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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's the day..

In 1775 Paul Revere began his famous ride from Charlestown (which is now a neighborhood of Boston) all the way to Lexington Mass 11 miles away.

Hey, did you hear about one of the raffle items at the benefit for Frank Landry? It’s an airplane ride over Clear Lake Shores! Is that awesome or what. Susan Bragg has tickets and I’m picking up 4 at sunset. I need a camera!

Neighbor Mark is one of many volunteer Fire Fighters that will be at Candidates Night. They will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Remember when I said come early?

I got this from a concerned neighbor. Now me personally, I really could not care less. Impossible. But maybe, just maybe the anal retents that are trotting out all the “ethics” violations will be interested. Jfishing, this bones for you. Careful not to choke on it.

Allan, we have a candidate (Chernecke) that is putting up signs saying "Re-elect"... I checked and got this response which basically says he was never "elected" in the first place...he was appointed. When I read the ethics commission section, he is clearly breaking the law by suggesting he is a current sitting councilperson. Don't know what to do with this info; but wanted to get the word out.
II. Misrepresentation Of Office Title.
A candidate may not represent that he or she holds an office that he or she does not hold at the
time of the representation. If you are not the incumbent in the office you are seeking, you
must make it clear that you are seeking election rather than reelection by using the word
“for” to clarify that you don’t hold that office. The word “for” must be at least one-half the
type size as the name of the office and should appear immediately before the name of the office.

Councilwoman McIntyre nominated Mr. Chernecke on May 21, 2002 and Councilwoman Garst seconded the motion, when Bill Kielman resigned after the May 2002 election. (McIntyre & Kielman won.
The code is from the Texas Ethic Commission, page 5.


Anonymous said...

Allan, I don't disagree with your neighbor. That person is right. Mr. Chernecke needs to remove the signs. If you aren't a current seat holder appointed or elected your sign must state: so & so "FOR" City Council or whatever office you are running for.

The white "Amanda & Carlo" Signs I have seen need to be removed also. Those aren't just an ethics misrepresentation but are in violation of the Law. We should check all signs to see if they are in compliance.

Your Concerned Neighbor forgot to mention this:


I. When Is The “Right-Of-Way” Notice Required?
All written political advertising that is meant to be seen from a road must carry a “right-of-way” notice. It is a criminal offense to omit the “right-of-way” notice in the following circumstances:

1. if you enter into a contract or agreement to print or make written political advertising meant to be seen from a road; or
2. if you instruct another person to place the written political advertising meant to be seen from a road.
II. What Should The “Right-Of-Way” Notice Say?
Section 255.007 of the Texas Election Code prescribes the exact language of the notice:

Note: The notice on political advertising signs printed or made before September 1, 1997, contained a citation to a prior law. You may continue to use those signs if they otherwise comply with the law.

III. Do Yard Signs Have To Have The “Right-Of-Way” Notice?

Yes. The “right-of-way” notice requirement applies to signs meant to be seen from any road. The notice requirement assures that a person responsible for placing signs is aware of the restriction on placing the sign in the right-of-way of a highway.

By the way Allan, good job of bringing this to everyone's attention.

Roselyn said...

Another thing we need looked into....the large house boat that Jackie was given notice to move from the Aspen lot and he moved to the front of his house? That boat, the big house boat.

Someone told me that the owner of that boat died and the neighbors didn't know what to do with it so Jackie said he would move it to his place.

So, if this huge piece of junk sinks and no body owns it, who is responsible for the demolition?

Will make a mental note to see ask Jack Fryday if he did any follow up with Jackie having all his 6 or 7 boats registered. Can he register a boat that doesn't belong to him?

Evil JFishing, I will pass your information about the right of way notice on yard signs onto the State and National Board of Realtors. I am sure they will be so happy you have pointed this out to them. In the meantime, I will go remove all my real estate signs, as I would not want to break the law. I hope you are also removing your Nichols and McIntyre signs from your yard.

Craig said...

Looks like some candidates didn't know all do the rules regarding signs. One candidate is flat out mis representing himself. I'm not going to vote for the one that is flat out lyeing. Everyone should follow the rules no matter how stupid they are but there is no excuse for dishonesty. Let's see if he can man up and change the wording. It seems he has no regard for our building codes. I guess we will see what els is not important to him.


Anonymous said...

