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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good MyFriday Morning Clear Lake Shores and all the ships at sea!

I woke up a little too pissed off this morning. You probably don’t care but that’s OK. All this hoo haa over the last many weeks had me tossing and turning all night long. Should I post it? Or Not? My beloved tells me to take the high road and let it lie but my every fiber screams defend yourself. I wish I was the man my wife wants me to be but I cannot turn the other cheek. It’s just not me. Barb should be getting her papers from the judge any minute now and when we have a date with the courts I’ll let you know. Next. I had every intention of meeting with Mr. Vig of the Galveston County DA’s office this Friday. Had. I was simply going to present the rest of the story that had me thrown in the slammer and offer his proof of the perjury committed. My apologies to our judicial system, but I have decided that I have wasted enough of my precious time on this incident. If you would like to pursue perjury charges please contact me and I will provide the appropriate paperwork otherwise I am done. I will treat this like I would any other nuiscence, a little bug spray and move on. 
I haven't made my final decision on the defamation suit yet.
The anon posting on the 12th is another matter. Again apologies to my editoress-in-charge. But I just cannot let these blatant lies stand. I apologize to all the readers out there and please feel free to skip my rant. It’s my only vent. Enjoy your day folks.

This is a rebuttal to the posting on that other site.

The original text is in black

My rebuttal is in red
Score is being kept in blue
Why Speak Up?
A Vietnamese friend of mine told me a saying from his country, “the nail that sticks up gets pounded in”.  Here in Clear Lake Shores we are getting pounded for speaking up.  Is it worth it?  Why not just blend into the crowd that listens and doesn’t comment?  Is it fear of speaking in public or is it the intimidation that you face if you don’t agree with the vocal group? There used to a third option that isn’t mentioned here. You could just reach over and grab your ankles because there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Those days are over for now.

The Islanddrumz blog has given a voice to those who want to speak but don’t want to be identified.  Free speech is being perverted to mean that anyone can say anything about anyone and not be held accountable.  Rumors get started, gossip spreads like wildfire and the person who is targeted is on the defensive.  Like Paul and Tina? That is who you are referring to isn’t it? How can you prove what you know to be the truth?  Allan Batchelor’s point of view is that this is healthy for the community and those who don’t like it can find another blog to read.  Can I get an AMEN! If you have read this blog for anytime at all you are aware of my laments due to anon. I have scolded, chided and disabled anon. It is what it is. One persons perversion is another’s excitation.  

Barbara Nichols is one of those targeted by the blog.  What about me? What am I chopped liver? I have been called everything but a white male by those who disagree with my point of view. I put on my big boy panties and brush it off. It’s called reality. Two things happened to Barbara after she recently spoke up.    First, at City Council meetings she spoke against the use of City credit cards for the personal use of City employees.  Immediately she was ridiculed on the Islanddrumz blog.  They used sarcasm and name-calling to demean her. They are her neighbors and she’s a big girl. I am a big fan of sarcasm but I don’t recall any name calling. I don’t suppose you have any specifics here do you? Of course you don’t. You never do.
Second, Allan Batchelor published her email address and told people to harass her.  Charges were filed against Allen Batchelor and then dropped by the Galveston County District Attorney. You almost got this one right. Almost. I did publish an email address on my blog. It belonged to a sitting Director on our EDC and is readily available at City Hall. Your FIRST lie is that I told anybody to do anything. I made a wish and expressed hope for justice. Your SECOND lie is that I told people to harass her. You’re smarter than that. Re read the blog Kathrine. Come on I’m not as smart as you, I use small words. Others who see how she has been treated, shudder to think they may be next.  So they keep their opinions to themselves. If anyone keeps their opinions to themselves it is their perogative. I have championed the underdog before and I would not hesitate to do it again. Wrong is wrong.
Tad Nelson, Batchelor’s attorney, said the case against his client is “political”.  There are many ways that lives intersect here and politics plays a huge role.  But there is merit to the charge that was leveled against BatchelorAre we up to THREE already? There was no merit. That was validated by the DA’s office the very next day. I believe that you can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts.  The facts are that Batchelor distributed almost three hundred email addresses through the careless use of email.  He did not use FOUR “blind copy” and thus everyone on the list received all the addresses.  This has happened several times. FIVE but not by me. Again you almost got this one right. A couple of years back, when the thought of inviting the Nichols to the Chili cook off was not so foreign  John was on the list. This was a transition in Microsoft server software in that the big spam and antivirus counter attack was in full swing. Under the right circumstances any email in the BCC field was broadcast in the open if the To: field was left blank. I left the To: field blank. I ALWAYS USE BCC. A YEAR later John sent an email about an attacked cat using my list. He broadcast that list out in the open. I asked him not to. Then his wife uses MY list again in March to broadcast a City agenda. I’m certain my Ex wife and in-laws and about 250 others on that list have no interest in our politics.
HE WE ARE AT SIX Barbara used the “reply to all” option LIAR! She was not on the original email list hence she can’t Reply All. when she used the message to send a city council agenda.  And then Batchelor said he didn’t see where she got the list. That was number SEVEN folks.  McIntyre you are wearing me out. What I said was “That is an old chili invitation list that somehow ended up on Barb’s computer.” We all could see where the list came from.  His opinion is not supported by facts.  It’s his blog, but he can’t have his own facts. It is my blog and unl
ike that drivel you typed these are the facts and unlike you I can prove every one of them.

