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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enjoy you weekend

Looks like the action is in Kemah this weekend. Under the bridge that is. It's the Kemah Crawfish Festival! If you go tell us all about it. A few of us tried last year but the crowd was too much.

A heads up from Greg Stanfield, Hlost a pair of Black Oakley Sunglasses some time after dark last night. Oddsare they slid off his buggie while out visiting. You remember Greg he was the Chef at the meet and greet a couple of weeks ago.

"As a general rule, the freedom of any people can be judged by the volume of their laughter"
anon, I fart in your general direction.


Anonymous said...

I use any tool possible to get the Truth out. This Blog is just one tool. We have all seen the hatchet job this Blog and it's Poster's have done on the Civic Club, the Police and members of the City Council. I just want everyone to VOTE with more knowledge than the BS that Allan and most of the Posters on here try to feed the Citizens.

Roselyn, thanks for that information, another Poster was angry because they only collected a dollar for the Beer that was being sold.

If you live on Tindel and Aspen know you are fixing to be handed your walking papers by Eminent Domain after getting beat up by newly in-acted regulations and the Building Inspector. Remember you are too dirty and trashy for their Beautiful Entrance that EDC wants to create for you. Besides look at the plans, where are the houses on it? They need the shoreline.

You are only seeing the tip of the corruption and if they gain complete control of City Council there is no telling what will happen to this Island but you can bet it will be what THEY want and not what the Citizens want or need. VOTE.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was to important not to re-post here where more people would have time to read it, prior to Voting:

Allan, what is your big spill about TABC? Again, you did it your way and ignored that you were told that you needed the Permit back in March. A simple 250 to 300 dollars for a Temporary Permit form TABC that you and others chose to ignore not once but many times. TABC didn't get the whole story on Wednesday, did they?

As usual, Mayor Johnson, Interim Chief Cook, City Councilman Al Burns, and you decided you were above the Law again. We have an Interim Chief of Police Kenneth Cook who has now proven how far up that brown ring his head is, that he chose to ignore the Texas Law to accommodate an illegal sale of beer and to act as guard for that illegal act.

Title 4 Sec. 101.07. DUTY OF PEACE OFFICERS. All peace officers in the state, including those of cities, counties, and state, shall enforce the provisions of this code and cooperate with and assist the commission in detecting violations and apprehending offenders.

Note it says "shall" not "may" which is a legal term for "you will enforce the law." Remember this when you VOTE. Do you want more of this, where you as a Citizen of CLS don't have this clout with our City Administration, or the use of the City Finances for your own Personal USE.

VOTE to keep the corruption out.

ab said...

anon you are a liar. again. as a class A city we don't have the power of eminent domain. Liar, you have never seen me post a negative item about the Civic Club. Ever. Pants on fire.
Or ANY of our police officers. Nose as long as a telephone wire. To the rest of you, I think anon has finally realized that I own them. I control what they say and when. And their time is almost up.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Aspen & Tindel apart from Councilman Fuller's house & plot. He has no regard for his neighbors so don't be fooled!

He has manipulated those around him to believe that there is an issue with the whole of Silver Lagoon Estates and that is not true! This is how he got voted on to council last time, through blatant lies.

The majority of residents are on Council & Committees because they want to improve CLS, you have selfish motives & personal agendas. You love to live in your own filth and expect everyone to support your lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

When you can get a Mayor, City Council-member and Police Chief to guard your illegal activities and allan's statement below, Do you really think anything is beyond them???????????


ab said... I think anon has finally realized that I own them. I control what they say and when. And their time is almost up.

My opinion of you allan is, "You are so full of shit you need both hands on your ass to hold it in. Only Liar is you and yours. I have proven it time and again. This City also had their own EDC doing their bidding too.

Future of Eminent Domain in Texas after Kelo v City of New London

State and Local Government Texas Cities, Chapter 25

KELO et al. v. CITY OF NEW LONDON et al.