Craig aren't you the "concerned neighbor"? Why twist the facts, or lie? Brian would fall over if you voted for him and your fellow Dems would have you in a straight jacket when you sobered up. LOL

Brian made a mistake that the Printer would not have knowledge of. He did hold the Office but is not a current holder. This could be construed to be an ethics violation and probably is.

Amanda and Carlo through their Agent who put up over a hundred signs may be guilty of criminal acts not ethics violations. One for each sign placed. The signs were printed on their behalf on the cheap and all laws concerning political signs were ignored for the Printing Companies are aware of these regulations. Allan did try to advise them to make some corrections.

Now everyone should take down the signs that don't meet TX Code and/or Criminal Law. The "Concerned Neighbor" caught more in their net then they expected.

Roselyn you are ordering Jack Fryday to be selective in his inspection and to discriminate against an elective representative and candidate who you find fault with? Sounds like another incident of selective justice: Mayor Vern Johnson, Al Burns, Allen Batchelor and Intermin Chief Cook with their illegal beer sales at Jarboe Bayou Park. Damn, the clout this party has over this City Administration. No wonder you support them.

How does a boat sink in a driveway? A boat on the water would fall under the Coast Guard and/or salvage rights.

Craig said...

No jfishing, I am not the concerned neighbor. If I was I would have posted it myself and signed my name. On another note you must not know me very well. You keep calling me a dem. You could not find a harder core conservative than myself. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that. If you dont care for libs why do you support NS? I don't think they make dems bigger than Larry and jean right down to their Obama bumper stickers. I don't care if you at a democrat or republican that's your choice but you seem to be obsessed with the subject. Anyway I guess we agree on something we both apparently are conservatives. by the way Brian didn't make a mistake. he has never been elected to City Council but is pretending he was. How is that a mistake?

Craig said...

By the way jfishing I might drink a dozen beers a year so I would appreciate it if you would quit portraying me as an alcoholic. that is your fiirst and last warning if you want to lie about me sign your name or come to my house and say it to my face. Coward

Anonymous said...

LOL meant joke. Your numerous grammatical and spelling errors in your writing (spell check can get us all but you didn't brother to use it), your inability to read and your unwillingness to except the truth allowed me to make a joke rather than call you stupid (lacking intelligence or common sense). You wouldn't vote for Brian. Brian didn't lie, he has been a City Councilman. As you say, you are cold sober and have no excuse for your stupidity. It is in the Texas Brochure on Ethics explaining to all Politicians both Federal, State, County, City and etc... that just because you held an office doesn't make you eligible to request to be "re-elected" unless you are currently holding the office. Others have made this mistake and that is why it isn't a crime but an ethics violation. It does need to be corrected.

Conservatives don't support corruption, don't condone illegal use of Credit Cards and on and on with you. Conservatives know there are bad Republicans and bad Democrats. Most vote the person not the party, or at least I do. Last thing you are is conservative. Conservatives want to stop the graff, theft, abuse of office and power, and all
corruption including big government. In your post you have supported many of those things within Clear Lake Shores.

As to your name calling, go back to the corner with the little giggling girls and rattle your sword for they may think you are something, I don't.

Craig said...

It appears you are the one doing the name calling behind a fake name. Again Brian was never elected to CC so he can't be re elected. What part of that do you not understand? I as well vote the person not the party but I have never voted for a democrat. There has never been one I liked. The two biggest votes I have wasted in my life were for Perot and Tami. You say I support corruption. again you are wrong. from day one Many months ago I took the stand that if there was a problem it needed to be solved. I can direct you to many posts where I have stated that very opinion. what I am against is Tamis original attempt to fire Paul with no investigation, the total waste of money on the investigation regarding a few unhappy officers and continuing to spend money on an investigation that will give us nothing in return. You have the freedom thanks to Allan to express your opinions and attack folks on this blog unlike Jeans tree stump where she rants her rants and nobody can rebutt anything she says. You should at least get your facts straight if you are going to attack me behind a fake name. Nobody is buying your BS. Not anyone that knows me anyway. And it is the giggling little girls that use LOL. Grow up. I'm done playing with you.

Roselyn said...

Craig why don't you walk out your front door and the Evil JPhishing walk out his back door and you two duke it out in the street?

Craig said...

No thanks Roselyn. I'm not much of a fighter. I don't think I have ever even been in one. besides if you are thinking of the neighbor I think you are, I might get my throat slashed from ear to ear. I think most of these crazies will either be in the nut house or the nursing home sooner than later. I'll just be patient

Anonymous said...

