in CLS. As pathetic as the special Council mtg was there were too many empty seats.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we are going to buy the auditor his SUV. Way to go Council. Forget improving CLS. One strength I thought Arlene had was keeping an eye on the budget. Ha!

Reminds me when I heard the investigator was questioning why it was necessary to conduct the investigation when the Chief resigned. They knew better. Our Council did not. Wonder what she is driving now. They had to laugh all the way to the bank.

You are a joke. You want criminal charges against Paul. How could he have broken a law when there were none in place? Will this be the end of your crap? You stole Paul's reputation. You defamed his character. Hundreds will testify in his behalf when he takes you down. What are you waiting for Paul?

Bev E said...

Well I have been trying to get my head round last nights events and I need somebody to clarify what went down?

I did hear the Auditor say it would take 50-60K to audit the last 2 years city credit cards.

I did hear that the letter that "there are grounds for further investigation" has been sent to the DA. So they have evidence already for grounds for concern. So if there is a case to answer for it is in the right hands.

I did hear Tami & others say that they would see this through to the bitter end if the motion passed last night, ie to spend the allocated 8K funds on further investigation of the city credit cards, uncovers more of the same. So the intention is to keep spending even though there is no money to cover this.

I heard Jim say IF,and I stress IF, because the auditor seemed to not acknowledge the IF! The auditors find more grounds it will just be more of the same stuff they have found already.

The questions that seems to remain unanswered is

a)What will any further information found in the audit prove here as this case is already flagged with the DA?

b)What is the end game/intention after spending all this city money? Something Craig asked but was swiftly deflected by Tami and as far as I can see still remains unanswered?

I admire the monetary ethics of Ms Perkins and Arline if there is no "Personal Vendetta" here, we know some do have one, but there seems to be no benefit whatsoever to us as a City in carrying on this audit? It seems we are throwing money down the toilet........

So I ask you residents that post bravely and stand by your words without hiding behind the anon button if what I heard was correct and to explain to me if there was any benefit in what was voted on?

DaveC. said...

The north shore crowd is just pissing away funds and soon it will stop and Vern should have thrown Tami out last night. Jean garst is a sad sad sad woman just like Barbera!

Dave C.