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Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Firday the 13th

It’s official, I just dropped off the $741 we raised from the Meet and Greet. It all goes toward the Jammin’ fund. WOO HOO!

To everyone who was at the Civic Club Boil & Fry, I am working on the TABC permit. More as it develops.

Next up is Candidates Night. That’s next Thursday NOT MONDAY 7PM at the Clubhouse. Remember there will be Water board members there also. Ought to be a hoot! See you all there. I’ll call the Fire Marshall and give him a heads up that it’s likely to be standing room only.

This from Neighbor Lezlie:


Could you please post on blog or email……….

Found a pair of reading glasses with a gold chain in the middle of the road (actually the bridge) yesterday afternoon and took them to City Hall in case someone is looking for them.

Thank you much!!


Don’t forget the Benefit for Frank Landry, It’s coming right up.

Stopped by and had a chat with Chief Cook today. So here’s how you start to get your neighbor tossed in the slammer.

First there must be a wrong doing. Be it real or perceived. All it takes is a call to the police department. In my case it began with an email. Thanks to the FOI act I have copies of all that mess on my desk. I will spare you the content.

Next stop is with our local officer(s) who begin the paperwork. If in that officers’ professional opinion the case has merit it is passed on. To whom you say? Well now you’ll just have to wait until the next installment. But if there was a spoiler alert it would say something like it goes to the local JP our very own Judge Foster (Ret).

My new editress-in-chief has brought to my attention that my wording leaves something to be desired. So here is my revised ending. In no way do I associate my latest predicament to the Honorable Judge Foster. He is not the last person on the planet I want to get sideways with but he's damn sure in the top 5. His office is just one more stepping stone in the process I am trying to understand. Nope, I'm pretty sure this will stop a lot closer to home. We'll see. Judge, you are still on my Christmas card list AND you have my vote.

Have a great weekend all.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.


Anonymous said...

The civic club calendar lists the Candidates Night as Thursday April 19th? Did the date change?

Anonymous said...

In fairness to the Justice of the Peace, he just issues the warrant AFTER the DA says there is grounds for a case.

Roselyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Roselyn said...
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!

I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this.

After two years, Councilman Jackie Fuller has had an independent idea and put an item on the upcoming Tuesday council agenda. It reads:

"7. NEW BUSINESS-Discussion and Possible action may be taken on the following items:
a. Petition of citizens of the subdivision known as Silver Lagoon Estates regarding Tindel Street (Councilman Fuller)."

Is he planning to annex Tindel from Clear Lake Shores?

I wouldn't miss this council meeting for anything in the world.

April 13, 2012 11:22 AM

Roselyn said...

I went online to see if Jackie's petition was in the packet given to council members prior to the meeting (its on CLS website under calendar, then click on the council meeting.)

He didn't provide any documentation as to why he has put that on the agenda.

It will be interesting to see if he is going to argue that Tindel is not in the city of Clear Lake Shores, therefore they dont have to clean up. If he states Tindel is not part of Clear Lake Shores, then he should be arrested because he stated he was a citizen of Clear Lake Shores when he filed application to become a councilman. So if he is not a resident of Clear Lake Shores he has a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I find it odd that the officer filling out the complaint goes to the JP or ADA. You'd think the chief would be notified and he would take it forward or not.

Missing Paul Shelley more and more.

Anonymous said...

Who is Frank Landry? Plz tell his story as to why a benefit is needed. I may not be the only one who does not know. Maybe not. It may get more people there is we knew more.

DaveC. said...

Frank Landry is a local musician who has played on and around this island for years. He is also a carpenter that many of us used to remodel our homes. Frank has played for tips and free at many occasions I have attended like benefits for those in need and now is his turn, we need to be there for Frank!

Anonymous said...

Roselyn said... "Well, thats interesting because in the past 30 days I have told two of our policemen and a constable's deputy that drugs are being used and maybe sold by one of my tenants."

"Once the tenant even turned his back to the officer with arms crossed and said "arrest me" and he was not arrested. When the constable was there the tenant was so screwed up he could not get out of the chair and his eyes were almost shut."

Roselyn, these observations appear that you may be stalking this person? Maybe they should seek a Restraining Order against you. Here you are defaming the reputation of your Renter without proof because if you had proof you would have already had him arrested? You better hope he doesn't read the Blog because you may be facing a liable suit especially if his attorney receives copies of this. He isn't a Politician and does have the right to sue. If you had witnessed the sale of drugs, or bought some yourself then the Police would have grounds to arrest and get a warrant but it would also be for you purchasing the drugs too. Just because you want someone evicted are willing to liable their character on here and apparently elsewhere? If the Judge had knowledge of these acts that may be enough to stop any eviction plus start a liable sue. As Allan found out under the Freedom of Information Act he can get copies of reports too.

