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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Happy Birthday to the Galveston County Daily News! They first hit the stands in 1842. That's older than Larry!
And in 1981 NASA'a Shuttle program got off the ground, literally, with Columbia's first flight. We lost her over East Texas during re-entry in 2003.

I dedicate this post to all our surrounding citizens. League City, Kemah, Seabrook, Taylor Lake Village, Nassau Bay et al.
Please for the love of all that’s good and decent do not allow yourselves to be drawn down the path we are on. It all started so innocently too, I mean life here in the bay area is sweet. That’s why we moved here right? Yes it has its drawbacks but the occasional storm doesn’t run most of us off. It’s the price we pay for these Chamber of Commerce days we are enjoying right now. All was well in our sleepy little town. An election came up and some relative unknowns were elected by single digit margins. Oh well we said. We may disagree politically but these are our friends and neighbors what’s the worst that can happen.
There were rumors of hidden agendas and violations of state law but that was about all they were. Rumors. We went back to sleep. Then the next election came and a clear and purposeful majority of three let their agendas be known. Not in the manner they would have preferred I suspect, but known just the same.
Enter this blog.
A divide began. It grew with an unauthorized “investigation” with intent to fire a city employee. A very, very popular and long time city employee. His extremely popular wife also worked for our fair city. She resigned from the stress and the division multiplied. We had questions and we demanded answers. So what. Our majority of council members were absolutely unresponsive to the citizenry. Emails went unanswered and phone call not returned. They were not to be diverted. Can you imagine? We couldn’t either. They would drive one, two, three, four now five investigations. All with a cost and all the while failing to pass our budget. Irresponsible doesn’t even begin to cover it. Now we have a budget shortfall. Imagine that. And yet they still voted to allocate even more money we don’t have for yet another audit. All this aimed squarely at that one employee. At that one and the owner of this blog. Yep, I’m the blogger that went to jail. Seems free speech is only OK when it agrees with “them”. Did someone say vindictive? When just a few weeks ago this very same City Council voted to allow one of its members, yes you read that right, an additional 2 months to bring a property in to compliance, after 10 years of violations, because the City didn’t have the money to pursue him legally. Now how does your Ethics meter read?
There is a moral to this story and some of us are preaching it from the rafters. Vote. But don’t just vote, like we did. Get to know who’s running and most importantly why. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to everyone around you. Don’t just talk to one or two people, that’s how we got into this cesspool. Half-truths and some downright lies were told to the uninformed and that is all they knew. The more people you talk to the more you will know. The more you know the better equipped you will be to keep your city on the right path. Oh the numbers in the title? Those are the days we have left until our next election. Isn’t that sad that we are counting down? Will we fix our problem? Maybe. Are we going to get caught with our pants down again? I honestly don’t know. Will we elect the “right” people? Only time will tell. 31 days to be precise. To all of our fellow citizens, Pay attention.

"Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of unexceptionable characters. The public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men."
Samuel Adams


Anonymous said...

I wish we could get our hands on a count down digital sign. After Tuesday night's totally pathetic Special Council Mtg., somehow counting down the days is not enough. I need the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

It is so hard to get questions answered on here. Could someone please alert us as to the approx. time the election results will be announced?

Allen Cruthirds said...

New and wild accusations were made by one of the audience members who should know better given their proclaimed and supposed knowledge of the general subject area. I hope this person has a very, very, very good lawyer, because they might need one soon. If I remember correctly we had a former island resident that made those types of accusations against a local politician not long ago and they wound up with a huge personal "defamation of character" judgment against them. My advice to this person is to pipe down.

Anonymous said...

My advise to this person is to also be sure your homeowners policy is paid up. It seems to be paying off in other lawsuits on the islands. Pretty soon the insurance companies will figure this out and they will be SOL.

Anonymous said...

NS put on quite a show last night.

Lets see, Vern started the meeting trying to explain to council majority that the meeting was not necessary as it had already been voted on in prior meetings. Two hours later after listening to NS going on and on we came full circle and we were back exactly where Vern told us we were. We paid the accountant, the city attorney and Karen who knows how much to learn we were there for nothing. All while council majority are pretending to be good stewards of the citys money. What a joke.