Craig, you are a great diversion and a bigger joke. I remembered these quotes from you back then (you still don't use spell check):

"Prsonally I have no problem with a city employee useing the card for personal use if they broke no law and repaid the debt. I also have no problem with pay advances if they are paid back. I would bet worse things have gone on over the past 50 years around here.

If I were King for a day. Kenny would have been made Chief this morning and there would be an ad for police officers not a new chief"

Craig, has Paul, Vern or Karen presented any evidence to CC of a tracking mechanism for the use of and/or repayment of the City Credit Cards, City Vendor Accounts or Pay Advances that were used by the City administration? Nearly four months later and they haven't presented one document but documents have been posted where the abuse did occur.

When Allan shuts down the Anon button you come to life with your stupidity. No one is fooled by your attempts at a diversion.

Allen Cruthirds are you there? Is Roselyn's statements true??????????? I can re-post the questions if you missed them.

Craig said...

Yes I did say those things and I still feel that way but you omitt all of the times I have said i have no problem with looking into problems and solving them which we have by putting procedures in place if it happens in the future. Again I am against more and more investigating into the same stuff over and over when it will not bring about anything positive. You are very goog at twisting and omitting things. Ok your turn to call me some more names.

Bryan said...


Why do you give him/her the time? You need to ignore all this until the coward reveals a true identity and agrees to meet in a public forum and debate some of these issues so that everyone can benefit from the truth, especially some of the newer folks on the Island. I'm sure Mr. Cruthirds would participate with us. I might even be able to convince Mr. Bass to come down. We could make it a Civic Club
fundraiser. We might even be able to wrap the
Spam-A-Lot Fest around it. Could be entertaining and educational all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Tina Shelley quit the Police Department under investigation.

Little Birdie at City Hall says:

Paul Shelley approved for his wife to get unemployment and it is to be kept on the QT. The full City Council is unaware that this was done.

Is this her vacation until Paul can make her Chief over Kenny? Is that why Kenny is so obedient? Kenny knows what is coming and is just trying to ride the storm out? Is that how you get a Chief of Police to be a security guard for illegal beer sales?

So many revelations, so many questions, so little time for the VOTERS to realize your City is the Pawn for those making money on the City or taking it from it's coffers.

Craig said...


I guess it's like stopping to look at a horrible accident. You know you really shouldn't but you do anyway. A public debate with J would be a good fundraiser. I bet a lot of folks would show up to see the train wreck in person.

Bryan said...


The Island-Wide Garage Sale is only one month from today. So far the number of registrations is lighter than it has been in past years this close to the event. If you are planning to participate please sign up ASAP so we can start getting a better feel for the size of the event this year. Registration forms, along with instructions, can be found in your Islander and also on the Civic Club website.


Bryan said...

Craig, I offered to set up the event, indirectly of course. I'll even cook crawfish!!! The problem is that it takes one thing on his/her part that is obviously lacking: courage.

Roselyn said...

My mind shuts down when he rants before Council so I doubt the public debate with him could hold my attention either. I am waiting for him to morph back into 222 and Travis. I expect that to happen tomorrow.

when you figure out that there are only six people that could think this way then it's easy to figure out who it is. In fact I figured it out when he was Travis posting from his sailboat.

It's a VERY small world now thanks to the Internet, so mrgerthbrooks has been located, and then someone named Caron from England wants to be friends on Facebook. I hesitate to give them the address of this blog. What do you think Mr Evil JPhishing? Should I tell them so we can liven up this blog?

Bev E said...

It's Karine and she has it already because I sent it to her, when she contacted me to get in touch! I guess she will post if she has something to say soon......

Anonymous said...

So the little birdie spoke the truth.

Are you more scare for the full CC to know that Tina Shelley is receiving unemployment from the City, or that Paul Shelley intents to hire his wife as Chief over Kenny?

More revelations in the continuing soap opera known as Clear Lake Shores.

Roselyn said...

Well, I called Tina Shelley and she said its a LIE. She is NOT drawing unemployment and has NEVER filed for unemployment compensation.

So Mr. EvilJPhishing your source of misinformation in the Police Department needs to be looking over their shoulder.

Craig said...

From what I understand Paul doesn't hire the new chief. The mayor brings potential candidates to council and they vote. Am I wrong ? I'm not really sure how it happens but that was my understanding

Craig said...

Wow j did you just lie to us again?

Roselyn said...

What happened Mr EvilJPhishing? You deleted your posts about Tina Shelley. Don't let a few girls with rattling swords scare you!

I saved it before you deleted, so no worries.