Now, I wonder who is the dope?

Roselyn said...

To the dope at 10:14.

When I first started posting to this blog I called my attorney and asked him how I could avoid being sued by posting on this blog. He said "the truth is your best defense".

So I am not worried about my post and if you want to direct that tenant to this blog to sue me that's ok too. His neighbors and me are ready for him to move. maybe you have a nice place he could move into.

Anonymous said...

Be kind to one another.

Roselyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roselyn said...

Ok, I will be nice and delete the comment about the un-named tenant, but hopefully made my point that it WAS a little too easy for Allan to be arrested.

Anonymous said...

To Late Roselyn for your situation - printed and saved on USB. To assume your Case was like Allan's was your first mistake.

Roselyn said...

then you have permission to repost my post.

Anonymous said...

Allan, what is your big spill about TABC? Again, you did it your way and ignored that you were told that you needed the Permit back in March. A simple 250 to 300 dollars for a Temporary Permit form TABC that you and others chose to ignore not once but many times. TABC didn't get the whole story on Wednesday, did they?

As usual, Mayor Johnson, Interim Chief Cook, City Councilman Al Burns, and you decided you were above the Law again. We have an Interim Chief of Police Kenneth Cook who has now proven how far up that brown ring his head is, that he chose to ignore the Texas Law to accommodate an illegal sale of beer and to act as guard for that illegal act.

Title 4 Sec. 101.07. DUTY OF PEACE OFFICERS. All peace officers in the state, including those of cities, counties, and state, shall enforce the provisions of this code and cooperate with and assist the commission in detecting violations and apprehending offenders.

Note it says "shall" not "may" which is a legal term for "you will enforce the law." Remember this when you VOTE. Do you want more of this, where you as a Citizen of CLS don't have this clout with our City Administration, or the use of the City Finances for your own Personal USE.

VOTE to keep the corruption out.

Roselyn said...

WTF. "illegal sale of beer and Kenny acting as guard for the illegal act" ???? I had a beer last Saturday in the park and didn't pay for it. Was I supposed to pay? Why didn't someone tell me I was supposed to pay? Now I am embarrassed because I left with a prize for the Easter deviled egg contest and didn't pay. So sorry.

Michelle said...

To all you cowards who sling accusations and threats about every little thing: you are too scared to sign your name, but not too scared to make other's lives miserable? And now you accuse Roselyn of defamation of character, yet you support the defamation of Paul and Tina Shelly's character, as well as the continued defamation of our entire island's character? No wonder you hide behind anon. What a waste of space. Btw, i think Roselyn has every right to question and follow what takes place on HER property. And corruption? Really? Oh, where do we start? With the lies you continue to believe and try to shove down our throats on here? One more thing: don't forget to thank and show gratitude to the one who makes it possible for you to continue to throw your little tantrums and spread your hateful lies on here without having the courage or confidence to tell anyone who you really are. Although I should thank you because it speaks volumes of your character and gives the rest of us an idea how ridiculous, immature, and miserable you really are. I'd tell you to have a nice day, but not sure if you're capable of that.

Roselyn said...

And if anyone is confused about the difference between "shall" and "may" in law, then please contact Arline and Tami for an explanatn. We spent at least an hour at a council meeting for them to determine the difference. This was in regards to a council person contacting the mayor BEFORE they contact the city attorney if they re having a problem with morale in the police department.

Roselyn said...

OK, I tried to be nice I guess I just can't today.

does anybody know how we can get in touch with Mike Bass and get him down here for the Tuesday council meeting?

When he was on council he did extensive research, along with whoever our city attorney was at the time, regarding if Tindel is in Clear Lake Shores or not, He is an expert on the subject. He also is still a property owner here, so maybe he will assist us. If not, then we should hire him as a consultant for this issue that Councilman Fuller is going to present on Tuesday.

Bev E said...

Does that mean if they are not in the City they don't get free trash pick up? Because when we lived on Aspen I remember the company who collected the Trash were going to bill me but I never did receive a bill?

Anonymous said...

Trash pick-up Tindel + Aspen? I thought they just used their yards. That is not fair. Most people there take care of their property.