Vern, I am disappointed in you. You have warned Jackie and Tami many , many times in mulitple meetings to follow procedure. They refuse. You came so close to doing the right thing but stopped short. Next meeting, one warning and out the door they go.

Jackie, I ask you where you came up with the $12,000 figure and you refused to tell us. You said you got it Somewhere. Im pretty sure what you pulled it out of but there is no excuse for not telling us or admitting you just made it up. Tami made the excuse for you that you shouldn't be expected to answer every question asked at a meeting. If I am not mistaken that was the only item on the agenda at this emergency meeting. How could you not be prepared to tell us where the $12,000 figure came from that you wanted us to allocate. Unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Tami, You ask me if I thought you should answer my question since I allegedly trashed you. The answer is yes. You have an obligation as an elected official to answer questions posed by any citizen. You leave your personal problems at the door. You have disrespected all of us from day one and it is simply comeing back on you. You say I have trashed you. Do you mean like when you, from your council chair told everyone that I put 50 bags of trash at the street every tuesday and thursday and my employees parked their trucks all up and down Narcissus whne I have one helper with no car. Both were flat out lies. Or do you mean I have been after you like when again from your council seat announced you wanted to put me out of business and you didn't care about any other businesses just mine. It is illegal to single out and selectively enforce an ordinance or an imagined ordinance violation. That is a very serious offense. You have a degree you should know that. You are now haveing your little pity party as I predicted you would over two mionths ago. Nobody but your little NS gang is buying it. If you want a piece of me, bring it.

Barbra, It sounded like you were about to cry during your dramatic rant. You brought some pretty serious slanderous accusations against Vern last night with no proof what so ever. Yet you had Allan thrown in jail because you got some spam after you hijacked an email list and spammed all of us. I hope Vern and the City Attorney follow up on your threats. Barb, where was John? Was he helping Brian C work on his compound? I have seen him at two partial meetings in the past year. If he didn't feel this emergency meeting was important enough for him to attend as a potential Council man or if he doesn't have time to attend meetings, he needs to take a hike and let those who are dedicated take the lead. If its true you resigned from the EDC, thank you. It will save the new council the time of voteing you off.

Jean, sit down and put a lid on it. You make tons of accusations but refused to give Vern anything you have found so he could look into it. We all heard you refuse. I think it time to take up quilting with Kathy since your political days are numbered. The fact you are a teacher of young minds scares the sh-- out of me.

Many have asked why I was videoing Larry towards the end of the meeting. If you weren't up front you probably didn't notice but he appeared to be telling Tami and Jackie what to say. He was mouthing iinstructions to them, shakeing his head yes or no in an apparant attempt to lead them and was giving hand signals like a baseball catcher. I couldnt believe it so I recorded it. When Larry saw me he came and got within inches of my face untill Jean told him to sit down. She also tried to shut him up several times during the meeting. Some folks think Larry is dangerous and I agree. This isnt the first time he has become aggressive at a meeting. There may be alot of truth in that You Tube video. I dont know if Kathy or his attorney told Bernie not to come to meetings anymore but Jean may want to hide Larry as well. He doesn't make much sense to me and even his own wife, girlfriend, whatever she is has to pull him back.

To the Auditer, You seem very evassive to me and didn't make anything more clear to me with your partial answers. Oh well, you got another $8000.00. You must be laughing all the way to the bank. Or you may be wishing you had never taken this job.

Anyway, thats what I noticed last night


surfinggirl said...

I am 15 years old. I attended the council meeting last night with my parents, and I was appalled by Councilmen Fullers behavior. Frankly, it reminded me of most of the immature boys in my freshman class. I couldn’t help but make comments on how unprofessional he was; rocking back in his chair, refusing to look at people when they were clearly talking to him and maintaining a little smirk on his face. I cannot believe he was elected as a leader of this city, and even more confused at why he is running again.

Anonymous said...

How can the other citizens view the video? Can you or another friend post in on our FB page?

I did not realize Jean is a teacher. Where?


Anonymous said...


You are a mature, wise, observant young lady. You have been raised by responsible, professional parents and I am sure his behaviour would not be tolerated in your home. I'm sure NS will try to say those words came from your parents but they didn't we both know that. Keep involved. Maybe you Ryan and Cameron can help get the kids parties back on track. Keep it up Calyn, you will go far.