Hopefully you are watching the series 'Crown of Thrones' on HBO and you can see what a girl with a sword can do when she sees injustice.... Just sayn. Read the book if you dont have HBO. Its worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Allan now everyone can see you as the Dictator and Controller of your Domain.

Is there that much fear of information on Tina Shelley leaking out that you have to take down not one but two postings asking if it is true that Tina Shelley is getting unemployment from the City and that Paul plans to make her the new Chief?

ab said... "I think anon has finally realized that I own them. I control what they say and when. And their time is almost up."

Bryan said...

You are correct, Craig.

From the CLS Municipal Code (which anyone can easily find on the city website):

"The chief of police shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the approval of the city council."

Just another example of why our cowardly liar will never agree to the public debate. The truth cannot be denied.

Roselyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Allan stripped the postings and thanks to your questions he put them back becasue it raised more questions then the actual questions did.

You have now seen the POWER of big brother at work in Clear Lake Shores.

Roselyn said...

And yet ANOTHER LIE from Mr. Evil JPhishing. Allan's wife (another girl with a sword) monitors this blog during the day, not Allan.

Anonymous said...

No point in debating, let us just get to the facts without any BS.

Lets put the facts on the table for all to see such as:

All those documents that questions have been raised about and have never been brought forth:

Quicken Books Payrol Tracking that Paul stated was available in the Email to Tami:

****Make a list of all those documents that you have heard about but have never seen and we can have showdown for TRUTH and TRUST.

Mindo said...

Sorry jfishing you got caught up in the spam filter but I released you back into the sea so you can play some more. You are welcome and honestly, I don't have time to police all the rants so really it's just the luck of the draw as to whos rants end up there. I've had to drag Craig out a few times so no bias I promise. Blog on my good peeps.

Anonymous said...

Mindo, you don't have a spam filiter problem becasue the posts were on the Blog and then removed. Two Postings removed one at 745 and the other at 940. Posters on here said they were able to save them prior to them being deleted.

I hope this bit of info helps you find your problem.

Anonymous said...

Roselyn, I understand why you can't tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

This is Allan's Blog. Allan would probably be the first to say that the buck stops with him. Whatever decision made about what happens on this Blog is his responsibility not someone acting in his behalf. So my reference to who removed the Postings is correct.

I know you are upset for exposing Allen Cruthirds to scrutiny but I personally thank you for proving up the rumors that person or persons connected to EDC made money on the purchases of those properties. It has taken years but it is finally confirmed through you. So calling me a liar won't put you back in their good graces anytime soon. So sorry, but again we thank you for your honesty even if it was unintentional.

Mindo said...

If you had a blog that allowed comments you would know that indeed content can go to the spam folder after the fact to be reviewed and then it has to be marked as not being spam... BLah blah blah. If i had a dumb ass folder I'm sure I would find you there but alas I don't.

ab said...

J is about 6 keystrokes from breaking my only "rule". It is posted at the top of the blog. It is not only wasting my time but yours also. It knows I own its ass and can and will pull its plug when it amuses me. And that time is drawing near. The entertainment value has all but run out. It adds nothing to the conversation and it only takes our time away from more important tasks. All it can do is repeat, repeat and then repeat some more. We have all experienced this with our 4 year olds. I don't have to do it again. Don't like it? So? If you don't have a spam filter you're a bigger moron that I though. Let that sink in for a minute. Personally I'm disappointed that my filter took so long to catch your BS. Time for an upgrade. Maybe you could could call the DA. It kinda expensive though.

Bryan said...

Something tells me our buddy J isn't going to commit to a face to face public debate. That is kind of a shame because he/she actually seems somewhat intelligent. A little dishonest maybe, but intelligent, none the less. It would be a great debate. Come on, dig deep, find some courage.....

Anonymous said...

Save my responses quickly for that Spam Filter Delete "Finger" is Allan's last defense in controlling his little domain.

No talking, no debate, no excuses, we have had enough debate on here and in CC Meetings. This isn't about personalities or egos or parties or sides, it is about the City Administration to include EDC, CC, Plaza Ten 06, Contractors, ... and who took from the City.

Let's put the facts > the documents on a table and let everyone see exactly what is the TRUTH. Let the City Attorney and the Auditor answer the questions after everyone has had a chance to view the papers.

If the papers are not there then they don't exist.

Bryan said...

That's what I thought....

Suzanne said...

