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Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Good Friday

Is that redundant? Thanks for the great turnout last night. 63 souls. I am humbled. And that’s not easy to do. Thanks to Dennis and Elaine for your service and all your hard work to keep the Club on a steady course. Me clapping. Thanks to Jan Finnerty and Sam Fisher for providing continuity and staying on as Secretary and Vice President. Please welcome Kimmy Johnson (back) as Treasurer. She has served before as President. I will do my best not to disappoint. First and foremost you all need to know that I will go over the membership list and if I do not see your name you can expect a visit from one of us. Ready or not……

For all you big kids with little kids remember the Easter Egg Hunt and Kids party is at the clubhouse from 10 AM till Noon.

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunrise service is 06:30 at Deep Hole Park. If you’ve never been you really need to treat yourself. It is awesome. Neeltje, I’ll meet you at the Clubhouse that morning.

Before I forget again, There will be a Horseshoe contest at the Pavilion as a part of this Sundays celebration. The Mayor has had the pits re-sanded and no you can’t get Kimmy on your side. Rumor has it she has to play blindfolded just to make it fair for you guys. There is no set start time yet and you can sign up when you get there.

The Deviled Egg-Off judging is at 1:00 sharp! Grab your eggs, make ‘em look pretty and put ‘em on the table. Yes there are prizes. Immediately following will be all the crawfish and fried fish you can eat. There is a suggested donation of $10 for adults and $5 for the lil darlins but we’ll take more if it makes you feel better. Feel free to bring a side dish or even a dessert. Most of all bring an appetite. And bring it to Jarboe Park. To all of our Marina friends that’s the park with the pavilion on the right as you cross the bridge. Yes there is a dingy dock at the park. I heard Walter might buy the first round…..

I had a nice chat with Miss Val Wednesday. She looks great and sounds great but was going back to Methodist Thursday morning. She said with luck she’ll make it to the crawfish boil.

To all of you who have asked about the “Further Adventures of the Wayward Blogger” , Standby. I promise it will be here. Warts and all.
Happy Easter everyone. Remember why we’re here.

“Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”


Adelia said...

It shore is quiet today kingfish!! As I was scraping the ice off my windshield this morning I was dreaming of Clear Lake Shores. I am coming home tomorrow and so excited about Sunday I can't wait. Walter and Beverly thanks so much for this great event - the pavillion was a wonderful idea with parking and such. I have my egg recipe ready to go and am looking forward to tasting all the others. I also want to see the challengers humble themselves to Kimmy at horseshoes. Seems like old times.

Anonymous said...

“Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

Your right, but you might learn about be coming a Christian if you stepped inside a church.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03 No more than stepping inside a Mosque will teach you about being a Muslim or inside a Temple will teach you about being a Buddhist. All this has to come from the heart and not bricks and stone! I believe you are missing the point of the message here?

Anonymous said...

Touché 203

Anonymous said...

CRAZY COUNCIL ALERT! A spedcial meeting of the City Council has been called for Tuesday night at 7pm by the 3 Stooges to squander another $12,000 on an audit of credit card expenses and payroll advances. More wasted money. Why a special meeting? Are they grasping at the last straw to destroy our city management team before they are off council? Why not wait until the next regular council meeting?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will bring out the big cartoon. After all the threats to Alan I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

When will that destructive crew ever stop? At least they are all now in the bug jar and we will do better in the future. I never realized the importance of being an informed voter until this past year.

Roselyn said...

It should be crystal clear to Al Burns and Richard Sowrey now that the majority of citizens are sick and tired of the witch hunt that Jackie, Tami and Arline have against Paul Shelley.

So you two do the right thing and not show up for the meeting Tuesday where they are going to vote to spend another $12,000 of OUR MONEY to try to take Paul down.

This makes me sick at my stomach that the will of the community does not count.

Dont have a quorum to vote Tuesday. Play dirty just like those three do.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Council recently vote agaisnt another investigation to no where; the audit? If Bernie and Jean could not find anything why spend more? Didn't the budget review reflect there is no money? We came close to having to pay for trash again. Wouldn't funds we could scrap up be best spent on hiring an event planner for our anniversary? I don't understand why it could not wait until the next mtg. either. I guess they want to do as much destruction as possible in their little time left. Maybe they think not as many people would attend? If anyone was approached by a candidate to look at this site, I wish they would name which person it was. Those post may have been BS. Or not. If it was down to get votes, that is plain ugly.

I was psyched after Allan got elected thinking we turned the tide to getting back to normal. I am not going to let this bring me down. It needs to motivate all of us to get to the meeting.

Anonymous said...

If the three stooges can push to spend another $14,000 to investigate credit cards that were used when we had no credit card policy, then we can damned sure afford $15,000 for the city attorney to sue Junkie Jackie to clean up his shit which we DO have an ordinance against.