Anonymous said...

Bless you Calyn, if you can spot this at your age you will go far!It is like the Emperor's New Clothes! Except he is fooling nobody on the island apart from those over the bridge. Wake up Tindel!!!!!

Roselyn said...

Calyn, I saw you last night at the meeting and I am amazed by your posting tonight.

It was exactly my impression of Jackie Fuller. Arrogant, confident that he can break any law and not be prosecuted, thinking he is smarter than everybody in the audience and that he is on the winning team and has won the ballgame.

I am 45 years older than you and one of the few on this board brave enough to sign my name to my impressions. So I am very impressed that you would sign your name and that your parents directed you to this blog to speak your peace. I would love to know who your parents are so I could congratulate them on their parenting skills.

I wish you much success in life and hope you never accidentally get married to or hooked up with the likes of someone like Mr. Fuller.

Carlyn, he was recently at a professional luncheon at South Shore Harbor Hotel, representing our city, and several people were complaining that he was reared back in his chair like that with his dirty shoes on the wall. Disgusting.

He knows he is not going to get re-elected but North Shore told him to nominate himself so he can get the other people living in the Tindel ghetto riled up with lies that the City has targeted them for clean up and Town Center demolition.

Anonymous said...

Craig, I for one would like to see the video of Larry making hand signals to "...." and JY Jackie. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic. Did it appear the 2 were taking his cues? That is even worse but it would not surprise me.

Allan, Could Craig's video be shown at the drive-in, along with all the ones of Bernie? I cannot wait to see him stealing the frogs and launching toilet paper into their neighbor's yard.Remember there are over 70 counts and most of them are are video. Charging for this event would be worth while. It doesn't have to be a Civic Club event with the Switzerland thing happening.

I am guessing there has to be a contract signed with the auditor. Can't it get lost several times and then our new, sane Council can do away with it?

How many days, hours, minutes and seconds to go?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering is a national show, something like Dateline, would be interested in telling our story? The blog is a great chronicle of events. I bet you never thought you were a historian, Allan.

We have joked about our real soap opera, "As the Island Stirs" or SNL sketches. But I am being serious.

Anonymous said...

Samuel Adams invisioned unexceptionable character.

CLS has unacceptable charactors. They were in rare form Tuesday night. It is a toss up which one would win the anarchy award.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how Baaarrrbaaara's search is going for those pesty IP addresses. I, for one, am going to keep after her since I don't believe any of us spammed her. Yet Allan was arrested. Yes, we need to find someone to tell our story. Not sure one Dateline show could do it. Our story would be an entire season of a show.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope Bernie is not hoping his homeowner's ins. will pay up in his lawsuit. It doesn't work that way Burn Bern.

Did I see he is selling one of his CLS rent homes (Cedar @ E. Shore)? Perhaps those funds will help to pay.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Bernie is running for the Water Board!!!! Be sure to cast your vote at the Fire Station for the Water Board AND at the Clubhouse for CLS City Council.

Michelle said...

Positivity= success, joy, and fulfillment
Negativity= failure, hopelessness, and despair
It's a choice!

The few negative people in CLS have chosen their path, so let's not lose focus on ours. They say misery loves company, which is the only reason I can think of for their continued destruction of everything that is positive about this island. The one thing they can not destroy is our positivity, which is why they are grasping at every tiny straw. Why else would they continue to spend money we don't have to make a point that someone else allegedly spent money in a manner in which they didn't approve, single out individuals (Craig) for violating imaginary ordinances yet Jackie's clear violation of them means nothing, Allan gets thrown in jail for speaking his mind yet nothing happens to Bawbraaa who spammed all of us first (and does she have ANY proof that any spam emails she received, if she did indeed receive them, came from anyone here??), and Bernie can admit on TV that he trespassed and stole property from his neighbor and there is video proof of other violations yet still nothing has happened and he has the gall to think nothing will... These mean-spirited people clearly don't get that those in power should do the most good for the most people. They don't give a you-know-what about the majority-never have and never will. And that is the saddest part of all. I just wonder, if they got the outcome they wanted on every little thing they desired and pursued, would they stop then? No, their hearts are black and they know no joy or fulfillment or happiness. So don't despair-we WILL rise triumphant out of the cesspool they've created!