No. 04—108.Argued February 22, 2005–Decided June 23, 2005

After approving an integrated development plan designed to revitalize its ailing economy, respondent city, through its development agent, purchased most of the property earmarked for the project from willing sellers, but initiated condemnation proceedings when petitioners, the owners of the rest of the property, refused to sell. Petitioners brought this state-court action claiming, inter alia, that the taking of their properties would violate the “public use” restriction in the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause. The trial court granted a permanent restraining order prohibiting the taking of the some of the properties, but denying relief as to others. Relying on cases such as Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff, 467 U.S. 229, and Berman v. Parker, 348 U.S. 26, the Connecticut Supreme Court affirmed in part and reversed in part, upholding all of the proposed takings.
Held: The city’s proposed disposition of petitioners’ property qualifies as a “public use” within the meaning of the Takings Clause. Pp. 6—20.
(a) Though the city could not take petitioners’ land simply to confer a private benefit on a particular private party, see, e.g., Midkiff, 467 U.S., at 245, the takings at issue here would be executed pursuant to a carefully considered development plan, which was not adopted “to benefit a particular class of identifiable individuals,” ibid.

In doubt, read it for yourself. Ask where the money came from to buy the property EDC owns. It didn't come from bonds or financing so where did over a million dollars come from to finance the purchases?? If Mike Bass comes down for the City Meeting be sure to ask if he got a commission for those purchases?

Anonymous said...

Is BawBraw now impersonating a lawyer?

Allen Cruthirds said...

Once Again: Like Sherrif "Bart" in Blazing Saddles said, "these people are so dumb."

Anonymous said...

People aren't dumb, ignorant yes (means lack of knowledge). Some good people (not allan or his bunch) have been trying to educate the "people" on what isn't on the surface. The small abuses of power and position have been exposed so far, but there are questions being asked about far greater abuses that get people so angry that it may be exposed that they will go to any extreme to keep the lid on. If you have doubts, go look at what is available to you and then ask your own questions? Like why haven't they shown where the money was taken and paid back? Our Chief Financial Officer can't show where the money was taken or paid back? There was no mechanism to track the abuses of the Credit Cards or City Accounts. Why, our Chief Financial Officer was abusing them also. I bet your answer will be that in 27 days "we" will be in control again and EDC can get on with our work.

Notice how they never have an answer to where the money came from to buy the land? This question has been asked and there is never been an answer or even a come back? Scared of this question?

I hope this Election isn't over when you realize that only a small arrogant bunch are prospering while the rest pay for it? It isn't that the City can't afford an Audit, it is that they don't dare let it occur for fear of the outcome. It isn't outrage at the cost, but fear of the findings that is the driving force. VOTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jean, Larry, Kathy, Bernie, Barbara or whoever you are, just have another drink and go to bed. Please! Your rants are becoming tiresome!

Anonymous said...

No one fears the result of the audit. No one.

No one has a plan for Eminent Domain. No one.

Wonder what other lies will surface prior to the election.

Anonymous said...

Until we get our license / permit we can all bring our own beverages. And if someone brings a keg, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it pathetic that someone has nothing better to do than worrying about a bunch of resposible adults drinking beer and having fun. What an ass

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, there is an open container law. "Responsible Adult", isn't that what every drunk says when they get behind the wheel and ignore that law too. What is so responsible about needing a drink so bad that you had to ignore the law on Easter Sunday? How about just trying to obey the law for once? We already know how you privileged few choose to take and say the law and this City be damned!

The stupidity of this is, it is simple to get a Temporary Permit from TABC fro a two or three day event. Someone, if it is the Civic Club or whomever goes to Dickinson Office and purchases the Permit. Expect to pay 250 to 300 dollars. Don't forget the taxes which needs to be paid also even on the past transgressions. You can then openly charge a fix price for the beer and collect the taxes just like any other legal business. Don't forget to check Driver's Licenses for age requirement.

Allan, knew this and this should never of happen if he showed some responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:21- sounds like you need a beer to battle your uptightness and self righteousness. Btw, if the beer is donated and not being sold, you don't need a permit. Duh. And it's a big stretch to say that every person getting behind the wheel (of a golf cart) was drunk and breaking the law. So go have a beer and relax and try to enjoy the fact that God woke you up this morning.

DaveC. said...

Take off the anon button so these shameful cowards will come out of the dark and have the light of day shine on them. There mushrooms kept in the dark and fed Bull SH*t.

Dave C.

Roselyn said...
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