I vote that the City Attorney gets the $15,000 instead of the CPA getting the $12,000......any Richard, NO MORE 60 DAY EXTENSIONS. LISTEN TO YOUR VOTERS!!!

Has anybody noticed Jackie dumped a load of dirt in his front yard like he is working on his property and it has sat there for a month untouched. Tim's looks about the same too. If you haven't driven down Tindel lately, it is unbelievable. Take the drive.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to drive down Tindel to see the rubbish tip that are their homes, they are both visible from the Bridge, Opus and Aspen!!!
If these two City Representatives (Jackie & Tim) had any sense of civic pride they would clean up their homes instead of claiming victimization by good law abiding people of Clear Lake Shores who seek to improve the City for the benefit of all.

If our Representatives can't obey the ordinances and we can't make them, what example is that setting to the rest of us. Especially when they seek to selfishly defend their actions.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to look at Brian c house as well. He wants to be on council and his house sure fits in with Jackie's. it looks like a science project gone wrong he must have 50 violations you can see many from the street like the building to the right of his house that has no set back. As usual our wonderful building inspector must have turned a blind eye or he is an idiot I'm not sure which. Take a drive by Brian's it's on oak. 400 BLK I think. He is in good NS standing that's for sure. Pam Brian jean Jackie Tim......if you are NS you can get away with Anything. This sh.. Has to stop NOW. Do you hear us jack, you have lost every other job you had do you want this one to be next

Anonymous said...

I am getting a bit concerned seeing the increase in signs for Charles. I give him credit for working the streets. He seems like a nice enough person, but I could not vote for someone that has not been to the CC mtgs. until he threw his hat into the ring. He was not at the one where everyone was supporting Paul.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about Brian C's home. In CLS eclectic is fine just follow codes and ordinances. I really don't think he is running a campaign. Maybe he thinks he can slide into home without putting much effort into it. That won't fly. Although if Ted G is his campaign mgr., he may be doing all the work. I haven't seen Brian at any meetings either. Odd.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see Carlo or Amanda loose the election to Charles by a vote or two. To all of the new folks here, elections have been lost by one or two votes. I think there are about 3 weeks until early voting begins.

What are the chances of getting to see a sample ballot this week? Do we have to go to City Offices to view one or can we leave with one?

Roselyn said...

Brian is cool.

We accidentally had drinks at Opus last night while I was waiting for news about the civic club vote.

He was not even aware that Allan had been arrested and he does not know who the Nichols are. He admitted he is not aware of any of the crap going on but that he is smart and has plenty of free time to help with city issues. We discussed that his chances of winning this time are slim since he doesn't know what the ten month fight is all about and hasnt attended any meetings.

He quit reading the blog after the first week because he thought it was inciteous.

I told him he is welcome to put a sign in my yard, which he did.

Brian doesn't know whats going on, so dont rag on him please. Save it for the ones that deserve it.

I have respect for him because when he was a council person he did answer my 3 page heart felt letter I wrote asking the city to use common sense and not make Jim Mago cut 5 ft. off his house. He was the ONLY one to answer my letter. Not Catherine, not any of the other council members. I hope our new ones will remember how important it is to respond to citizens. Its what gets you re elected and helps retain your reputation.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you Roselynn. How can someone be a leader of a city that he is not even aware of what is going on in it? He is unaware and out of touch. Not good.

It is impressive that he responded to you. I know he is bright. Wish he would use his free time to clean up his place. At least so it falls within the ordinances.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all be unscheduled visitors at the special meeting;Demand rules on credit cards and cash advances be put in place to fix these problems for the future versus wasting more money on the past.

I like the idea of giving them better ways to spend the money: filing on repeat offenders of ordinances and hiring an event planner for the anniv.

I expect a robo call alert, too, for special mtgs. I suspect they think they can call a special mtg. thinking many will not show up. Let's prove them wrong by packing the place once more. This is getting old but so necessary.

By the way, Rose, two council people can be absent and the meeting can continue.

Anonymous said...

To anon 2:34 thank you for the information about the special meeting. I will be there, darn it.

Roselyn said...


On city website, Ordinances, search quorum and it says:

"4. Three councilmembers shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at regular meetings. Four councilmembers shall constitute a quorum at special meetings"

Suzanne said...

Is it possible NS is going to stay off the blog? It is wonderful we won't have to read their rants and uncomprehendable posts. If they come back, let's not let them get to us. Ignoring and not engaging will get to them the most.

I am still on cloud nine knowing the Civic Club will be headed by Allan.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought NS would have stopped posting back when Allan said he makes money for each view or post. (Don't remember which.) Even if it a small percentage of a penny you'd think they would not want to give him a quarter a year even if it is not out of their pocket.

Anonymous said...


Brian Chernicke is my neighbor on Oak. He has been working on his compound (house) without a permit for the 7 years we have lived here. Is that Council material? Or a Ewell Fuller clone?