Batchelor rails about his First Amendment free speech rights.  But here’s another example of when he did not allow the same for others.  Batchelor and friends, who don’t want information about Mr. Shelley’s credit card abuse to get out to residents, picked up and trashed a letter that was distributed house to house this past February. EIGHT. I will give you one hundred dollars for everyone you can find that has the stones to face me and say they saw me pick up Larry’s trash. I know who did mind you but that doesn’t stop your last statement from being one more bald faced lie. NINE. And throwing your shit in my yard IS NOT A RIGHT it’s littering. They simply don’t want their neighbors to know the truth.  Batchelor and friends have never stated that the facts about the credit card abuse are false. On Batchelor’s blog was a photo of the trashed letters; they want free speech for the blog but not for others! I’ll end this tirade with one question to everyone who reads it. Why do you think all these lies are being told? Yes, It’s a rhetorical question.
And it’s Mr. Batchelor to you dammit
Kathy McIntyre

And I’m off to work

Can’t afford a doctor visit? Go to the airport, you’ll get a free x-ray, a breast exam and if you mention Al-Qaida you’ll get a free colonoscopy”


Adelia said...

It is hard I know but we all know who is telling the truth here. It is like when your kids tell one story then change it. Barbara's original "story" was that she got it from the Blog. When we pointed out those weren't the emails we used on the blog there was a new story. Now it was reply to all. It was still unsolicited email for political purposes. Which version of her story was the truth? Who cares. If you lie to me once I am probably not listening to the next 3 versions. I quit listening when they said the town center was possibly going to cause foreclosure on our homes to reclaim the loan and raise our non existent taxes. It is all blah blah blah now. And Dave - love you too!! Maybe Amanda showed them the truth. Never know.

Suzanne said...

Allan, I cannot imagine what your false arrest has done to you and your family. Glad the DA corrected it quickly however so much damage was done.

So glad you took the time to correct the numerous lies here today. Your blog has certainly shut down avenues for lies.Thank you for that service.

I think there were many strange points made at Meet the Candidates Night. I would give the award to John Nichols for the strangest. His comment about people no longer saying hello to him any more had no place that evening. Plus he didn't win any votes from the people who were not aware of the situation. Also, did he honestly think he would not be shunned for his wife having you arrested? It is hard to believe that people do not think through the consequences of their actions.

I hope Amanda, Carlo and Richard have sought out the folks that tend not to get involved with politics. That population is sadly probably the largest in CLS.

I wonder if NS invited Richard, Carlo, Charles, John and Brian to their meeting but Amanda was the only one that accepted? Hmm...

DaveC. said...

Amanda went and politely listened to their spiel and asked for proof of wrong doing and none could be presented. Don't worry about Amanda she is rock solid!!!!!

By the way a chernecki and Nichols signs were posted on the pier I RENT and I took them down. I delivered them to John and Brian's homes. Signs are expensive I did not throw them away you can put them elsewhere!

David T. Chambers

Adelia said...

Dave - please get signs for our candidates and post on the boat or pier. Thanks for the idea John!!

DaveC. said...

I am going to post Amanda, Carlo and Sowery signs on Adelia's and my pier and be gentle and don't take them down, thanks

David T. Chambers

SPorter said...

I still have some signs ... " For Sanity " etc. Anyone wants some, just let me know.


DaveC. said...

Thanks I already have some,brother Steve!!!

Dave C.

SPorter said...

To my Good Friend, Alan Batchelor:

I read your blog this morning, and have tried to formulate a response devoid of the anger and revulsion caused by the incredible lies Kathy is spreading. What an amazing sack of … oh, well. I got another pack of lies directly from her through the US Mail, but in this case her misrepresentations were wrt the angelic qualities of her husband, the soon-to-be convicted criminal (interestingly enough, she did not list that fact, as honesty would have been required.) My favorite part of the letter was her declaration that his “… greatest asset are an analytical mind and ability to work with others. There has to be a good relationship among the directors.” OMG …

Well, in my dictionary … if you look up “courageous public service” there is a picture of Alan Batchelor there … nothing else need be said.
Thanx Alan … SP

Roselyn said...
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ab said...

Big Dave, I may be wrong and I'm sure if I am someone will point it out but I don't think you can put political signs on the waterfront. Of course with all the politcal signs posted on the boats around us maybe those restrictions have been eased?

Amanda B said...

Hi y'all! I just want to clarify that there was no "meeting." Jean and Larry reached out to me, as a candidate, and invited Jay and I into their home. We had a nice chat with them, just the four of us, and I would do it for any other neighbor as well. If anyone would like to contact me, my email is Thanks!

Adelia said...

Thanks Amanda - just goes to show you are true to your word of listening to ALL of the people on the island when making decisions for the city. That is exactly what we need on the council.

Roselyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.