Roselyn said...

Well said Michelle.

Bev E said...

Great Post Michelle!

Anonymous said...

The following is a posting from CLSTIDE today - it deserves to be on here because we cannot comment on the CLSTIDE blog.

Let FREE SPEECH Reign and enjoy the following:-

"Why Speak Up?

A Vietnamese friend of mine told me a saying from his country, “the nail that sticks up gets pounded in”. Here in Clear Lake Shores we are getting pounded for speaking up. Is it worth it? Why not just blend into the crowd that listens and doesn’t comment? Is it fear of speaking in public or is it the intimidation that you face if you don’t agree with the vocal group?

The Islanddrumz blog has given a voice to those who want to speak but don’t want to be identified. Free speech is being perverted to mean that anyone can say anything about anyone and not be held accountable. Rumors get started, gossip spreads like wildfire and the person who is targeted is on the defensive. How can you prove what you know to be the truth? Allan Batchelor’s point of view is that this is healthy for the community and those who don’t like it can find another blog to read.

Barbara Nichols is one of those targeted by the blog. Two things happened to Barbara after she recently spoke up. First, at City Council meetings she spoke against the use of City credit cards for the personal use of City employees. Immediately she was ridiculed on the Islanddrumz blog. They used sarcasm and name-calling to demean her.

Second, Allan Batchelor published her email address and told people to harass her. Charges were filed against Allen Batchelor and then dropped by the Galveston County District Attorney.

Others who see how she has been treated, shudder to think they may be next. So they keep their opinions to themselves.

Tad Nelson, Batchelor’s attorney, said the case against his client is “political”. There are many ways that lives intersect here and politics plays a huge role. But there is merit to the charge that was leveled against Batchelor. I believe that you can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts. The facts are that Batchelor distributed almost three hundred email addresses through the careless use of email. He did not use “blind copy” and thus everyone on the list received all the addresses. This has happened several times.

Barbara used the “reply to all” option when she used the message to send a city council agenda. And then Batchelor said he didn’t see where she got the list. We all could see where the list came from. His opinion is not supported by facts. It’s his blog, but he can’t have his own facts.

Batchelor rails about his First Amendment , free speech rights. But here’s another example of when he did not allow the same for others. Batchelor and friends, who don’t want information about Mr. Shelley’s credit card abuse to get out to residents, picked up and trashed a letter that was distributed house to house this past February. They simply don’t want their neighbors to know the truth. Batchelor and friends have never stated that the facts about the credit card abuse are false. On Batchelor’s blog was a photo of the trashed letters; they want free speech for the blog but not for others!

Kathy McIntyre"

Bev E said...

Allan you are to be commended for allowing the above post on CLST to be displayed and commented on. It shows integrity and fair play.

I am amazed that this can be posted on the other blog for others to see without any way for anybody to comment or re-butt.
They have not provided the facility and only allow certain individuals to post comments.

I have been on your email list for 8 months and I never received the email from Barbara,
so must deduce from this that the email list was a very old one that had been kept by her.

The very reason some people post anonymously on here is because of fear of retribution from the very people that are orchestrating what seems to be a witch hunt and vendetta that is costing the City $$$$$$ that is does not have.

If there is a case to answer we know it is in the hands of the DA and that should be enough for most people.

Anonymous said...

Since no one is reading CLST they are using this blog. That is not right. No, the post at 7:04 does not deserve to be posted on Allan's blog.

Allan allows anyone to comment. A practice CLST does not allow. If comments were allowed on CLST, perhaps others would read it. I doubt it, but it is possible.

It is a fact Allan told Barbara not to use his email distribution list. Barbara did it anyway. Did she ask Allan how many complaints he received due to her going against his wishes? Did she take any responsibility for going against Allan's wishes and apologize to him?

In my opinion the arrest was an extreme over reaction. Certainly she could have considered other options first. Makes this writer wonder who is influencing her.I cannot wait to hear how her search is going on the IP addresses. Something tells me we will not hear more from her about it.