He stiffarmed my efforts requesting assistance in negotiating a settlement in my issue with the city in the construction of our home. Basically said "see you in court" which is Fuller's retort to the city time and again.

He is cut out of the same cloth as Guthrie, McIntyre, Garst, Perkins, and Fuller. Guess they pulled him off the "used councilman" shelf to run as their Trojan Horse.

Jim Mago

Roselyn said...

Thanks for the explanation Jim.

I will take his sign down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jim. He is far from cool. BTW I was hoping you would run for CC again.

WHEN Council takes Junkyard Jackie to court can they present the numerous warnings he has received going back to Kathy's time as Mayor, sort of? Certainly a history of his neglect will reflect the type of person he is. Wasn't one of his arrests for ordinance violations? If this is the second time he has been to court won't the fines be much higher? There has got to be tons of pictures of it over time, too. I know there are recent ones and more a coming. I hope the many petitions can be brought forth.Can residents testify? I bet the normal people in that area would, along with the realtors, let alone the citizens.Does anyone know the minimum and maximum fines he could receive? Was there any follow through from the Coast Guard since we doubt his boats are registered? I would not be surprised if he is renting the boats out. Another violation - no live aboards. We are so disgusted with this situation I bet many would volunteer to get this done possibly saving some of the attorney's time. We would need to know exactly what he wants and how he wants it.

I don't blame Richard for another 60 days if it meant the new council will be in place. I agree there should not be another 60 days.

Please someone in the know, plz answer some of those questions. I hope many will let their voice be heard on this matter that continues to hurt CLS. We should not have a ghetto on land or in the water.

Roselyn said...

And just in case these newbies running dont know.......anybody over 65 can vote early by mail and there have already been several requests for ballots, including people from my house! So its VERY important to have all your door knocking and signs installed by early voting date.

DaveC. said...

vote ABC'S and win

Dave C.

Bernie McIntyre said...

Anon 4:03 stated that I did not find anything; don't you read the blog ??? It summarizes many events like going to california to visit relatives on the city credit card. Cash advances that do not appear on the website; instead, blank lines appear. But you see it on because it comes from open record requests of the official records. Why dont you read it and compare; go outside your comfort zone.

Congratulations to AB for being elected to the CC prez. With your support he will do a great job

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could it be he is laughing on the inside due to the arrest? Maybe he fears another law suit if he was the one defaming Allan. For whatever reason, this guy ain't buying it. Now if he can keep it up for years without showing his other side, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, , it doesn't matter if your website says Paul murdered someone...the DA is not filing charges. I hear they are sick of your group and know it is all Clear Lake Shores political BS. And Now they have figured out you also have a cop or two in your pocket so that wont work again either. It took them a couple of days to figure it out but they did and dropped the charges against Allan.

I would only read your/Garst/Toenjes blog if you allowed comments to be posted. I want to hear more from their son as to why the son filed a restraining order against his Dad, and he said Jean was a home wrecker. that would interest me. I assume that is why no one is allowed to post comments, so if you can't get them to open it up for comments then maybe you can't just explain it for us. I am dying to know why a father would tell his son he is going to slit his throat. That story would be much more interesting than a charge on a gas credit card. Would also like to know how he got You Tube to remove the story. anxious to hear your reply Bernie.

Anonymous said...

I am astonished to see it would only be $15,000 to take JY Jackie to the judge. What have we been waiting for? I expect it to be on the first agenda of our new, sane Council. I hope the owner of Opus and the realtor and owner of the house for sale on Aspen will appear before you as scheduled visitors. Do you understand it is costing the city to allow it to remain? It is an embarrassment, too.

To anon at 11:03 you may be correct but I believe charges were dropped by the DA the second he was briefed on the charges. Perhaps there is not a "comment" feature on the McIntired and Garst blog because they have not figured out how to add it. Plus, they don't want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I hope Richard, Amanda and Carlo campaign right up to election day. They should not consider their job done when early voting begins.

Maybe the nutty prof. is being nice to Allan so he can learn how to earn money for his website, too. Not goin happen.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Did you take the time on your blasted website to state any charges were paid back? Nope I did not go there and would not waste a second doing so.Do you realize you are contiuing to defame Paul's reputation? If I were him I would have sued you a long time ago.

Bernie McIntyre said...

When was I nice to AB ? It may have been after I did my jog in the afternoon heat. I have been critical of him at times and at one time i called him " everything but white " as he put it. I had merely stated that he should differentiate between those who are having a hard time paying property taxes on time ( and therefore pay mafia level interest rates and penalties ) from those who hide income and pay NO taxes on it. NEVER. We have some excellent examples of the second group in CLS.
Important people.
Just so I do not confuse all you unhappy anons out there, I promise not to be nice. Just factual and unpersonal. Your problem is that once you hit the anon button the factual and unpersonal buttons do not seem to be available as options