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Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy YourFriday

I just watched the Shuttle Enterprise take off from Dulles strapped to the back of the 747. It never gets old. I was excited for all the folks in Northern Virginia that happened to be in the right place at the right time. I have had the pleasure to see three flyovers here in the Bay Area. Incredible. And in about an hour the City of New York will get a treat when she flys past the Statue of Liberty. This is me getting goose bumps. I think her final berth will be next to the U.S.S. Intrepid. CV 11. That was my first ship all those years ago. Somewhere in the crews quarters is my old dress blue uniform. I donated it to the museum back in the 80's. I guess that makes me officially old. My clothes are in a museum.  Still no word on the mock up Explorer that will be coming here via barge. Last word is still mid July.

I'm in a much better mood this morning. Thanks for asking. But I need to get this out there. I keep reading statements that go something like "we have the Civic Club back" and it makes me wince. The Club never went anywhere. Some of the faces may have changed but a lot of them are still there. Like Helle and Pam and Mike and a score of other folks who keep the whole thing moving. Myself, I haven't been to a meeting in months and when I was able to attend it was few and far between. That doesn't mean I was out of touch. I would email the different Presidents with my 2 cents when I thought it was appropriate. Like so many others, life got in the way and I get that. What with PTA, Band, Soccer, Karate and that whole work thing I just couldn't drag my butt to a Club meeting. The life blood of the Civic Club is not the membership so much as the members who attend. I promise you I will be leaning on a lot of you to boost attendance. That's where the ideas come from. You. When a good one comes along it can absolutely light up the Club House. Ask any regular. You can feel it. It's hard to sustain if the faces stay the same though. Burn out can happen pretty quick when that happens and then the enthusiasm goes in to a slow death spiral. It's up to us. I believe the Civic Club is pretty much a mini me of our fair city as a whole. Lets make the best of it. And the next time you see Helle or Pam or Mike or a Club board member tell them thanks.

Kudos to Amanda for walking the walk.

Shuttle update, neighbor Jeff is in Newark and just took a pic of Enterprise on a flyby. How freakin' cool is that!

Fresh from the Galveston County Jail, here's my official mug shot. Looks like time for some Grecian Formula....


J Terrell said...

Got some good pictures of the Enterprise, as good as the iphone will get anyway. It flew right over Newark airport which is really close to our hotel. Usually Newark is not this exciting, normally you don't go outside for the fear of your life! Was a good treat this morning to see the last flight.


Adelia said...

I remember when it flew over Houston - it was an amazing sight and something I will never forget. You have no idea how large it and the plane are and they move so slow you wonder how they stay in the air. Can't wait to get home and start going through my "too much stuff" for the garage sale. I hope someone is selling a nice bookshelf - my books are stacking up and becoming a dust problem. I need to go through them and donate a bunch to the library. You guys enjoy the sunshine - todays mountain temp 25 with snow. Can't wait to be barefoot again.

Roselyn said...

OMG the mugshot! I am printing it as a poster to hang on my wall. My hero for freedom of speech!

You know the Anderson Cooper Show in New York has called Lynda three times now to see if they can do a segment about neighbors harrassing neighbors and she has been turning them down, but I bet your mug shot would end up in that segment also. Good thing you were smiling since you might be on national TV.!

Regarding Amanda, I figure the NS group knows that Amanda is going to win a seat and if they can take her into their fold/web then they are back in the ball game.

They think their boy Charles Russell and Amanda are going to win and if they can get Amanda to see things their way then they still have majority vote on council.

I am sure it was well presented to her. Its probably the same spiel they gave Tami, Arline and the Nichols at one time. Its probably a memorized speech about how they would be a great council person and with their support they can get them elected and make them famous.

Dave, I would bet you $100 that it was the NS gang that put those signs on your dock and not John or Brian. I know Brian and he would not trespass on your property to erect a sign. He would say "I'm not that stupid" if you asked him....Its the NS gang playing all of us so that we think they are backing John and Brian. In my gut I know its just Charles they are rooting for. Anybody think it odd that Charles' sign is not in the Garst and McIntyre yard when we have all seen them canoodling at council meetings?

Good luck to all candidates. I have never been so glad and excited about voting in my entire life.

Thanks to this blog, Amanda and all candidates are now able to see things for what they are and for they have been for a very long time, and we are long overdue for a positive change.

DaveC. said...

Jackie got permission, however i can not put my candidates signs up on the pylings. So I am going to put them on my boat!!!!!!!!

Dave C.

The predicted winners are Amanda, Richard and either Charles or Carlo. Thats how I see it!!!
either way we should have a more cohesive council!!

Charles Russell said...

This is to everyone and especially Roselyn who continues to paint me as someone who would let one group of people influence me. Let me be very clear that if elected I will be open to all views from all our citzens on all the issues concerning council and will work with all the members of council and the mayor to achieve resolutions to all the problems that face our community. If anyone has any questions they are more than welcome to talk with me one on one or contact me via email at