Barbara tends not to state things clearly at CC mtgs. I have a hard understanding what point she is trying to make. She wastes time at the meetings babbling on and on. Anyone doing so will get slammed by others and perhaps it will include comments on the blog.

I am not sure there is a cause / effect relationship between her incoherent comments at CC and Alan publishing her email. I may be wrong, but I thought he was bombarded with complaints from others due to her sending out the email using his list. So the cause/effect relationship you claim may be your opinion rather than a fact.

Was there a permit to distribute the flyers? Most people read a line or two then threw them away. That is what I did it and later regretted it. I felt bad mine did not make it to the trash picture. The picture was a perfect example of free speech.

Anonymous said...

If NS is anything they are consistent. They consistently get their facts wrong.Your opinion is that Allan and friends went around picking up the flyers so others could not read them. That is wrong and certainly is not a fact. It is NOT true.

Is it possible you are upset that the Feb flyers did not get you the result you wanted so you are skewing the facts once again?

Diana said...

I find it quite ironic that you feel the need to cut and paste something from the CLSTIDE blog here so that people can see it and comment. Thank you, now we can actually comment on it since we are not allowed to there. I visited the site once and saw little of value and no place for readers remarks so I have not returned. Larry and Jean do not want readers to have a voice yet Allan allows you to post their rhetoric here. And Allan is the bad guy?

"I believe that you can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts."(from your post) This is true and here is a fact that CLSTIDE omitted: "I got these emails from the islanddrumz blogspot distribution list and copied and pasted them to my communciation." This was cut and pasted from an email that Barbara Nichols sent me about her use of Allan's distribution list. This is in fact a lie, old friends of ours who live in New Orleans recieved Barbara's emails and had never visited the Islanddrumzs blog. If you would like all the facts you should take the time to speak to all the parties involved, not just Barbara.
Have a nice weekend,

Anonymous said...

Why would you assume that Kathy posted this? Have you never heard of the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" some of us are reading the cls blog with good reason, to spot this kind of garbage that needs to be commented on as they don't allow comments apart from Guest column. This was not posted on here by any NS supporter, believe me.

Thanks Larry & Jean for the postcard!

Anonymous said...

They wont let anybody post of their blog because Larry does not want his son posting there. I have thought about telling the son about this blog but really dont want him hogging this blog talking about how bad his Dad is and what a home wrecker Jean is.

Suzanne said...

It is good to see others posting. I enjoyed your comment, Diana.

Maybe one day NS will realize they lost the fight. They may have won some battles since June, but their negative impact resulted in the City wasting much money among many other destructive things.

Anonymous said...

To NS- we all have the right to the freedom of speech thanks to our brave soilders fighting for what this country is founded upon. All individuals on this blog have been informed of the issues you proport, yet with this information, many of us choose to support an opinion of rallying around the Shelly's based on what they have given to this community. I have not heard NS say one greatful word of thanks to the service and dedication the Shelly's have so graciously given over the years. To demean and attack based on a perceived infraction, and to continue to focus on an issue that can be resolved is not progress. If you feel that this is progress, please inform us where this will lead our city. All I have heard is negativy and no future thinking. No plan of what is proposed following the audit. No plan on how to retrieve funds to pay for the audit. If you were so dead set against debt for the town center then what about this debt?

Roselyn said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!

I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this.

After two years, Councilman Jackie Fuller has had an independent idea and put an item on the upcoming Tuesday council agenda. It reads:

"7. NEW BUSINESS-Discussion and Possible action may be taken on the following items:
a. Petition of citizens of the subdivision known as Silver Lagoon Estates regarding Tindel Street (Councilman Fuller)."

Is he planning to annex Tindel from Clear Lake Shores?

I wouldn't miss this council meeting for anything in the world.

Bev E said...

I hope this does not back fire on Aspen?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Junkie Jackie is bringing a petition of those that live in the ghetto. Not sure. Will they request to continue to violate ordinance? That sounds like a dumb move. Could the names total more than a half dozen, if that is the case? I wonder how many are live aboards and use the house as their resident address.

Perhaps he will request to annex. Another dumb move. Whatever he is up to it sounds entertaining.

It has been a sad, sad year brought to us by the 3 stooges.