The biggest waste of City money has been on the numerous investigations and audits to no where. Only this Council would vote to spend $100,000 to find a possible $200 not repaid. Brilliant move Tami, Jackie and Arlene.

Luckily the tide is about to shift. One more CC to go.

Roselyn said...


Thank you Civic Club

Suzanne said...

What were some of the highpoints of Meet the Candidates from your perspective?

Richard will vote to take repeat ordinance violators to court. (Sounds like Jackie's 30 days are up.)

Brian C. has a heck of a sense of humor.

The multifamily ordinance is to focus on apts. bldgs not guest quarters in one's home.

Craig said...

You asked Suzanne so here is my take on the candidates

Amanda, smart, informed, open to citizen input, ready and willing to serve

Carlo, well spoken, dedicated, honest, informed, great attitude, ready to go

Richard, he is the total package nuff said

Charlie, sincere, well intentioned, a strong desire to serve,

Brian, not what I expected, great stand up comic but too much I did this and I did that me me me. I'm an attorney, im an attorney, blah blah blah. Well intentioned fair minded, answered my question with a truthful answer that made sense to some extent. Told us he is running because he was asked to run not because it is his desire to serve. I assume NS made the request. not quite what we need right now

Jackie, seems like it will be more of the same we have seen for the last two years, except he wants to bury a few power lines. Arrogant, Still doesn't seem to see any problem with his junkyard and doesn't seem to have any intention of changing. NS die hard

John, Appeared uninformed had nothing much to offer There is nothing there. lost his temper over my question. This is the second time he has shown anger issues at a meeting Definitely not what this city needs. Would bet he is hardcore NS and running at their request

That's what I came away with tonight

Bev E said...

Ha! Thought Brian must have a good sense of humour anyone who lives in I think it was quoted on here "A Science Experiment" had to be funny.

Roselyn said...

I was so happy last night. My three candidates shined.

This morning I am depressed.

At the end of the evening I said hi to Kenny because he had a big smile on his face. I said I thought the meeting went well. He agreed and said the one last Tuesday went well too and that things were getting better. He got a tear in his eyes and conversation ended.

I went home and called Paul and told him it went well. His voice sounded flat for the first time.

I spoke with Karen after the meeting Tuesday and her expression was flat and not her exuberant self.

I realize this morning that the people that have served this community well have been beat up. I feel guilty and ashamed that it happened. I am proud of all of us that have fought for what is right. It's been a long hard battle for 10 months and I am sorry for the casualties we have that work at city hall, maintenance and PD because of
this situation.

Reminds me of a divorce where the parents fight and it's the children who long term suffer the most.

So the only thing that bothered me last night was any discussion about cutting salaries of employees to trim our budget. This is NOT the time for that discussion. As we are feeling good this morning knowing that things are soon to change for us citizens, our employees are going to work and having to walk around an auditor to get to their desk.

These good people have stuck with us thru the thick of it and if anything, they all deserve a token raise as gratitude for putting up with this abuse.

all receipts the NS blog was asking for have been turned over to the auditor. the DA has said there is nothing to prosecute. About the last thing our employees need to hear is that their jobs may be cut as they are walking around an auditor this morning that our city agreed to give another $8000 to. I guess it's the mothering instinct in me that wants to go up there and hug each of them. We cant change the past but we can help them heal their wounds at City Hall.

I, for one, am writing 4 thank you notes this morning to Mayor, city secy, PD, and maintenance thanking them for their good work and dedication.

All I can say to Tami, who wasn't there last night, and the Nichols, is that next time you should be patient and choose better friends.

All i can say to that arrogant Jackie is that we aren't finished with you. You have ended up with the friends you are supposed to have in this life. You and JPhishing were destined to meet and deserve each other.

Suzanne said...

Please don't misunderstand, I could not vote for someone who violates ordinances but I did enjoy his humor. He should have followed the one that had us going to sleep.

Please keep away from the cutting office staff. With the way we are growing we need them.

Did anyone get his point from what Jackie said in response to my question?

Anonymous said...

Roselyn: I keep seeing this statement; " the DA has said there is nothing to prosecute." You just made that statement again. Did the Galveston DA make that statement to you, or in your presence?

Making False Statements?

Didn't the Auditor say they found some problems and are aware of more?

Maybe City Administration is sad for they know what you don't?

Question: We had to pay for Paul's attorney when he negotiated terms for quitting (6K), would we have to pay for more attorneys if anyone is found to have taken money from the City or does a criminal act relieve the City of having to furnish anyone an Attorney?